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Adam Ahlstedt 

Deva M. Amontea 

"Though its hard to let you go, in the 
end we'll always know, that our 
lifetinne is not too long to live as 
friends" -EB AC AF KS AA JP- 
Thanx 4 the memories- 1 luv u guysl 
partner in crime( Bagel Boot), BB- 
DALN.Thanx to the boysl Central, 
Harbor, Bakers-Soccer, Jr. prom 
Merrimack 1 / 93, Thanx Staph & 
LisI Mom Dad Nana-ILYGood Luck 

Alison Amoroso 

"It's so hard to say goodbye to 
yesterday'B2M-but I guess I'm 
gonna have to try-To my friends- 
Time only knows where the future 
will bring us,but it doesn't matter 
because I know we'll all never forget 
thepast: Memories: Central, 
Rocks, CO rnfi elds, myhouse 
Jr.Prom,Miller,Aloha/Kai -late 
night,Wed.p.m. I Luv U guys-A.F. 
,E.B. ,K.S. ,D.A.,J.S..A.C.,J.PIII Luv 
U M.,D.,&J.God Bless&ni Miss Yal 

Lauren Leanne Arbeene 

i spent 4 years prostrate 2 the higher 
mind got my paper & I was free u 
exploded in2 my heart Karina 
CaDreaminSBPowerScoop#1 69 
1 0LeekunmebabehowboutitBlues 
BfDthereDaniBilSTT&J\/T91 i'missuDD 
4thedoorlLYMD&MCLASSof95 I'll 
Don't stop the Party! 

Jennifer Lynn Arend 

"I do not like the way the cards are 
shuffled, but yet I like the game and 
want to play' Cheer up, the worst is 
yet to come.l just said "screw it" 
and went for it. I hope you have no 
regrets because I most definitely 
do not! I want you to tell me if I am 
acting weird like i was before. Good 
luck! God Bless! Hey Babel My 
love to the clique. "See you in 
heaven if you make the list..." 

Lynda L. Arnold 

"What you have is Gods gift to you. 
What you do with what you have is 
your gift to God" Memories 91-94: 
Linxs markers, mars, skipping in 
the bathroom, Waterville, Tomato, 
Hull 360, I'm wet! SS Biliiards, N. 
Orleans 94, 2 can Sam,North East- 
ern 94. Softball 94 JS, EM. JT, 
Melyn forever. Keep in touch 
KB.TB,AR,KW,KM,i love you all. 
Melissa,Thanks for everything, i 
love you. Thanks M.D.B & L. 

Brian P. Aucoin 
"Often times it happens that we live 
our life In chains and never even 
know we have the key." -The Eagles 
Gper. Sega. Marston Mills under- 
rated ABCC, Pink Floyd, CB-cor- 
Stepan's, D's, CANADA? TT Fabio. 
NGP-VANDE. NAC-93. 94. JV- 
Tennis. Stickball-Thanks R+B, 
Mom +Dad, MAB. 

Kelly Ann Banks 

Banksie, Twin 
"We laughed until we had to cry 
and we loved right down to our last 
good-bye." Remember U2 '92. 
Linx's mkrs. DD&P. Z-DB'S. Who's 
skipping? Boondocks. Basement 
B.L.C., S.C. '92. Bruins games J.J. 
Summer of '93. J.D. 4-94. To my 
friends LA LF ME KW SR AR- 
Thanks for ail the memories. 
"Someday when we reminisce we'll 
all say there wasn't too much we 

Tracy Lynn Banks 

Banksie, Kelly 
■jve conquered my past the future 
is here at last I stand at the en- 
trance to a new world I can see" U2 
CA 93' The Boon Docks skipping 
again RUOKKW? The Beach 
sleepovers PPL. U2 3/12 92Mel- 
Lnx glass's, Hig's 1st kik out and 
our trip to Ireland Lynda always 
remember FY-MR Track The bet B 
games Abrin LA LF SR ME AR JS 
SL JL Thanx for the memories 

Amy Barbuto 

Ames Barbutes 
Well I made iti I want to say to 
everybody good luckl See you 
sometime in the future ST HR NB- 
D.D. O's House A.A..KB. 
Guys Guys Guysl The beach, the 
mall, and of course hanging out in 
Cohassetl Dirtll Summer 93 
&94"Live &Let Die" To my brother 
Bob only the good die young. 

Gordon Barnes 

"Don't realize what you got till it's 
gone" back in the day poundin at 
JC's Ctrl, Bakers, A.F.,JrProm, 
UMass, Hlwn '92 Natti lite, Ides, 
with Watts, mouse, Henly, Sween, 
Welsh, Slepy, daz, caroll, Staben, 
the girls who we drank some of the 
brew with. Tap tha bottle, Jumpin 
Hop, O.S.M.C, stikbol, fvlaxima 
RIP, Thanx to Mom and Dad good 
luck to Philal. See you in college. 
USAF I'm outy. 

Emily Bartholomew 

"if someone loves a flower, of which 
just one single blossom grows in all 
the millions and millions of stars. It 
is enough to make him happy just 
to look at the stars. He can say to 
himself: 'Somewhere, my flower is 
there'.. .But if the sheep eats the 
flower in one moment all his stars 
will be darkened...And you think 
that is not importanti" -Antoine de 
Saint Exupery. So long & thanks... 

Joseph Berman 

Joey, Yoey, Yokie, Freak 
My scars mn deep like the back- 
ward morals of this contemptious 
festering armpit of a townl Stay 
coolcat's. Beat, coffee. Beat, 
brotherhood,Annie &Julie. Maw, 
Paw, Mike.Bubba, love all of you. 
'Terrible Lie" I'm ready to leave, 
This town Is just too full of hollow 
shell memories, strange quiri^s and 
featureless friends already 
departed and those still left to go. 

Stephen Beszterczey 

'I don't know no love songs and I 
can't sing the blues anymore but I 
can sing this song, and you can 
sing this song when I'm gone" JT 
Shiralee. Vermont Trips. Henrietta, 
'walkin on water". Coffee w/ 
Chrissy. Jason Grant Chrissy Mary 
Jane, Love youl Thanks Mom Dad 
and Sara. "Unlocking 7 passing 
through the doors of reality is easy. 
Coming the hard part"SB 

Alyssa L. Blowers 

"No time is ever wasted that makes 
people better friends' Bogatis 
Babes? Holland WFPOS Judy Jr.P- 
Milkin' it! Mikes B's-Womp Camping 
Shady Acres PB-Races-SN Grt. 
Woods YL Salerno-SF 10:12 DR's 
BMW CVS MF BB CP2-lt will never 
happen! Wes-We made it-Smile! 
MS-l'll luv u 4-ever! Good Luck 
Class of 95! I Luv U Mom, Dad, 
Sarah, & Hill 

Michael Thomas Bonenberger 

Life is like a box of chocolates. You 
never know what your gonna get. 
Thanks Mom and Dad for all the 
support. Thanks to everyone who 
made my adjustment here easier. 
T Thanks for making my Junior 
year alot better. Let's Rock. 

Thomas J.Bonner 

T.J. T-Bone 
"Having dreams is what mal<es life 
tolerable." E period study-APPLES 
"This is crazy!" Radsof- G-period 
Home run Derby-studying as 
Ropeswing- 4 car lawn job-Bridge 
jumping. EGGS Dinner parties 
STOOGES- DH- Thanks to MOM & 
DAD for putting up w/ all my crap 
these years Good Luck Karen +Kim- 
Take care of BUDDY while I'm gone 
Thanks KELLIE. 

Janine Alexander Bradley 

From Southie to Revere to G-Townl! 
Rob Cassinell 5-27-94!! I Luv U 
Zone! JCMS-4eva GreenDay,9- 
994, 1ST Offense!! Who's got the 
beam? 143-Danll-little things "So 
close no matter how far, couldn't be 
much more from the heart.Forever 
trusting in who we are.and NOTH- 

Carey Brandenburg 

"I would not exchange the laughter 
of my heart for the fortunes of the 
multitudes;nor would I be content 
with converting my tears, into calm. 
It is my Fervent hope that my whole 
life on this earth will ever be tears 
and laughter"-K.G Thanx to all the 
gurls.l L&have faith in all that you'll 
do! matter how far you're always with me.AM, I miss 

Erin Brett 

Luv u guys. Turkey H, Bakers, 
Central, Mt, Roc, J D's- Vodka, 
Harbor,Ars,Jr.Prom-Dad? Thanks 
to all the guys 4 the fun times! 
Chats WIRS. AW. Jan. 8th. Andi- 
"There isn't a greater friendship 
than the one we share continuing 
to trust one another we're the per- 
fect pair." Mike: When I think of u I 
think of someone special I. L. Y. 
Thanks Mom & Dad K,M &T 

Timothy Patrick Brett 

Tim, Shim 
LAX #12, Legend, #33 the end of 
an era, here we go BC, super 8 
Matingnon, "God is good and so 
was Gordon's Kick" Van Halen, 
HMS, Carla's house, Dump at 
pilgram, Jr grind, Soph yr Jr Prom 
Cataldo's gettin covered up. Cole 
UMass trip dry heavin on cars, mud 
sheets. Good luck Rich, THANKS 
MOM and DAD E,K,M and all my 

Courtney J Brown 

Roz, Downtown, Courthouse 
"Life moves pretty fast~if you don't 
stop to look around, you might miss 
it." Hey y'all I'm out of here Yasmin, 
Taisha, Shorty, Larry, Don, Daryl- 
we finally made itIShana, Beka just 
one more yr. 2 Everyone in 
Dorkestra-Alex, Blair, Beth, GB, JB 
Don't forget DC & Montreal. 
Hommes pour NOUS! Peace to the 
TEACH ON! Pat MaCones 

Daniel Buckley 

Radsof Dogg Pound 4 car lawn- 
jobs Egg Wars School Nights 
Thank you to my parents and 
friends-you know who you are. 

Andrea Leigh Camilleri 

"There's no distance too far be- 
tween friends. For friendship gives 
wings to the heart."-EB, AF, JP, 
AA, KS, DA-I luv ya! The G's-thanx 
4 the good times. Central Al's Tur- 
key Hill J. Prom-MB Wed's 
Aerosmith-94 JD's-Wolfschmidt 
JC's (so) Harbor Mt. rock HB F. 
Hockey-SN B-ball Erin-Abestfrlend 
is closeset in the heart and only a 
memory away. Thanx Mom Dad 

Jesse Carroll 

"For success, like happiness, can- 
not be persued; it must ensue, and 
only does so as the unintended 
side-effect of one's personal dedi- 
cation to a cause greater than 
oneself or as the biproduct of one's 
surrender to a person other than 
oneself."-Victor FrankI 

Andrea Cataiano 

Bones Animal 
" If you can fill the unforgiving minute 
"With sixty seconds' worth of 
distance run, 

Yours is the Earth and everything 
that's in it, 

And-which is more-you'll be a man, 
my son!"- RK 

I love you Mom and Dad I 

Dream and find '95 

See yal 

Matthew Cataldo 

Hockey#25-State Champs 91- 
92,Vermouth, Junior Prom Soph. 
Year,Carla's, Wipe n stick.Super 
8, Running in skppers, Revere 
Beach, Leo's Basement, E 
study, Van Halen,Finger,egging, 
pumpkins, beers, "liqoured up 'n 
Fatty,Tasket. Thanks to all my 
friends esp. DD, TB, AC, JG, MM. 
Thank you Mom and Dad, and also 
denise,chris,paula,and BIL 

Larry Chavis 

" Chubby" 
Frist of all I would like to thank my 
family for everything.4 yrs have 
come & gone-feels like the end but 
its only the beginning. Special 
shoutouts to the fellas on the bus 
And to the girls pP,Lisa,Shana 
Peace. Yo! Donald & Darryl STAY 
IN TOUCH! To my girls-Nycole, 
Taisha,Yasmin, and Courtney 
Keep it real. 

Mark CIvitarese 

I did it my way the Nothings Extinct 
the Unseen JH JM NA rm 221 
Standerd to the Grave can't list my 
family because its too big 666old 
Friends Change ex Tom Jack Me- 
lissa you no I do even if I don't say 
it Marc Tripp Good Luck Straight 

Stephanie Clark 

Steph, Pep 
"Laugh and the world will laugh 
with you." Mom, Dad, Monica, Matt, 
Martha, and Paul, thanks for keep- 
ing me laughing. I love you guys 
and I could'nt have done it without 
you. To the class of 1995. Thanks 
for thirteen great years. We have 
come a long way! Have a wonder- 
ful future and always be true to 

Andrew Colantonio 

"Perfection is not attainable but if 
we chase perfection we can catch 
excellence" Lax9-345 state semis, 
football 9-34, B-ball 95? Thanx BG, 
D's house, Snofort, "You're having 
a bad reaction " Shim:breaking 
bottles till sun up, Canada? The 
corner &Trash kid,PB V2 Thanx fo 
all my friends, near and far, esp: 
AC.JT, I always win, AY FFE & KS, 
IWNFY Thanx Mom, Dad, Hil. Erica 
and Jen. 

Adam L. Cole 
"God created earth In six days on 
the seventh day he rested and on 
the eighth day God created the 
Nebraska CORNHUSKERS" Bas- 
ketball 93-95 lacrosse 93-95 (Good 
luck next year Rich!) Van Halen 93 
Lalapalooza 94 UMass 94 "Brett 
that kid definately needs those two 
more years in High School." 


Ellen Coletti 

Where you are happy is where you 
should be. We'll all succeed in our 
own way — Navy Blue, Boalon 
Burins! Slacker? You work at a 
where? Accountingg. Thanxs 
Family & Friends BDBTHT & CO. 
IZ Sar Bun Mom & Lmmph Luv ME 

Laura Beth Comoletti 

"Don't look back: something may 
be gaining on you." -Satchel 
Paige."This is my life ,1 can't turn 
back many wasted dreams, 
I 'II just let them go..." I just want be 
me-And when I can-l will.°-SP 
Thanks to all my friends, esp.EVW 
and AB for all you gave and all you 
were-"And we 're all allowed to 
dream of the next time we touch..." 

Ann Marie Coppinger 

"Life is what we make it .always 
has been, always will be. "As we 
leave HHS we'll always have the 
memories of these past 4 yrs to 
look back upon, cheese n'crackers, 
"what's his face" jaunts, spaceship, 
AFS ski ac,Bio ach towel rod,long 
awaited wedding, NNL, peanut 
brittle, string game, psycho, 1st 
communion almost call, Chinese 
pretzel,PupTenting 94, Itwas great! 

Ane Marie Coughlin 

If you keep on believing the dreams 
that you wish will come true. .. When 
someone hugs you let them be the 
sunshine and the shadows will fall 
behind you... I always knew that 
looking back on my crying would 
make me laugh but I never knew 
that looking back on my laughing 
would make me cry. 

Sean Craine 

"For long you live and high you fly 
And smiles you give and tears 

you'll cry 

And all touch and all you see 

Is all youre life will ever be" 

Thanks to friends, Thys, Devine, 

B.Baily, Mom,Dad,Jon, and the 



'94 sgots Pep Scatch 

PV=Ledson SN=SLG 

Joel Crawford 

Good luck to B.T., my old C.H.I.P.S 
bud. and "Anyway" to Chaotic, I 
wish you all the best. ONE BIG 
JOKE to the Cranium and the rest 
of the boys in Scituate. Also, to the 
general of the fort, good luck to 
D.B. To my idol and the drums, 
D.S. thanks for the support. I have 
to mention JR. year G period. To 
the two people who showed me "it" 
was not a problem, thanks 

Soraya G. Cruz 

H.H.S.=New Country, New Faces, 
New Friends. For a borrowed time, 
but a memory forever, and it's hard 
to say goodbye again... 
Thanks to all; especially to my both 
sets of parents! 

Elizabeth Ann Oacey 

"If you want a place in the sun,you'll 
have to put up with a few blisters" 
Nah-LH I'll miss yal VT93-94: cheez- 
its, chapstick! You're going the 
wrong waylMore than wds, Pride! 
Field-Thanx for the memories! 
Hoops! 2 all my buds-l luv U,Good 
Luck,+ 1 believe in U. LW-as excit- 
ing as this is I can't help but wish we 
will still catching snowflakes. I luv 
ya buddy! 

Bich Ngoc Dang 

The wine of love is music and the 
feast of love is song. 

Megan E. Darling 

Meg, Nola 
If you keep waiting for just the right 
time, you may never begin. Begin 
nowl Begin where you are with 
what you are. Mixed drinks, 
Saranac Talk shows, New York, 
Good Friday, D's house, BJ & JB, 
The fuse, Pball, race. Reflector, 
Junior prom, Aerosmith, France, 
thanks BC, Kiernan Van ABCC, 
Ror, Kath, Liz--the memories will 
live long. Thanks for everything 
Mom & Dad. 

Luke Bonnell Davenport 

Skipper, Bob 
"Strikeanothermatch, go start anew 
And it's all over now Baby Blue"-- 
BD. Well folks, it's been a long 
strange trip indeed. Remember: 
Band and NYC trips, pit, P.P. Party- 
Battle of the Bands, Cragged Mt. 
Farm-"There ain't no place I'd rather 
be". Staff parties , Phishows, SWE, 
ski trips, night sled, T-ball, road 

Matthew DeCourcey 

David Joseph Delgallo 

Carlito Briqante, Signori, Chelios 
#182thetru IS MC, CF, TB, SL, 
MM, AC. JG, MG, TB. Thanx TG. 
VERMOUTH, E-Study, Eggin, 
Pumpkins, wipenstick, bers, LEOS 
Basement, GR, Supers Matignon. 
91-92 Div.2 State Champs. 
a nite. The Rooster, Italian Pride. 
Eva been dropped? Carla's. 

Kelley Marie DeRubeis 
"Be What U Want But always Be U" 
Oct 30,1 993.. Thanx 4 The Memo- 
ries Geoff I Will Always Luv U. June 
FH#1 4FH Camp 93&94 Track camp 
93superl ES&BDCanobieLake'94' 
Jimmy Buffet ...At Geoff's 
WachusettMt'94' P,G,J THANX Ms. 
Gordon & Mr. Buckley Good Luck 
Habel Thanx Mom, Dad & Frank I 
Luv You. 

Gregory M. Devine 

"Stand For Something or you'll Fall 
For Anything" 

#80 Lives on. ..Pink Floyd 
'94. ..Thanks alot Mom, Dad, 
Chris,Dave,Matt, and Lex.. .Good 
luck at School, Thys and Sean. ..See 
you at "da Pitts' In 20 years 
DNSFA... Rides inthe Datsun...See 
you later H.H.S., its been fun 

Jay Dewaltoff 

"It's time to move on to bigger and 
better things but still never forget- 
ting these times we've experienced 
together" 4th at Foy's , J. Prom, Grt. 
Woods, WSDF? Rocks, BarbO, 
Hoopdy, daWoods, Toot, McB, 
Godfrey, McC Tronni, KS, JP, HJ, 
MR,LM, SD Thanxl "Life times are 
catching up with me. All these 
changes taking place. Wish I'd seen 
the place." PJ 

Geoffrey Dillard 

Dilly. Olly.God 
Life's battles don't always go to the 
stronger or faster man but sooner 
or later, tfie man who wins is the 
man who thinks he can. '91 Football 
#12 R. Trulson, J. I^ayo, G$. 
CC.RW.Leo., TPW. RWB.9-0. 
Thanks Kelley for all the memories. 
Rummy, Cards, The basement, 
Jimmy Buffet, Crowly's, Lake Winn., 
t^att&Rob. Thanks for everything 
l^om & Dad & Steph. Love You All 

Meagan Smith Dolan 

The past sucks, forget it 
-Indigo Girls 
traps(R+H).SrPW/TE. H-HOG, 

Kelly Marie Donahue 

Kel. Krell 
"I don't know where I'm going, but I 
sure know where I've been. Hanging 
on to the promises of the songs of 
yesterday, an' I've made up my 
mind. I ain't wasting no more time. 
But here I go again. "-White 
snake. Congrats class of '95. 
Goodluck 2 all.esp. Cheerleaders. 
JrProm'94.H-coming 92-95! Citrus 
Bowl! 29-6. Instabitch lives on for- 
ever! Afterglows 4 all, Prom'95 

Ryan Donnelly 

"If You Believe In Yourself Enough 
And Know What You Want, You 
Can Make it Happen"Mc To ail who 
believed in me, and helped me 
reach my goals through it all.l^om 
&Dad,Meghan&Pat, Debie(my #1 
rentals, deep convos, t'-rides (gre- 
nade!, biting dads, tfie big-scene), 
Steve Miller,BJ&EJ,Kneeboard (Is 
she dead?)JP,Chili's,ser!).BH,LD, 
EC,AI^,CA.I Love you all! 

Todd Emitt Donovan 

Todd TO Dunny 
"Hearts and thoughts they fade fade 
away" E.Vedder Thanks for every 
thing M&D. Gook Luck Jen&Tyler. 
C-May Pearl Jam at the Garden 
Saranac 94. For all my friends old & 
New I could'nt have make it without 
you Thanx, Kurt, Charlie, 
JS,GM,BB,Class of 95 Rocks the 
shore SHOT! "keep on rocken in a 
free world", Neil Young 

Ryan Dowd 

Few look to the sky for solace, only 
to be burned by the wrathful sun. 
Fewer look to the darkness to find 
forgiveness with their fallen god, 
while the meek lick their wounds 
before their inheritance of this 
forsaken realm is revealed as the 
true curse that it was feared to be. 

Paula Downey 

"Good things come in small 
packages". ..Whateva! Beastie 
Boys. Jill- "We are coming!" F.B. 
93-94 P.D.P. Nice lawn jobs Falletti! 
Junior Prom. U2 92.. Rocks and 
Pits. Good Luck next year to all the 
fellas and gals in the class of '94! I 
Love You, Pops, Bunny, Pammy, 
Johnny, Kiley," If I run out of ale, it's 
time to buy wine!" Best of luck to 

Dawn Dupass 

These 4yrs will be the yrs I'll never 
forget. Thanks MEJTS&C. LK-BF 
remember EAK-DMCD Junior 
Prom Beach MG SL oh what a night 
JW room Goofy AB O's house R. W. 
TM GS* 1 43* Always remember NY 
2hrs 2yrs 10-24-94 sleepover JIVI 
"Willy" Jullians ECGTB V-King 
Thanx for the good times we shared 
JW sheets 1 st time Rocky Pt. DC A 
camp Citrus Bowl The circle .Luv to 
all my friends "95" 

Melissa Edwards 

"It's not over, it's just begun" Love 
you all. Lushll(A.R.)T.B KB LF RH 
JT CA CW SL KP Memories-RIP 
SSB9/13/92(CW)360 Waterville 
Hoody&ToreylCREEPIES R.I. P. 
GINO'S! K.P. & Dino's-Xmas N.O.- 
J.E.H.S. 93-94 Cobleskil Phil's G- 
town Rockland- goin away prty 
Lnx-glass's Good Luck AR + MP 
smkn KD AP Sandy's SL LL "Lyn 
look behind us!" Hig's ciss "1st kik 






Alicia Marie Falletti 

"People say these are the best of 
times I do believe it's true" BFF: AA, 
EB.AC.JS.KS.DA.JP. Memories: 
Central, CWD, Hood, Rocks, Har- 
bor, Jr.Prom, Bakers. H,S.Miller '93, 
K-Field, Wens. The "G's" you al- 
ways made me laugh, Thanx for 
everything. John H, we have been 
through alot together it only made 
us stronger, ILY. Thank You Mom 
& Dad. Melyssa, hang in therel 

Corey Michael Farina 

"Play to win otherwise you never 
will" Matty C, Thanks for all the 
memories Leo, Mess, Toona, Shim, 
Matty, esp Dega- To Mike Thanks 
for being my big brother. To Carl I 
owe who I am to you. To Mark 
you're my best friend, To Jessica I 
Love You 3/21/93, and to my Mom 
you will always be my hero-" Show 
me a good loser and I'll show you a 
loser" cano Good Luck Class of 95 

Fay Ferency 

All I really need to know about how 
to live and what to do and how to be 
I learned in Kindergarten. Share 
everything-Play fair-flush- Be aware 
of wonder. Rememberthe little seed 
in the styrofoam cup: the roots go 
down and the plant goes up and 
nobody knows how or why but we 
all are like that- Then remember 
the Dick and Jane books and the 
first word you learned-the biggest 
word of all LOOK 

Jennifer Flatley 

"Live like you're gonna die tomor- 
row, die knowing you'll live forever." 
Camps friends-Cornboy,PB,C. 
Dun. U2'92 ,ISD-KB+KC grassy 
toilet NE-Guys B.R.=shower 1/4 
mile Dependable-mo-pee-lester 
Summer'93-S's boat, Ireland- 
Bulmers +Ringos Jr. Prom-Party 
Bowl Cape 4th-Vin,Dead Weight, 
Fred's Whit '94+Concert happy, 
highway stops F.H.+Lax SM.SO, 
SG, LG,JM,JK, KS-Luv U Guysl 

Lisa Marie Foster 
"Its the circle of life and it moves us 
ail through despair and hope 
through faith and love till we find 
our place on a path unwinding" EJ 
Thrsm-KB crusher SUM93 The-T 
Boone docks. SkiParking Lts- 
kqpn94. ZPY. Jr.Prm. MV. KB TB 
We've come to the end of the road 
guysl Thanx for the memories, PS- 
Trac Stop giving "rides" to strang- 
ers RUOKTB???purple sharki 

Juliet Suzanne Friedman 

Juls, Jewel, Julsie, Bird 
While Eeyore frets, and Piglet 
hesitates, and Rabbit calculates, 
andOwl pontificates. Pooh just is.. .- 
"She knew from the start deep down 
in her heart, that she and Tommy 
were worlds apart. But her mother 
said, 'never mind; your part is to be 
what you'll be'" - love to mom, dad, 
+josh - kah, remember: we're not 
in Kansas anymore, Toto ...a truck 
driver?. ..see me, feel me, touch 
me, heal me... 

Lauren Gallagher 

"I've learned not to say never." U2 
CAMPS-MMTF, PB Quebec Lake 
Champ. SUMMER '93-Pits, PG's, 
SB's boat CAPE-SD,"Hi officer" 
B&M&R-B&B=July 4, Fred's-"fol- 
low the keg!",24hr. Beach Party, 
"Savcey" AZ-Bretster(it wz fun)Jr 
Prom-TD's L/\X SW-Princetown, 
"This " Wt PP Summer '94-con- 
certs much? KEENE-passout girl, 
flypaper, keg stand, "they stole my 
sweater!" SJKJSJS See Ya! 


Cynthia Michelle Gargano 

Cindy Cyn 
"Ships at a distance have every 
man's wish on board. For some 
they come in with the tide. For 
others they sail forever on the hori- 
zon." "Life is what happens while 
you're making other plans." Name 
mixups, the naked one, psycho, 
Jellybean Falls in the slush! Chi- 
nese pretzel, Nickels, Cheap & 
Sneaky! Ski-ac. Pup-Tenting 94! 
AFS, Drama, NYC, Its been great!! 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Jim, & Mike. 

Sean Gildea 

I had a lot of fun, 

I want to thank my friends, 


Good Luck, 
Freshman Basketball 

John Gillen 

It took 5 years, but I finally made it!! 
'78' Monte Carlo Rules the uni- 
verse. My heart is with the class of 
"94" Shaggy,Tony M., "LANS" 
Thanx Mom & Dad for putting up 
with me & being there. Thanx 
Jen, Liz. I Love you all! Goodbye 
HHSI! It's been Real, It's been 
nice, but it hasn't been real-nice. 
Mankind will prosper with common 
sense and logic. 

Tatiana Glover 

"What you really value is what 
you miss, not what you have." 

FIA '93 & '94, Junior Prom, Good 
Fridays, Alicia's, soco, snowball '93 
KTT BJ&JB, D's House, BK, Cape 
Sarah-CS "Window", Camping 
CWD, MOW, ABCC. Lax,Cancun, 
BC, JOE-I'm still smilingll "Quinlin" 
A special thanks to my friends, my 
Mom, Dad, and John. 

lUlatthew Godfrey 

"If you think you are outclassed you 
are, for out in the world you'll find, 
sucess begins with a fellows will, 
it's all in the state of mind" W.D.W.- 
Hingham Football 93/ 94/ Wolf/ E- 
Study/ The 4th at Foy's/ Snowfort/ 
YOC/ Ab's condo/ WSDF/ Burgs/ 
1 9Naughty3/ bird/ McB/ JT/ Sloth/ 
T-Bone & others don't F.O. -Thanx 
M&D&WS&K-MS-S"V"/ Goat/ U 
owe me $5/ FTIGTCC/ #44 

Eliza Goodhue 

"My desire carries no shame, my 
will will harbor no pain."-k.d. Lang. 
We stumble through life with blurred 
vision and confined thinking; But 
someday, I hope to be free from 
these. Se Libera Ero 

Jeffrey Goodstine 

I will light the match this morning so 
I won't be alone. I'll swallow poison 
until I grow immune. I will screem 
my lungs out till it fills this room. 
How much difference? Who do you 
think controls you? Who do you 
think really knows you? You don't 
know me. If I don't meet you in this 
world I'll meet you in the next and 
don't be late. Quote the raven, never 

Sarah Gormley 

"It only takes a second to say 
goodbye." Dep-mo-p-Lester. 
Camps 92-MMTF it wz fun. PB, Fat 
Eric, L. Cham. 92, pding @ Coh, 
TD's, 4th July 93 = Bac. drop., 
Cape-Sar, And-Luv Ya. "Follow the 
"They stole my Sweater" J 
Prom, wrong car,L Con stops, Nu- 
Bruce, Concerts 94, Lax, LJKSJS 
J-you're the besti I'm outta herel 

Victoria Grady 

Ya I smoke cheeba it helps with the 
Pain I might be a little dusted But 
I'm not insane. B-Boys. I go to partys 
sometimes until 4 its hard to leave 
when u can't find the door. "Little 
does he l<now" "JGR" Lollapalooza 
Woodstock. GOVIE. TH. Sum- 
NH. AN OUNCE, niocnil rm your a 
J.O. "FREDS" I give all my luv to 
Dad & Michael DS BL GM DG PO 

Joseph Gratta 

I never had a bad night in my HHS 
career, only bad mornings: 
Stepans, Primes overnight, week 
at Carlas, mess's, The Cape. Bridge 
Jumpin Navy Jumpin, Halloween, 
eggwars, Big guy's Pumpkins, Night 
before psat, lost in Maine, Snow- 
ball at Als. Quinlin, Heads Viking, 
Kings, P-Ball races, NHL, BBoys, 
fatties and natties. Thanks to all my 
friends and Ma, Dad, Noni, Lynne, 
Kim, and Tash. 

Christine IVIarie Haggerty 

" I always knew I'd look back on all 
the times I cried and laugh, but I 
never thought I'd look back on all 
the times I laughed and cry." Thanx 
for always being there Robin-Dave- 
Manda-Steph and all the Trackies. 
Remember JR Prom JB, The Mile, 
NHD.PCP-Colleen, Butts Backs 
and Butterfies, Music Trips, Under 
Pressure. I'll miss this place! Thanx 
Mom,Dad, Grant! I Luv U Katie- 

Sarah Hardy 

"Nature Girl" 
And all this time the river flowed in 
the falling light of a northern sun. If 
I had my way I'd take a boat from 
the river. Men go crazy in congre- 
gations, but they only get better 
one by one, one by one. ..Good 
Luck Class of '95. Always follow 
your dreams and live your own life 
to its absolute fullest. 

Anne Watson Harris 

"I like reality. It tastes of bread." 
Good Luck Willy-Lump-Lump. 
There's only one way to be, Gator 
Tough. Thanks grrrls, I'll miss you 
and all of our wild n' wacky antics. 
I love carrots, naps, violence, 
phoenix, and a child's pool. I also 
am quite fond of senior quotes. 
May locker 55 always live in in- 
famy. Good Luck ladies, don't for- 
get me. 

Shannon Hedricl< 

"All you need in life is ignorance 
and confidence." To all my friends, 
I love you. "Your attitude to your 
audience should be that they are a 
bunch of non-believers and you are 
the only person that could convince 
them." It's been fun but I'm glad it's 
over. REMEMBER: "To soil one's 
pants is the beginning of genius." 

Jeffrey Henley 

"You want to fight then step up and 
will get it on." HOP B-Boys Rm 221 . 
From class I was ejected Thank for 
the times JM GB CW JW MS TS PL 
The Girls esp DA Poundin 92 93 
94 95 Carla's ect A can in my hand 
and a mouth full of Miller. Poundin 
alone Brawls 4th of July, S Miller, 
DT, Brooks F-all yall see ya and 
life goes on. Sp. THANKS J+J 

Richard Herman 

Don't take ANYTHING too serious. 
If you don't take a gamble once in a 
while, you're life will be too boring. 
Thanks to all my many friends at 
the High School, I had a fun four 
years. I know I'll see you all around. 
Also thanks to my family, I couldn't 
have done it without you guys, ESP. 
you mom. Everyone, never stop 

Kathleen Anne Herzig 

" It is only with the heart that one can 
see rightly; what is essential is in- 
visible to the eye." TRIPLET Don't 
be reformed & detarded. KPT&KF 
JSF-don'tforgettoBOP. Neverfor- 
get PROM COMMITEE & week- 
ends w/ KM NT JA PG & "the 
group". No nnatter where you go 
there you are. Smile, it costs nothing 
yet is priceless. Wish me luck the 
same to you! 

Eric Joseph Hewitt 

Horse, Big Guy 
"All men are created equal, what 
happens after that is up to you." 
Thanks Mom, Dad, and Melanie. 
Remember-Band, Montreal '93, 
"Packing the gear""Deuce by Dirk, 
Math Projects, SSCC, FW, real 
learning in Mr. Ozug's class. Golf, 
VBall, Stokesy's, C Study. DON"T 
CALL ME AFTER 1 1 , KOVS. Thank 
See Yall 

Christine l\/larie Hickey 

Chrissy, Chris, Cloris 
"And a youth said, speak to us of 
friendship. And he answered, 
saying:your friend is your needs 
answered. For you come to him 
with your hunger, and you seek him 

for peace. "-k.Gibran Shannon, 

Carey, Ane, Heather, Amy, 
Steve,Anne,Tony, Buddy, Dave, 
Em&Fay... Thank you and I love 
you. Mom, Dad+Kate-love you, too- 
thanks for putting up with me. ..Ride 
the maestro! 

Daniel Holleran 

"To try is to risk failure. But risk must 
be taken because the greatest 
hazard in life is to risk nothing at 
airTo my friends thanks for the 
good times, Danielles, JrProm, 
Canada Crazy Train, Joshs.S- 
Cooler" Simbsbury SI95 Tash's GF 
Thanks BC and The Pantry 
M+D+S+K+B thanks for everything 
Colb it wasn't the same without you 

Yasmin Aisha Howes 

"Ghetto Gangsta' Bootie" 
Throughout the course of your life 
many things will be discovered- 
May Success and Happiness be 
among them. May God richly bless 
you. Taisha Nycole Courtney 
Lakesha Darryl Larry and Donald 
we're going our separate ways, but 
nothing will separate you from my 
heart. To the rest of y'all BLOSS 

Bret Hewlett 

"Were you better off four years ago 
than you are today"?RR 
Rational Party 91-95 JW is an ani- 
mal. Dog Pound, Ike has a temper, 
The RADS OF dinners, "this is 
crazy"-Woody ALLEN 

Matthew Hewlett 

Welsha's Dog Pound E-Period 
Study Hall Apple throwing The rock 
"This is Crazy" Blue Hair man Jun- 
ior skip day HR Derby RADSOF 
CAD-SOC Egg wars Rational Party 
dinners IKE Turner "Thriller" 
Heiniken Dark 

Bryan Joseph Hurley 


Know what IT is. IT is fun, IT is 

laughter, IT is love, it is NOW!! 

NOW class of '95 

is when we get to live 

And make a LIFE by what we 


Steph, What we have is simple and 

beautiful. I love you. 

Thank you all for a wonderful four 


M. Westley Hutcheson 

"Regrets I've had a few but then 
again too few to mentionTS Thanks 
to all my friends for the great 
memories: Marco Polo PC, 
Stepan's, Quebec, Homecoming 
'92-Oops, Mr. K, Great Woods, 
Poker-Stogies. Nac 93-94-Fatties, 
Marstons Mills-Underrated, Sea 
Pines, D's,ABCC, Gratefui-Vande, 
Galley, NHL, Junior Prom-Nice 
Glasses, Nantucket with AAB, 
LAX#1 8, Mrs L, Mom+DadI Love U 

«'ii *f 

E « ts ti n 

Darryl A. Jefferson 

I'd like to give a shot out to the 
Metco Bus, All my BOYZ in Boston 
The "B.I.D" my(Rap Group), A Big 
Shot out to that special lady with 
much love AJ and DJ 4ever, And 
Last but not least with much love 
and peace to my family and espe- 
cially Mom's & Pop's, oh YAH AN 
Thanks for all that great help teach- 
ers I 

Gregory Joubert 

Best year Senior (getting the hell 
out) (Crowley + Bais The Best ever) 
wish we could do it again (maybe 
not) (Summer 94" Rich Florida 
Pounding in Disney) Good luck 
everyone + Good riddance to 

Eric Karl Juhola 

Q:"What can a thoughtful man hope 
for mankind on Earth, given the 
experience of the past million 

-Kurt Vonnegut 

A: We'll see. 

You are all with me. Thanks 
(Oprah Forever) 

Amy Jennifer Kaye 

FIRE, Amy Jaye 
"Hold tight to your heart's desire 
Never ever let it go let nobody fool 
you into giving it up too soon. Tend 
your own fire lay low and be strong 
wait awhile, wait it out. It'll come 
along. "-J.T To all those that've 
made me remember that "No man 
is a failure who has friends. Thanks 
for the wings! "-It's a wonderful life 

Deirdre Keeley 

D, Dre 
Best of luck to everyone in the class 
of '95. if we open our minds, accept 
each other, and believe in our- 
selves, we can accomplish any- 
thing. "Let the world know you as 
you are, not as you think you should 
be, because sooner or later, if you 
are posing, you will forget the pose, 
and then where are you?" 

Mary Ann Kelleher 

Mare, Mares 
1 nite a man had a dream. Across 
the sky flashed scenes from his life. 
He noticed two sets of footprints in 
the belonged to him + the 
other to the LORD. He noticed that 
many times along the Path of his 
life there was only 1 set of prints. 
The LORD replied: during your 
times of trial and suffering when 
you see only 1 set of prints, it was 
then that I carried you. 

Brendan Kiernan 

"Don't let what you cannot do inter- 
fere with what you can do" Thanks 
to all my friends for all the good 
times. Jr. Prom Snwbair93 BJ Grt. 
Woods stickball ourcooler-soco LD- 
PBrace the pictures ABCC 6/1 5/94 
Simsbury-LB D's house football-79 
Thanks BC(IH) Thanks Mom&Dad 
for everything Good Luck K,L,P&M 


Elizabeth Kiernan 

"We do not know the true value of 
our moments until they have un- 
dergone the test of memory" D's 
house BC France'94 Snowbair93 
Crazy Train Jr. Prom NY BJ+JBTG 
-Good Friday camping Grt.Woods 
Alicia's Big Russ New Year's Eve 
'93 ABCC P-ball races SM'93 
Thanks to all my friends for the 
great times. Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Pat, Matt, Kath, +Brendan. 

Kathleen Kiernan 

"The thing that goes the farthest 
towards making life worthwhile, that 
costs the least and does the most Is 
just a simple smllei"SM'93,Junlor 
MOW, BC.D's House,Camplng,BJ/ 
Grt Woods, Mercedes, France- 
To all my friends-Thanks for the 
memories ILYI B&L-LNC-You guys 
are the bestllLYI Thanks for every- 
thlng-D,M,B,L,P,M-l love Youl 

Elizabeth Ann Kilborn 

Don't ever give up your hopes and 
dreams; Find them, make them 
yours and never let them go! To all 
my friends-Thanks for the memo- 
ries DD-BF Remember DB&JW 
CB+GS S+M and GL+JMJulians! Jr 
Prom, Rocky Horror Eak-DMDB 
Goofy Blizzard Sleepover Snipple 
My first! D&GB Luv Ya! Cheer- 
leaders-camp;Nick&Citrus Bowl 
Thanks-MDM&A To GL I Love You 
Always 5-28-94 

Nicole Danielle Kimborowicz 

The future belongs to those who 
believe in the beauty of their 
dreams-Gold MASCJrProm 2peer- 
FSULI?I Laugh AFS-CallJava Ja- 
pan HD-Harvard Sq wolmovlesl 
Tent-Ah, sleep at last State Houset 
Leap for opportunity! Smilel Of 
course, it really Isn't Goodbye, be- 
cause friendships are foreverl 
When you wish upon a star it makes 
no difference who you arel- 

Donald King 

One love to my parents, family, and 
friends for keeping me on the right 
track. Peace to WTH JW SD SS JH 
AB TM PS SR- time for y'all to 
represent. RL BH CB TW AT LA 
and the rest of the Metco bus stay 
real. HOP stay out of trouble. 
Yasmin Shorty Taisha Keisha 
Darry! and Larry I'm going to miss 
y'all. Keep in touch. Always 
remember "The world is yours!" 

Philipp Kobbe 

Thanks to the Smalley's for giving 
me the possibility to come here. 
Thank you Mom and Dad. 

John Farren Kovatch 

Jack, Kovs 
"That's what most people lack, 
having the guts to go on and just 
say they'll go through the pain no 
matter what happens."A.S. Shaft! 
Tri-capt night run Excalibur Group 
meeting! "You wanna play, ya gotta 
pay!" Dirk Band trips Ellen+friends 
"Mmm it does taste go well with the 
chicken." There's no such thing as 
a dumb question. Laissez les bons 
temps rouler! 

Nina Dorothea Krueger 

"Oh very young what will you leave 
us this time, your only dancing on 
this earth for a short while, and 
though you wanted to last forever, 
you know you never will, and the 
goodbye makes the journey harder 
stiir-Cat Stevens. Thanks to the 
Siegfried family for everything! 
Muchos besos a Mariana! I will 
miss everyone so much! Aufbald!! 

Esther Stephanie Kuipers 

Shnester, Es. 
Mom & Dad, I love you. Thank you 
forthiswonderfullife. Ing, lloveyou 
too. Milla, thank you for bringing 
me to the Father. That is some- 
thing unforgettable! After all you 
are the bestest friend ever. Mich, 
you too. Thanks for always being 
there together wit.Shnerica Ames, 
& Laura. You guys made those 21/ 
2 years in Hingham very special 

Jennifer Ann Layden 

"Friends during highschool are 
neverforgotten, memories are what 
we have to hold onto the past, but 
the future is open for us to fill with 
our hopes and dreams for our life" 
SL. K.DeRuby, MM, JO,GR, 
BS, LA, C.Cod Sum.'94 7-13-94, 
coaching, flat tire, soccer, winter + 
spring track, capt., RT B. toe. Brig, 
buds, whip, water, Bake's, Pt. ace. 
ct.. FL. '94 Nat. 400H, wds. 

Susan lUlary Layden 

"What goes around comes around" 
KW SAM Flat tire, CC3AM, Jr Prom, 
Tan, cards, tent, camp, coaching , 
trailer, is!, skiing 94', estan, CCN, 
Autol , checkers, R.swing, Brigs 4/ 
7/94, whip c. Peer Group, Pt, Bak- 
ers, JC, phone buds, night swim, 
crash, rocks, Barney, quarries, 
V.track 600, 400m in/out, states, 
florida,, DBmen, Teds, 
laughs, nt. rt. 

Andrew Leahy 

It's cruel, crazy, beautiful world 
Every day you wake up I hope it's 
under a blue sky. It's your world so 
live in it! Thanks Mom & Dad Love 

Elizabeth Leek 

"Leek" "Leeky" 
"I've been afraid of changin'4 1 built 
my life around you/But time makes 
U bolder even children get older & 
I'm getting older too"-Fleetwood 
Mac. Laurie"You & me babe, how 
about it" Lumpy:-"Sin falta" tubing 
"I hate wheat bread" Chard(Good 
Luck)GD-91 Jimmy-"Chinesefood" 
"I love U pal" To all my friends who 
aren't in here you're in my heart! I 
love you! MDRO 

Peter Lehane 

Sometimes you have to fight with 
your hands and sometimes with 
your mind, but you always have to 
keep fighting. Thanks to all my 
friends in the high school. Thank 
you Mom, Dad, Renee, and Nicole. 



Andrew Scott Lemoff 

"I once fed my snake some beer. It 
slithered this way and that." "I am a 
god. I am not THE god, I am a 
god."AS&BM "In da box! Deuce!" 
Charles Dirk. MYWE. "It was Joe. 
Joe who? Joe MAMA!" Ed, Pit, 
band, 6 minuses, Edson, All-State, 
Slick, Japan, Monteal, Pit rules. 
PingPong, Youth group. Thanks to 
all of my friends for making it cool. 
That's the news,and I AM OUTAH 
HERE! Adios! 

Sean Lentell 

Junior Senior year would have been 
better with EB and TA. Eric's jaw at 
loon mt. wasted in NH with TA and 
EB Keep in touch Zima girl'KT LA 
AW Sorry about NH Soccer State 
Tourney all four years Pink Floyd 
94 "High Hopes" for class of 95 
This quote can never be over used 
" If you don't eat your meat how can 
you have any pudding" 
See you 


Steven Leonard 

Special thanx to Sloth, Dega, 
Toona, Mess, Cole, Shim, Shiep, 
you have always been there for 
DB, MV, AW, AY, JS, EB, AA, AC. 
Frosh Football 9-0 try&beat that. 
Shim "I'm a zeek" Hey SG hee NO. 
AJ thanx for all the good times 1 43. 
Most of all I love you and thank you 
so much for every thing Mom, Dad 
and Ducky 94 Randolph defeat 29- 
6 took 10yrs. #30 Good Eats! 

Nathan Daniel Levine 

Nat, NateNateNateNate 
"It's clear to see that there is some- 
thing wrong. Could be that we don't 
change a lot but we SHOULD give 
itourbestshot."The Mighty Mighty 
Bosstones ... challenge from Bag 
O'Apples... Noogies... riot at 
GreenDay... lunch time entertain- 
ment... "Do or do not. There is no 
try" Yoda... my philosophy for sur- 
vival. Goodbye HHS. Good luck 
Class of 1995! 

J. Michael Lewis 

"Time keeps on slipping into the 
future"- It's over!-VH, fatties, U2, 
Saranac 93,94, YL, The Pits, 
Baker's, Workcamp. PJ@the Gar- 
den, Allmans 92, Steve Miller 92- 
94 To my friends-CS, TD, WH, KS, 
JY, GM. KM, JM-Thanks guys! 
Thanks Mom, Dad, and Good luck 
Mark! Thanks to Jule-I couldn't have 
done it without you!-ILU! "Escape 
is never the safest path"-E. Vedder 

John Manchester 

Jack Chester 
"Lifes tough so I don't want to hear 
nobody crying about what they have 
to do."-Dale-Thanks to my mother 
and father for keeping me out of 
trouble To Tom, Mark, Melissa, 
Matt, Monica To NEW Breed, Den- 
nis, Dan, Doug, Dave To PLA I'll 
remember playing the tournaments 
and winning. 

Myriah Dorothy Manley 

"There are no stars, out here we is 
stoned immaculate. "-JM 
"Its a buddahfull day"-SG "I've been 
walking the streets at night just 
trying to get it right hard to see with 
so many around you know I don't 
like being stuck in the crowd"-GN'R 
"Something is happening here but 
you don't know what it is"-BD 
Thanks Dad I love you 

James Marcella 

"If you don't play to win, then don't 
play at all" Hockey 93-95 HOP 
Cornfeilds, Bakers/Rocks, Falletti's/ 
stick ball Halloween 92 JW GB SL 
TS JC; Steve Miller-Aerosmith/ 
Thanx JH JW GB MS CW TS + the 
girls-July 4 brawl=Poundin alone 
Haley, train/ Welsha's D-Pound 
& Thanx Mom and Dad: SEE YA 

Sarah Markowicz 

Marki, Marks, Markowicz 
"You got a lot of livin' to do without 
life"-Edie B, Princess of the Base- 
ment, Doolie-Kiss PRTalks, Gorms- 
House+Cape, Galley, Sippie-J+B, 
Hez92', Seena Pause, Jen-DMPL, 
grass, Tacey-brew, guys much, 
J.C.-bruses, Mull-Chats SUM93'- 
DD, Pealie runs, S's boat,R.W, 
SUM94'- concerts, camping on is- 
land, Donovan Gatherings-JP, 
Lowell-38 min rec. Fankie, TH, 
4A.M. HWRacing 

Janice Eileen Martin 

"We look back and wonder at the 
journey, so long, so hard, yet we 
have our memory of beauty in each 
step we took." Thank you M.D, P & 
R for helping me make it through 
this! I love u guys. M & SC- thanks 
4 listening. To all trackies, you're 
awesome. Thanksl Where's the 
lightning?- OVER THERE! BM- We 
made it. Thanx R, U R MY ZEKE! 
crew-Shake 'n bake 

Jeremy Martin 

Remember when you were young, 

you shined like the sun, shine on 

you crazy diamond. 

Thanx to the Scituate Posse, The 

Fly Chick Posse, Trece, The 

Hingham posse, and everyone else 

I missed. 

See you on the outside. 

Wicked thanx-SL CD RG LA CT 


Joel McBride 

"Everybody is born small. If you 
want to stay that way is up to you."- 
Doug Flutie-4th at Foye's Good 
voice " I am the best streetball 
player of all time."-MG- Where we 
gonna hide it Ab's pad "Matt my 
head's caving in. YOC Don't need 
initials you guys you know who are. 
Eve WSDFD SPG Thanks M & D 
HS95 Good Luck BM 

Grant Ferris McCarey 

"Realize it's all w/in yourself, no 
one else can make you change; life 
flows on w/in you and w/out you."- 
The Beatles 

"and hold on to the dream."-P.F. 
Thanks to my BF's-Jay, Steve, and 
Ted Thanx-MC, JN, TD, KM, CS, 
LD, TW, SM, LB, CT, LA, AK, KS, 
KP, JC, & MJ. Memories-Back 
fields, Maggie, 71/2 ft., B.O.'s,AFB, 
Vt. Band, 1 1 . WC, BB, PD, a feast 
of friends 

Brian lUlcCarthy 

"Those who have a great deal to 
say, do so in the fewest words" 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Chris, Mike and 

Rebecca Ann Mcloud 

Becka, Becker 
"Commit to the Lord whatever you 
do, and your plans will succeed." 
Proverbs 1 6:3 AS RL KF JF KV ML 
L&GS D&EC-Thanks for every- 
thing! Mom,Dad,A,T,M&E,D&P,S, 
C&D I love you! Mexico 93 94 
95,LICE,Lovell's,LoveFest Paul 

Euchre, HooterlYou know,Bye:ST 
LFBBJM& High Impact 

Jeffrey S. MclVlillan 


Katharine Wendy Love Meigs 

Who we are does not limit us; it sets 
us free... Those who need to ask 
could never know... Soap it up @ 
Bickfordsw/ Niccy, Generic, KACH 
& the chick magnet himself. Also 
appearing: AMC, NK, PG, a few 
voils, & various other household 
appliances. She thinks she's in 
desert storm... Big guy watch the 
harem. And there was no damn cat 
and no damn cradle. 

Derel< Mendes 
end of a long 1 2 yr journey. Lots of 
good times Some hard times. 
Enjoyed these years will miss the 
weekends party kegs 30-pack Cape 
July 4th New Years Western Park 
Sghetto Sled Adidas Eazy-E CPT. 
Thanx Mom & Dad 
Good luck to the class of 95 


Todd B. Merritt 

"When you feel your life ain't worth 
living you've got to stand up and 
take a look around you then a look 
way up to the sky. And when your 
deepest thoughts are broken keep 
on dreamin' boy cause when ya 
stop dreamin' its time to die." BM 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Ginger, Jeff, 
Aidan, Eric, Tim, Joe, Liz, and Barrie 
for believing in me. 

Michael Anthony Messina 

Mess, Sina 
If I don't meet you no more in this 
world/ then I'll see you in the next 
one. Don't be latel-J.H. P.B.P.H- 
Busride, 3rd lunch D&D, camping 
at Leo's Thanks Duck, Pits we're 
not that good, T.G.'s car. Long live 
the 600, SM DD CF SL Always. 

Patrick James Michaels 

Thanks Mom and Dad & Jon. HHS 
football '94 is the year. "The wolf." 
MP CQ RW DP SH SB & everyone 
else for making the last 4 years 
"interesting." Italy '92 NYC Trips. 
Junior Prom rocked. Boys with 
noise. "It is the dawning of a new 
age, and I'm sleeping in." 

Corey Dacia Mullen 

"I don't remember who met who 
first or who fell in love w/ who first, 
I just remember all of us as friends" 
BST Teabag on the ceiling. 3/20/ 
92-Bob. Candy Jnryr. Funny leads 
to chili! Camping Noblets & 
Nov.slpover-YorkBATN! Leo's 
Cape ■93-Primes 5/7/94. Bowling. 
THE BEST!Soccer& Softball.Thanx 
Mom & Dad, S&G ILYA! 

John Kurt Muller 

Finally it's over! This work better 
pay off. I couldn't have gotten 
through the past years without true 
friends. THANKS! Mom, Dad, Rob 
I love you all! C. May #22, The pits, 
P.J. on my 17th, Day-River, Todd's 
instantanious benders, rainy day in 
Montreal, Jazz B. and of course 
keep a thirst for all the good times 
ahead. Todd and Chuck Nice ta' 
have ya! "Everything's gonna be 
alright"--Bob Marley 


Elizabeth Ryan Murphy 

"Let us live our lives in such a way 
that we may laugh when we're 
together and smile when we're 
away" GC94-95 screwball rdtrips- 
NB90 Cape mbzis spying brkfsts 
chinagrove wsp sgrif It.nt.chats 
random calls VI95 hmcg/sb/jp, cncts 
93-94 TDs snowdays BC scalping 
colby CH94-Boomalaka Tennis/Fh 
'93-95 SO CQ AW CR LW LD AP 
KM "Let your dreams not regrets 
take command of your life." 

Thomas Murphy 

Taisha Natasha Murray 

We've all experienced life with each 
other, now it's time to move on, look 
towards the future, and hope to 
accomplish everything we set our 
minds and our hearts to. I'll never 
forget you-TRUCK SHORTY 
we'll cross paths again. SB BH RT 
TW JW WH TM & anyone I missed 
ya' II keep ya heads up. I 'm 
out...lT'S ALL GOOD!! 

Sarah Noblet 

"Some people come into our lives & 
quickly go some stay for a whie & 
leave footprints in our hearts & we 
are never ever the same" 
AC D'S Kiggy Mikes-B's OE JSBF 
Frosh B-ball Shady Acres Thanx 
Dune! BS talks camping Jimmy B 
Jr Prom PB-race Miss u Ltl. Bud- 
Best! I Love U Mom&Dad.J,B,&T 

Aidan Donald O'Hara 

Oh Boy. "Don't knock my smock, or 
I'll clean yourclock."-Hobbes, C&H 
"It's no matter if you're born to play 
the King or pawn, for the line is 
thinly drawn 'tween joy and sorrow, 
so my fantasy becomes reality, and 
I must be what I must be and face 
tomorrow. So I'll continue to con- 
tinue to pretend my life will never 
end. And the Flowers never bend 
with the rainfall." -S&G W 

Susan Jane O'Hare 

"Happiness is not found at the end 
of the road but is found along the 
way" Late night chats-Huckins '94 
Boomalaka-Spying-Road trips- 
NB90 FH/Lax-Cape mbelzelments- 
Grand Cayman '95-TD's-SDD- 
Snball '93-China Grove-Two white 
jeeps-BM,AW,AP,CR,LW,CQ, KM, 
LD Thanks for everything Love you 

Stacey M. Olsen 

Memories I'll never forget. Gramas 
beach, tickle forchers,sh-ok-ok, 
Stacey Olsen we have your jacket 
man w/ curly blond hair, green 
seawal Bus drill scars Hola! 2ue 
Mora es? oneway STS basement 
BLC Steve Miller More Pancakes 
Frogger, gnipocs & most of all my 
friends Well it's been along yellow 
bus ride Hope to see you in the 

Kamir Pabon 

Milla, Baby Chiquita 
"Light the fire in my weary soul, fan 
the flame make my spirit whole. 
Lord you know where I've been, so 
light the fire in my heart again." -- 
Steven Curtis Chapman '941 Thank 
you GOD for giving me so much! 
SSB youth grp. J&J, all staff & 
friends. CB, JC, ET, EK; LA-I feel 
like going on! MTURDBest. Thanks 
Bais! Mr. Garland, smday I'll sing 4 
u! That's all folks. 

Alex Matthew Parrillo 

"Everyone has an equal opportu- 
nity to prove themselves unequal." 
L.H.Yes-l won, Nac '93, '94-NE, 
T&B, V-Ball,MaryLou, 
Chmpn,Baseball,DNSFA, UCEF. 
PI, PF'94,Glory Days, Canada '95? 
Thanks: CR,SO,SC,SN,BM,Yorgi, 
Eddy, R&B 2 Cor.5:17 "You're 
never a loser until you quit trying." 
M.D. I Love you Josh, Dave, Mom 
&Dad "I will get by, I will survive." 

Aaron Pearl 

Apples, Pearlsy, Pearl JAM 
"Send me up boys", "Salute the 
BagO'Apples " "I like noise that's 
why I'm living where I am. I like the 
noise and confusion of a traffic jam 
I like the sound of a jet as it's shakin 
my dweliin' I like 'rampagin and 
screaming and yellin' emotions so 
high they can't get any higher" 
Thanks f^/tom & Dad, RP, Tassy, 
Tom, Reid, Laura, Butch, Slydog, 
Rolo, Brian- concert boy Mike YaYa 






David Parkinson 

There are very few things in this 
world that are. ..mine. But, that will 
change. If mother is the name of 
God. ..well. ..then there just aren't 
enough rocks to throw. Just bull- 
doze it under. Did someone say 
crazy? Did someone say craze? I'll 
miss you more than all the others. 
I salute you my brothers. Laugh it 
off and keep on truckin. Good luck 
to y'all. You're gonna need it. 



Nicole Petersen 

"Life is what happens when you are 
making other plans" "No matter 
where you go there you are" Some 
say look at the sun not at it's shadow 
but my "Shadow" is always there 
even when others choose not to 
be. "No one can make you feel 
inferior without your consent" AlC, 
by its nature is an intangible but 
humane entity" -See ya 

Robert M Petrie Jr 

"Destiny is in your own hands. If 
you don't prepare now you won't be 
happy in the future." Good luck! 
Class of 95'. You can do whatever 
you want if you put your mind to it! 

Joanna Maria PInl 

"Some people come into our lives 
and quickly go. Some stay and 
leave footprints on our hearts and 
we are never the same" AC+EB-B/ 
F RI,AF-powderhead,AA-Harbor, 
A+E+J=LG LA-Baby Saranac'93 
Turkey Hill Central Jr Prom Al's 
house BL-Wed. nites Mount Rock! 
Great Woods-Aerosmith '94 
Cancun? CS-you +me forever 
Luv+miss you Unc ILY-M,D,+K 

Kevin Porter 

Andrew Powers 

"Success is a journey, not a 

Thanks to all my true friends, 
I love you: Mom, Dad, Susan 

Patrick Otis Preston 

"You never really lose until you quit 
trying" Mike Ditka 
Track captains with Kovs & Rizzo, 
NEWC, Dock, Bagels, Swimming 
with Thys and Lauren, Brigham's, 
discus, 100yd Fly, waterskiing, the 
Volvo, a van down the river, 
Sunapee New Hampshire, Ferris, 
Hog Roast, Arthur, Phillies, The 
YMCA, Beastie Boys. Bye Now 

Joshua E. Prime 

So don't you sit upon the shoreline 
and say you're satisfied, choose to 
chance the rapids and dare to 
dance the tide. D's, Sunday River, 
Candy, Gym, Track injury,\/H, MV 
cheat, ABCC Prov. Snowball '93,Jr. 
Prom- Porsche I do, I do, RS, of- 
fice, Africa, Bermuda Some days 
are better than others. J17 Thanks 
to all! Carpe Diem. 

Catherine Elizabeth Quirl< 

"Life's a journey not a destination 
and I just can't tell just what tomor- 
row brings." Tennis '92-'95 Track 
'92-'95 sophday jpromtd Al's barn 
7EPGTGIF.Stuco BMcapehse 
spying Itntchats mp and the wife 
bkfst WSP movies Dork sipovers 
SMBGDayBJC boyswnoise NCGH 
PS BL- Thanxiluvu. Thanx Mom, 
Dad and Emily- 1 love you I 

Donald Rhodes 

Amanda Lynnette Ringquist 

"I have become comfortably numb" 
VD memories-MP-143 May 9 94. 
JS don't forget the good times & 
Thanks 4 being there. Me, Oh those 
nights, Lush1, Lush2 & Poolhall. 
Dancing & Cheering were great! 
JS- Thanks also for gettin me into 
D&C. To the rest of my friends- JS, 
ME, MP, TB, KB, LF, DD, LK, KW, 
KD SS, TS & LT I love you all. 
Camp BC rules 4 eva. 

Dave Rizzotto 

"Life's like a movie, write your own 
ending keep believing keep pre- 
tending" -Kermit the frog Thanks 
to the crew JK, PP, CH, Mom, Dad, 
Coach Herrmann & Ryan, the 
Doobies Ferris XC, Winter, Spring, 
track, NEWC, Worlds End 
Wompatuck, Little Ceasars The 
Mighty Subaru, Brighams Shaft 
YUT After Banquet Hommage 
Spring Dynasty Shake n' Bakes 

Susan Mary Rowe 

Friends are Friends 4-eva. Sum- 
mer of '94 Smgirs Ntch MV,NH, 
YG, ISI. PB, WMN, JR, Prom, Rks, 
BckFrds, Kngsmnt, 4th J Ph Jenet 
Bch nites seriously S.L. U 4-got 
about me Kel 4-94 SMR rides Ah! 
There goes my St. NO Lie KB Miss 
U KC Your the best! FF:ST, LF, KB, 
SL, TB, DD, LK, BM, TF, we've had 
our ups & Downs, but we stuck 
through it. FF, TF. Thanx M&D. I 
LuvYoul Liz Thanx 4 listening 143. 

Kerri-Ann Rowell 

"The time we dream and spend 
together will be the time I'll always 
remember" Thanks to all my 
friends for the past 4 years. Big 
Russ, CWD, BK, Central, D's 
house, cape, FLA shorts- Wayne, 
Jr. Prom, "Hey Katy Happy To- 
day..." You know the rest. KTT, MS 
Good luck! RH Thanx! Thanx Mom 
and Dad, Good Luck Ken-Ken! 
Jenn OTF! Girls lets D....! (Oct 30) 

Courtney Ann Ryan 

"Happiness runs in a circular mo- 
tion kind of like a little boat upon the 
sea. Everyones part of everything 
anyway, you can be happy if you 
set yourself free." Cape-MBZL Field 
BCscalping RD Trip-NB-90 Late nt 
chat GC9495 Screwballs France 
94. Spying ivy JPROM PF94 
snwdays JB93 Burban VI95 Pizza 
Delivery'93 MV94SGLF94lcouldnt 
ask for better friends! I LOVE YOU! 

Fareed Salameh 

Life is a waste of time, time is a 
waste of life so get wasted and 
have the time of your life. If your 
going to do it do it with someone 
else. Hingham football, wrestling 
#22 JM,GJ, RH, Thanks to mom, 
dad, and the rest of my family. The 
Zx with the pumpin system. Special 
thanks to CF PV RT MG AC Driving 
with and without a license! 


Michael A. Salerno 

"We know all the answers we just 
haven't heard all the questions" 
"For every minute you are angry 
you lose 60 seconds of happiness" 
shady acres;rbiw;DH,CM-church; 
DH-cbid;WHJT;JP-prD-house MS- 
Plato; BA-windows at the pits; pc- 
Black eye;sg;TVHBMW-OD; PV- 
MG;Great Woods;BM-MD; AY- 
TOWM;MD-NOLA, Kiernan Van; 
Thanks Mom -Dad;Good Luck Ann 



Nicole Vincenza Savini 

Vi, Nic, Nikki, Lumpy, Canolli 
A road has stretched before us and 
in the past we traveled together- 
But now our paths must split, it was 
not meant to be forever Make a 
memory of my smile and for you I'll 
do the same So when our paths do 
intersect, we'll laugh and smile 
again-NVS " I LOVE YOU Jenny 
Poopy LEEK SCREECH Nature Girl 
Rich- I'd die w/out you! BA-BYE 

Charles Wade Sayer 

Charlie Chuck Chig 
"I changed by not changing at all" 
EV. Be yourself and have fun, re- 
member: A click looks great from a 
far but they're far from great. J unior 
Prom '94, Cape May, PJ Garden, 
Summer '93. J. P. you're the best 
friend anyone could ask for. Thanks 
T Dogg, K Money, all the esoterics. 
And to all my good friends, you 
know who you are, thanx and good 
luckl Chez outta here. 

Andrew Schomer 

"I do not see why I should e'er 

turn back, or those should not set 

forth upon my track to overtake 

me, who should miss me here 

and long to know if I still held 

them dear. They would not find 

me changed from him they knew 

only more sure of all I thought 

was true" Robert Frost 

Thank you guys for everything. 

Stacey Seremetis 

So many dreams, so little time. 
Work on them now. Relationships 
may end but the memories will al- 
ways be there. UCA was the best! 
To all the seniors giong their sepa- 
rate ways and the juniors we're 
leaving behind-best wishes! I'll miss 
the old crew-you know who you 
are. lt'syourturn'96IGowild Joker! 
Keep in touch. Thanx Mom and 
Dad. No regrets. 

Brendan Shea 

Each new day is a chance to give 
reality to the dreams you had the 
night before. Much love 2 my lil sis, 
III bro, and mom and dad. El, Ames, 
Skeez and those who conquered 
Nook: you guys rock! Peace to Sue, 
Jen and the rest of the old school! 
(S, J, K Thanx for da cones) Joe-yo' 
ear is been much appreciated. T- 
everything happens for a reason. 

Jennifer Ann Shea 

I look 2 my childhood & have no 
regrets & 2 my future see nothing 
but the best.ALR when you need a 
shoulder to cry on I'll be there! 
Edward Gerard 6/22/92*143* 
cheer,UCA,dance,London.On 6/3/ 
95 HHS will B in our past the friends 
&memories we made will @ 
last.Thanks for the best years of 
my life, mom&dad I hope I made 
you proud. Nana I made your dream! 
mom I'm on my own.JYAMATWII! 

Jilllan Catherine Sheehan 

"Live everyday as if it were your 
lasf'JARCE, Watson-you're the 
best J&A have bottles never again. 
Purple marker Thanx alot MV&AW 
P1V1-shower? Twice as 
nice,megabuck$, sliver, camping- 
wolfschmidt, P in sink, Central 
Bcrew, cm-waterlogged? CWD- 
JP-SSC,PD "we are coming"Java 
hockey bus rides-Dee, LAX, Good 
Luck Hac & McBain TBTG 

Michael Sliney 

"Slinz", Mike 
"Before I knew the best part of my 
life had come. It had gone" Thanks 
everyone for all the memories. 
Canada 95, D's house, Colby's, 
Brewster, Marston Mills, Bthrm, 
Great Woods, K-van, Poker Night, 
stickball, BM-MD, ANAN, Sega, 
ABCC, S.G., Thank you BC! LB- 
OR! Thank you for everything mom 
and dad. Good Luck B and J. 

Amanda Smalley 

"I can do all things through Christ 
who strengthens me" -Phil 4:13 
Thanks to: RW, BM, CH, SC, JF, 
KV, JM. PV, SK. MK, FG, RL. 
KF.PK. Bye HI &staff. Trini. Hijole, 
NBWM, Lovell's, euchre, ladies, IP. 
Mom, Dad, Nate, Beth, Dave, 
Laura, Lisa, Greg -Thanks! I couldn't 
have made it without you. I love 
you all I 

Tara Marie Smith 
"These are the times to remember 
& they will not last forever." B.J. 
Hey TEE, what do you want to eat? 
Our times together have been fun, 
but now we must say goodbye. 
Citrus bowl '95, UCA camp. I can't 
believe 4 years has past. It has 
been fun. Gabe, watch out 4 the 
ATM machinesi Everything is good 
to go. Good luck class of '95. Good 
luck to the old crew, I love you guys! 

Lakesha Sorrell 

Everone has dreams, mine's to 
graduate to make my mom proud 
My High School years I knew it was 
going to be hard I was working for 
two myself & my son I know my Dad 
in heaven is proud knowing his lil- 
grl made it through. The years is 
now over, but the memories are still 
here. I will always feel life is too 
short, so accomplish your goals. 

Korlynne Sparks 

"These are the days to remember 
cause they will not last forever these 
are the times to hold onto cause we 
won't although we'll want to" To my 
friends, AA, EB, AF, AC, DA, JS, 
Crew '92, Central, wed. nights, EB. 
Absolut DA B-ICE Jr. Prom, S.miller 
Derek thanx 4 everything. I love 
you! Mom, I did it! Thanx Mom, 
Dad, Jared, and Ariane ILY! D- 

Jason Springer 

"The world is your kaleidoscope 
and the varying combinations of 
colors which at every succeeding 
moment it presents to you are the 
exquisitely adjusted pictures of your 
ever-moving thoughts" A fading 
farewell from the shadows on the 
path of my future to all who have 
touched my heart and shared in 
thought. Vermont 1-5 Ted's skiing 

Timothy Stepan 

"life's battles don't go to the stron- 
ger or faster man but sooner or 
latter, the man who wins is the man 
who thinks he can." Football 9-0 91 
92 -94 CFJWMGMMRWPC Barnes 
Sweeney Henley Mouse Watts 
Welsha Carrol Steb My house 91- 
92, The girls, Jr. Prom, Pitts, Tur- 
key Hill, Maxima-Omega-RIP, ZZZ, 
Halloween 92, Phil Al USMC, 
Poundage. Thanks Kim-Good Luck, 
Mom, Trulson Cya 

Rori E. Sullivan 

As I grow to understand life less 
and less I learn to live it more and 
more. JARCE Fr. B-Ball, EB, Golf- 
ing, Meg's House -TS, Karaoke, 
SMB'93 Thanx LK, JB-Court how 
many? Merrimack LT Car?, NY, Jr. 
Prom, Candy 6/1 7/94 P. ltd. Soccer 
Meg, Kath, Liz, ILY, Always! Good 
Luck Kris, Tan & Stace. Thanx mom 

Matt Sutton 

Kick out the gloom Kick out the 
blues Tear out the pages with all 
the bad news Pull down the mirrors 
and pull down the walls... Oh just 
burn down the house! Burn down 
the street! Turn everything red and 
the beat is complete With the sound 
of your world going up in the fire it's 
a perfect day to throw back your 
head and kiss it all goodbye! 

-The Cure 

Julia Swanson 

A pelican sniffed patiently at the 
frozen dinner rotting on the side- 
walk. Luke, use the force Luke. 
Lets go Luke. Do it to Julia! Not Me! 
Julia! I don't care what you do to 
her! Strip her to the bone! Not me! 
Julia! Sitting on a cornflake waiting 
for the van to come. -Beatles The 
moon shines brighter over a well 
cleaned bottom so start your stamp 
lickers and then the sky turned. 

Michael Sweeney 

Thanx to Tim Jill Kerri Mom. To 
Dad see ya when I get there. To 
Erin thanx for bein' there + 
understandin'. DA ,AF, AA 
remember T.Hill Drinkin beers JC 
House Central Bakers rocks corn- 
fields Al's my house after Jr. Prom 
Wed nites Maxima/Omega RIP 
Jumping FREAKS See yal! 

Michelle Tardanico 

"The LORD is my strength, he gives 
me the speed of a Deer & the ability 
to fly over mountains." -Hab. 3:19 
I thank God, thru Him I can do 
anything. KP-friends 4-eva! JC, EK, 
LP, SA, Cori B., CR, Lisa S., the 
Liebelts-you're all great & helped 
me so much! My fam-you can't get 
much better! I luv ya! CLASS OF 
95-Go for the gold! 

Holly Tatreau 

Evan Taylor 

Richard Thurston 

On the edge of sleep, I awoke to a 
sun so bright rested and fearless, 
cheered by your nearness I knew 
which direction was right. The case 
had been tried by the jury inside. 
The choice between darkness and 
light.. .RUSH, 2112, Cerwin Vega! 
Thanks Mom and Dad, Mark, C.G., 
S.H., A.M., Fred, and everyone else 
who helped me. L.T. Thanks. 

Amy Elizabeth Tompkins 

We laughed until we had to cry. We 
loved right down to the last goodbye, 
Time goes on, people touch and 
then they are gone. The future is 
ours for just a moment. Hey VIV 
you eatin fatboys. What's up EV KP 
LC MT and EK wherever you are, 
luv you guys. Thanks mom, dad, 
Michael, Lynn and Kim, Love You! 

Stacey B. Toomey 

Hey Bob! After all these years we're 
finally out! Thanks friends AB SR 
for all the help Mrs. R. Camping-94 
good Times at Quick Pik Summer 
of "94" and many more. Hampton- 
the Cape They were the best Late 
night at McDonald's Sherb Where's 
pappers. Special thanks to mom 
and dad, Jen. I made it mom! I love 
you Eric a wicked lot. 

Emese Toth 

"Dream what you want, Do what 
you dreamedl" I did it! I will never 
forget this time! Thanks to the 
Websters, AFS, All my teachers 
and friends for making this dream 
come truel Viszldtl M^g 
Visszajdvokl Hajrd Magyarokl 

Donald O. Tower 

Don, Donny T., Tom 
I believe the disgruntled taxi cab 
driver put it best when he said, "The 
pedestrian had no idea which di- 
rection to run, so I ran over him." 
D.T. "I dreamt I was cryin' with an 
angel." ST. Barium is what you do 
when CPR fails. "Dat's kue." Taz 

Nicole lUlarie Travis 

Nikki, Trav Trav 
Happy are those who have dreams 
and are willing to pay the price to 
make them come true. Why do all 
their names rhyme? K-mart park- 
ing lot, dust, *@ me gently with a 
chainsaw, nights with Zippy, 
Spanky, Frisky and the Prom Com- 
mittee, snits. Peanut Brittle, Maine 
forever, bathing beach always. 
Good luck class of '95. AC, 

Elizabeth TronnI 

Be what you want but always be 
you. Thanks for the memories R3 
DA partner in crime. Bates Bagel 
Boot RS TALKS fix this carl 
Merrimack Bogatis Babes Nan- 
tucket FH Drama Club NYC trip 
Delorey's Mrs H thanx for everything 
JHM I did it! I will always love you 21 
21/92 So good Extra nuclei pretty 
much! Mom& Dad J&J Thanx I L-ya 
BB SD LT I'll C-ya on Broadway 

Meghan M. Valas 

Meg, Val 
"Nothing worth knowing can be 
taught" AW-7/13/92 Purple Marker 
Bowling Fast down slide Leo's b- 
ment Stepan's .Cookie nights-AY- 
mine are better! SF Stealing Mul's 
car Chile-so good Nigawcum DW- 
Is your phone portable? Pans-well 
thenlCANDY KTT Hey Baby. Jr. 
Prom HOL JP-don't snap at me! C- 
Horses GB-leader Cancun? Best 
of luck 95 It's been fun. 

Erica Alyssa Vande Wall 

"Life's a journey, not a destination" 
Milla-Sizzle, Laura-Tents! Dave like 
an animal, Julia-Thanks 4 the ice 
cream! Hey MT NP AT AB EK JS 
MM DZ- May the force be with you. 
Marley, Audi, EOB's no pico, CC- 
under the Bridge, Picard Is god... 
Vampires Do exist... Choo-Choo & 
that is the truth. Thanks M.D,&Holl 
To all: Live long and Prosper.. .Bye!!! 

Peter Vanderweil 

"Leave the bad times way behind, 
nothing but good times on your 
mind, you can do it, roll with it baby" 
SW Danielles,Stepans, Glovers 
Pride 33,35, NHL 6-15-94-ouchI 
Tennis(party w Ron)SG, Stckbi.S- 
bair93&Jprm.BC-thanx for the ice 
guys, thnks to friends, Ma, Dad, 
Haras&Pat "well lets raise our glass 
and let the hammer fly, hey yeah, 
this is the long goodbye" The boss 

Kara Marie Waldron 

Pitty KW Kares 
Movin right along in search of good 
times and good news with good 
friends you cant loose, this could 
become a habit, basement BLC, 
Fedex, Chezid,TC crshr, oneway, 
gnipocs, sleepovers.'T", Ski NH94 
FFNF, Voutchix,BAC,Jrprom Ram, 
PPL, DD,CrsnZmobi!e, Mall 
4/94, 7/27, Class of 95: lifes a 
series of hellos & G/byes I'm Afraid 
its time to say G/bye again! 


Nycole Elysha Walker 

I never thought I would reach this 
point, it seems like it took forever 
But now is the time to move on. I 
want to say good luck to Yaz Tye 
Court Larry Don Daryl In what ever 
you may Suceed in. I also want to 
say C-ya to My homegirls Shana 
And Von and the rest of yall hold 
the tears you will get yourchance. 
Mad props to the pink elephant 
lady.Watz up Sall-E. 

Annemarie C. Watson 

"Life can only be understood back- 
wards, but it must be lived fonwards." 
JS-Can I sit with you?You're the 
best. Purple Marker. M\/-7/13/92 
so goodi CWD-"HOL" Soccer. 
Candy, TY-Beerman. P in sinks. 
Jr. Prom. D's house. JARCE. MA- 
Don't forget to smile. Best of Luck 
Class of '95. MGBWYA. 

Anne Barrie Watters 

"My heart lifted my feet, and I 


-Nathan of Nemirov 

"We work in the dark,we do what 
we can.We give what we have.Our 
doubt is our passion.And our pas- 
sion isourtask.The rest is the mad- 
ness of art." 
-Henry James 

Chris Watts 

I would like to thank my family and 
my girlfriend Nanci. 91-95 Barnes 
Carroll Henley Mouse Stebbins 
Stepan Sweeney Welsha The girls 
poundin' Central Bakers (MN) 
Carrolls Falletis TH Natlite Heffies 
GandJ Als "Ruthless" Summer 93 
AC rocks Jumpin Hampton naughty 
BBall pop stickball cornies Maxima- 
omega(RIP) "Notorious" Jr.p bowlin 
Herms Cypress 

John Welsh 

"Winning isn't everything it's the 
only thing!" Football 91 -94 D-pound 
Halloween 92 ;SL,JM,JC,GB, 
Poundin-Pits, Cornfields, Fallettis 
CENTRAL. Pool Ball Champs 
JH.JW Junior Prom Summer 94 
Steve Miller, Aerosmith, Poundin' 
alone?July 4 Wessagussett Brawl 
MS & the Girls.Hockey 93-95 Thanx 
Mom Dad for everything. SEE YA 

Elizabeth Jane Wessen 

"You never really leave the people 
and places you love. Part of them 
goes with you leaving part of you 
behind." FH-YMCA Lax WTrk Mrtn 
Wrds WC'93+'94 brkfsts sipovrs FH 
cmp94 WSP Wrng Wyl FM,Clby 
JPtdhs SMB TGIF/711 bcph 
4 everything! I luv u guys! L-"We're 
still crazy after all these yrs!" Yr t 
best! M+D,B,C,S I Love you! 

Ryan James Whitcomb 

BB JW THANX For everthing. 
Youngworth's basement. GOV '94. 
Q.P. Nantaskit '93 Poundin, 
Camping at Wompatuck 40's Dad 
& Gram thanx for everything I 
couldn't of done it without you 
Janinne thak you for being there I 
love you 6:47 9/24/94 Foster 
45683968 Boston Bud Ice Far 
Behind and Open Arms. Good Luck 
to all of you see ya G's up hos down 

Allison White 

"Then you must teach your friends 
this same lesson. How to lose your 
innocence but not your hope. How 
to laugh forever." 1 6C Big Interrup- 
tion YL WSI F+M Latemovies 
Concerts Cape Come to me MrO 
DD Grand Cayman Dive Rob BB 
Het sexy screwball FH Lax dances 
workcamp road trips Chrissen 
Foam T Butt Grabbing Court Beth 
Liz Cate Sue Tony I love you guys! 

Danielle M. White 

"Some memories are realities, and 
are better than anything that can 
ever happen to one again" MV- Is 
your phone portable? Anno- 
WGSFS? S-Ball93 BJ Jr. Prom 
CWD-Hol Big Russ Alicias KIT 
Cape Beerman Crazy Train FLA93 
+94 Cancun Guisepe-PC NYE-93 
GB Mow Chip-we've come a long 
way! Thanks to my friends for ev- 
erything, it's been fun! Thanks mom, 
Deb, Dave + Jeff. 

Claire Whitner 

"Come to the edge," he said. They 
said, "We are afraid." "Come to the 
edge," he said. They came He 
pushed them. . .And they flew. 
-Quillaume Apollinaire 

Robin Elizabeth Wigmore 

Rosa Rosa, Wig 
"Yes, you can be a dreamer and a 
doer too, if you will remove one 
word from your vocabulary: Impos- 
sible." Thanks for all the good 
times Steph, Christine, Amanda, 
Dave, friends forever Yfvl Ski trip91 
Orchestra, music trips. The 
Smithsonian Pottery section. EG 
Jen, Amy I love you and will miss 
you. Thanks Mom, Dad and Am- 
ber. Good luck class of '95. 

Russell Langdon Willis III 

"All things are difficult before they 
are easy. "-John Norley 
"Accept the challenges, so that you 
may feel the exhilaration of vic- 
tory."~George S. Patton. Always 
remember HHS Football Best of 
times Good Luck class of '95. 
THANKS for the memories SM 
THANKS Mom, Dad, Cindy, 
Courtney, and Kevin couldn't have 
made it without you. 

Thys Wind 

"Running before time takes our 
dreams away" Pink Floyd. WV Ski 
w/AP+SC Swim-w/LG + PP, 
Princeton PF'94 NY25 Thanks 
Craine and Devine. '93-AB HLND 
VA to MA Freshman Baseball Cd's 
at Colby's Bruins w/Greg Hoops at 
Dan's f^ainew/CraineScatch Thrill 
Rides in the Datsun Saranac '94. 
THANKS Mom, Dad + Ante. Good 
luck class of 1 995! 

Timothy L Wright 

Paco, Mic 
"When everybody loves you will 
never be lonely"-CC Help I'm roll- 
ing down a hill. Damn thorn bushes. 
Fuzzy green rabbit. Tedeschi's 
Thanks to all my friends: MD KP EH 
Special thanks to Kathy B. and my 
family. "I'll see you in the future."- 

Jennifer Yeo 

"Through all the happiness & sor- 
row I guess I'd do it all again. Live 
for today & not tomorrow. Its still 
the road that never ends." 00 
Thanx to my good friends(Kez-otf) 
& family-ily! JANIS Pat Henry Elev 
Swings OE BDWLK Cape Kennys 
chair Russia Miller SSBF Peece 
Dev PGS Tennis-BOO R! Saranac 
91 94 R-YTILY A 7/20/93 Good Luck 
Tl Nothin left to do but smile smile 

Alyssa York 

"Memories are not just the imprint 
of the past upon us, they are the 
keepers of what is meaningful for 
our deepest hopes" 
Stealing Muller'scar Jr.Prom Hood 
WFPOS Stepan's Candy CWD 
Great Woods SARANAC Cookie 
nights-whatever MV Soccer Frosh: 
B-BallKirby stops BS talks Noblet's 
SO'93 central TOWH-Red+Salemo 
Leo's IMU-AC Thanks Mom&Dad 
GL-Hil I love u GL Class of '95 


Karina Dawn Line 

Mylaurieur#1Ky143forever sand 
stonedlmissedwcswell94 snow 
board anddreampf6Ftcasurfiv93 
iggy +cojogoofflsrfrgrlsailaway 
susaryeywemustkit4edrummer boy 
cannotbegintoosoontohalt the prolif 
thatfollowwallmenstracksto these a 

Damian Zofchak 

"Give a man a fish, feed him for a 
day, but teach a man to fish, and 
feed him for a lifetime" 
It says what it means, and means 
what says! Senior year is much 
better than the prior years. Next 
year I will be going to collage and 
will miss all of my friends in the 
class of 95. But also my friends in 
the lower classes mainly Anthony 
and Lisa.c-u later. 

Kimberly Barry 

"Kimbo Bimbo" 

The Dark side of Hingham High. 

You said I would'nt make it but I 

showed you all. It's been rough yet 

I had fun. FF JP MM WN ST HR. 

Thanx guys. Mom and Dad thank 

you for being there . I'll always 

rememberthe good and bad times. 

I love you Danny 


S.A.B. The Breakfast Club III 

See Ya 

Sean Craine, Thys Wind, And Greg Devine- "It's too early in the 
morning for a picture !" 


Standing: Kelly Donahue, Sue Rowc, Sue Layden, 
Dawn Dupass, and Liz Kilborn 
Kneeling: Jen Shea and Tara Smith 

Paula Downing, Meg Valas, RoriSullivan, 
Meg Darling, Liz Kiernan and JillShcehan 

11 ■ 


Nate Levine and Don Tower "Is it me 
or does Don look like Tom Curise ?" 

Bich Dang and Pete Vaderweil 

Liz Dacy, Liz Wessen, AUyWhite, 
DaveDelGallo, Tim Brett, and 
Matt Godfrey. 

Hangin' in the five. 
Dace, are you checking out Don? 

Liz Tronni and Kelly Derubeis ^^ 

Andrea Catalano, Jack Manchester, 
Jason Springer, and Grant McCarey^^ 
Springer Fix your hat ! ▼ 

Jeff G., Aiden O., Todd M., Ryan D., and Damian Z. 

Jeff Henley and Adam Ahlstedt 
Jeff: "Want a piece ?" 

Left: Nycole Walker, "Take the picture already!" 

Eliza G., Ane C, Cyndy G., 
Juliet F.,and Nikki T. 



It's a bird... it's a plane... 

Jen L., Amanda S., Janice M., 

Darryl J., Becki M., Larry C., Don 

D., Lisa F., Liz K., and Janine B, 


i » i j i jj ii ii . iii n ii : 111 J ii Uj i 

I I I » i I t . II J . . J . I I I II I I III , , i » b;m, -"; I ' h m ! ' i ' I ■ ' . ■ .ill ■ lu i I ! ., 


Gary Baker 

Dr. Dorothy Galo 
Assistant Superintendanl 



Dr. Michael Donnell 
Assistant Principal 

Richard MacLeod 

Dr. Peler Lincoln 
Assistant Principal 



William Barges 
Athletic Director 

Gerald Bliss 

Dr. Barbara Finnegan 

Dr. Paul Cappers 

James Kirkcaldy 
Social Studies 

Gale Nutter 
Home Economics 

Douglas Ryan 
Foreign Language 

Diana Sides 


Paul Abrahamson 
Social Studies 

Peter Bailey 
Social Studies 

Stephan Baisden 








Marie Bernard 

Barbara Berlucchi 

Roger Boddie 
Graphic Arts 


Mary Breen 
Foreign Language 

Arthur Cadel 
Special Education 

Teresa Calano 
Foreign Language 



Dennis Clinton 
Physical Eduacation 

Donna Conroy 

Jack Crowely 

Jack Curran 
Social Studies 

Charles Dirk 

Janet Duffy 

Jane Ellis 
Guidence Counselor 

Charles Finn 
Foreign Language 

Lyne Flaherty 
Foregin Language 


Paula Flanagan 

Russell Garland 

John Garrigan 
Special Education 

Charles Geary 

Iris Gillard 
Social Studies 

Meredith Gordon 
Physical Education 

Joan Grimm 
School Nurse 

Nancy Gustafson 
Guidance Counselor 

Jane Hallet 


Virginia Hansell 

James Haviland 

Karin Herman 

Stcphan Herrmann 
Social Studies 

Karen Hewitt 

John Higgins 

Douglas Holley 

Betty Howlett 

Fred Jewett 


Maynard Johnson 
Industrial Arts 

Jack Kennedy 
Physical Education 

David Lacateil 
Social Studies 


William Larson 

Anne Leahy 
Teacher's Aide 

Claudia Leone 

^^^^^^HH^^H^^^^^^Hl!^., ' ' ^^Hk 




^^^^^^H ^K '^ ^ k 

c. .^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 




Suzanne Lincoln 
Home Economics 

Craig Low 

Susan Luce 



Paul Manganello 

Jackie Marvel 

Linda Mazzella 
Foreign Language 

Judy Mitchell 

Michael Mulry 
Foreign Language 

Carol le O'Connell 
Teacher's Aide 

Steven Olson 

• K*.V " iZ -' »* 

mfA't •• Ji-»«« 

•»*««:::: J" 

f- ?•"""• ••«• 

• '■■•HI ■>«««■ 
•■•a ••■•■■«• 

i» •••«■■•« aa 

la ••««•■.«*, 
faaaaaaa •■«« 

la «a aa »» 


Charles Ozug 

John Penny 


Tamara Perelman 
Social Studies 

Richard Poole 

Anna Rehnquist 

Mrs. Martha Robinson 
Guidance Secretary 

Camilla Roundtree 
METCO Coordinator 

Elizabeth Ruggerio 
Special Education 

Joseph Ryan 
Industrial Arts 

Ed Schreider 
Social Studies 

Helaine Silva 


Mrs. Skinner 

Ms. Elaine Slatkavich 

Jane Smith 
Guidance Counselor 

Roy Smith 
Guidance Counselor 

Alan Stockdale 

Schuler Thaxter 

Patricia Tierney 

Michelle Vazquez 
Foreign Language 

Douglas Wauchope 


Mark Worden 

David Delano 
Bank Manager 

The Lunch Ladies 


The Custodians 




/, '», 

IX y^'>\/.\ 

,,./♦»/.* /,;/^ 


Sean, caught studying. 

Another day in Anatomy for 
Eliza and Myriah. 

I scream for ice cream! 

Amy shows us what's really under a hood of a car, during her Auto Shop Class. 



Could Matt be any happier? 

Why do these two seem so content in homeroom? Could it be Friday "J 

Hey Greg,how's 
the Mustang? 

Robin, "Please don't 
take a picture. 

Kim is definetly full of excitement today 

You can see that Shim and Tuna are prepared for class. 

cfih - 4Uff)r 




Some glimpsed the 
future. Some ripped 
up the courts in 3 on 3 
basketball. Regardless 
of what we did at the 
first Sophomore Day 
ever, We all had an un- 
forgettable time. Tennis, basketball, Softball, and 
volleyball games were enjoyed by all. The three legged 
races left us struggling on the ground and erupting with 
laughter. The day was ended with a slide show that 
captured all the spirit and ingenuity of the class of 95. 
Many of us watched with tears in our eyes. Sophomore 
day was an experience that made us all realize "That's 
what friends are for." 

Nicole, Jen, 
Clair, Anne, 
^^ we're 
^^ happy." 

Nice socks , Corey. 

Dave shows nice curves while Jen 
flexes and Nicole kisses a fish. 

Sarah and Alyssa bask in ^^^ 
victory while Anne grieves ^^ 
her defeat. 


Eric leads calisthenics! 

Erin and Alicia show 
off their perfect smiles. 


Andrea and Joanna 
pose for the camera. 



Meg makes pyramids at Pier 
# 1 Imports. 

"Would you like a 
pair of odor eaters 
to go with your sneakers?" 
Stacey O. - Pro-Sports 

Aaron Pearl - Works 
weekends at the Noshery, 
in South Hingham. 

Shannon H. at Maxweirs-"Personally, 
I prefer Sour Patch Kids and jelly 
beens." Courtney at Brighams-"take ^^ 
the stupid picture already." ^^ 



May 14, 1994; Right Here, 

Right Now; Junior Prom. 

Who would have thought 

High School bathrooms 

could look so good. Never 

before was their a more 

successful, funfilled Junior 

Prom. The 15ft video 

dance screen in our own 

High School Cafeteria 

pumped out the videos all night long while the 

united class of 1995 danced the night away. 

The reminiscent video topped the night off and 

had the whole class together as one. It was truly 

a night to remember. 

Emily B. and Fay Ferency 

_^^k Alyssa York 

^^ and Drew Colantonio 

Paula Downey ripping it up on the dance floor. 

Dawn Dupass 
stops for a ^^ 
picture. ^^ 

Tara Smith, Stacey 
Donahu e survi ved 
Prom. ^^ 


Katie Megeis, Jen Arend, and Nickels.. .giddy before Junior Prom. 


Wes Hutciieson is all smiles before Prom 

Corey Mullen, Rori Sullivan, 
and Jill Sheehan 


Courtney Ryan, Beth Murphy, and 
Susan O'Hare 



\ ■ 


'»'»/»'•*.'.',■ >'/'■' 

m \ 

Larry Chavis, checks ^^ 
the oil for a car in his ^r 
auto shop class. 


Max Petrie, 
working the hotel 

Jeremy Martin, waking up to the sound of the bell. 

Jeff prints tickets for Homecoming. 

Andy and Myriah are 

caught studying in Homeroom. 

Jay looks for Lincoln in his ^^^ 
microscope during class. ^f 

Philippe studies in French class in order 
to pass one of Flaherty's brutal tests. 

Instead of cracking jokes, Greg 
shows HHS his studious side. 

Joe, keeping his brushes crossed, 
liopcs he'll paint a great picture. 

Joel plays on the computer in the lab. 

Sarah Markowicz in accounting class, 
trying to make some money 

With a little help from Mr. Bliss, 
Soraya finishes her clay piece. 

Jen Flatiey has been Irish- 
step dancing for 13yrs. and 
started at the age of 5. She 
has been in many competi- 
tions and has won many 
trophies and medals, she has 
been #1 in Boston many 
times and placed 25th in the 
Nationals competition (US 
and Canada) in 1989. In that 
same year Jen was #1 in 
New England 

The bowling team was origi- 
nated in 1990 by captains Rich 
Herman, Jesse Carroll, and 
Chris Watts. This team was 
started when these three began 
to bowl weekly at a nearby 
alley. This year the bowling 
team is going to Needham to 
watch the Candlepin Bowling 
matches on Channel 5. The top 
three averages were bowled by 
Rich Herman, Jesse Carroll, 
and Chris Watts. 


Ryan Donnelly has been making a name for himself in figure skating for over e 
years. In 1 99 1 , Ryan was ranked third in the country after winning the bronze m< 
at the national Men's intermediate championships. In 1 992, he was the New Engl 
Men's Novice Silver Medalist. After a two year long battle with injuries, Ryan m 
an impressive comeback to capture the silver medal at the 1 994 New England M 
Junior National Team. His goal at making the 1 995 Junior National Team is lool< 
great. Ryan trains six days a week, four hours a day with the Skating Clul 
Hingham at Pilgrim Skating Arena. Ryan also trains at the Olympic Training Cc 
in Lake Placid, New York. Next year Ryan plans to attend the Boston Univer 
School of Physical Therapy part time so he cart continue his skating. 

Deirdre Keeley has been 
dancing for 12 yrs. She has 
performed in 4 Nutcrack- 
ers. Keeley practices 5 days 
a week for 2 1/2 hrs. a day. 


A paintball the size of a marble hilling you al 200MPH mighl slop some people but not 
Jack Manchester and Derek Mendes. For two years, they have played Capture The Flag 
with 5 people on a team, using paintball guns to remove opponents from the game instead 
of taking their flag. 

Ellen Coletti has been 
horse-back riding most 
of her life. She keeps 
busy with work study, 
spending 6 hrs. a day 
taking care of horses. 

Tori Grady has been 
riding Jeb for 9 yrs. Jeb's 
favorite stunt is jump- 
ing. When Tori isn't 
riding her horse, she is 
working for the police, 
helping out in their 

Gallagher, made it to the national meet 
3 yrs. in a row, she also holds 6 team 
records and has won various meets. 

Swimming for over 8yrs., Wind has 
done great. He holds a team record and 
placed hi^h at championship meets. 

Pat Preston has been a swimmer for the 
South Shore Strypers since elementary 
school and plans to swim in college. 





^^d "And the 
^^^ winner is 
the seniors!" 


Mary Kelleher 
and Liz Wessen 
painting a banner 
for a pep ^^ 
rally. ^^ 

▲ Sarah Hardy struggles to stay on 
her feet behind the senior 
Homecoming float. 

Luke Davenport and Ryan Dowd 
get busy at the pep rally. 

▲Andy S., Anne W., Emily B., Carey 
B., Anne C, and Claire W., hiding, 
cheer on the field hockey team. 

Anne Harris: Could she be any ^^W 
more excited? ▼ 

Carey Branden- 
burg and Nina 

Kruger fundraising for 

the drama club. 

Kelly Donahue 
cheering in the second 
annual Home- ^^^ 
coming parade. ^^ 

^^k Rizzo sells 
^^^ cotton candy 
for the cross country 
team. Go Riz! 

Harborwoman Jill 
Sheehan and Taisha 
Murray duke it out 
with dolphin Anne 



flying high 

above fellow 


at the 

football game. 


Emmesha Toth^^ 
hanging out at ^^" 
the Homecoming 
foot ball game. 
^^^k Alyssa work- 
^^^ ing the con- 
cession stand at a 
football game. 
Champ licorice eat- 
ers Anne and Bryan 
enjoy the game a 
little too much. Bet- 
ter luck next 
time Jenn! 

▲Courtney Ryan, Nicole Savini, Tatiana Glover, 
Liz Leek, and Todd Donovan selling candy- 
filled waterbottles to raise money for senior prom. 

Susan andJen once 

switched elemen- Hft 

tary school classes H 

for a day no ^^^ H 

one noticed. ^^' H 


■>a1^ *^^%", '^^'^Ji 

Most commonly asked question: "Are 
you guys twins?" 

'■ .r.45 



^^^ Of the three Kiernans, 
^^^ Brendan was born first. 
Kathleen says, "We always have 
a friend." "If someone gets in 
trouble the others do too because 
we're always together"-Liz. 

Tim says he was born one 
minute before Erin. They're not 
identical, but close enough. I 

are active members of 
the Rational Party. A 
strong group of stu- 
dents with values 
concerning the Regan 

Ar> A 

■ M 

mm jsm 






ri^-a^Tf " ■ 

■'i -■4, 


















Girls' Lacrosse stick it to • 


The Girls Lacrosse Team had an excellent '94 
season. Coached by new comer Leigh Ann Taylor and led 
by Captains Jen Durgin, Allison Cambell, and Liz Barry 
the team came within one point of making the state 
tournament. Hingham hasn't made it to the postseason since 
the late eighties. This year's team hopes to be the first team 
to make it. They have an excellent chance since there will 
be fourteen returning varsity players. Co-captain Lauren 
Gallagher will lead the offensive unit or seniors Jen Flatley, 
Tatiana Glover, Sarah Gormley, and Sarah Markowicz. 
Co-Captain Jill Sheehan will lead the defensive team of 
seniors Susan O'hare, Courtney Ryan, Liz Wessen, and 
Meg Dolan. 

The Captains of the girls' lacrosse team are Lauren&Jill. 

Top(L-R):L. Taylor, L. Kleir, J. Flatley, S. O'Hare, C. Ryan, M. Dolan, K. Sullivan, J. Pollic, L. Wesson, 
C.Gigon, P. Mahoney. Bottom(L-R):T. Glover, L. Gallagher, A. Cambell, L. Barry, A. Doyle, S. Donlan, 
M. Maloney, J. Hirsh, S. Gormley, J. Sheehan. 





S. Gormley 



Jill "the wall" 
denies a shot 
on goal. 

Tash looks for 
a pass as she 
sprints to 
^ the net. 

Lizzy Wessen jogs as she plans her attack on the enemy. 

Sue makes catching a lax ball look 
simple as she does it with ease. 


her eye 
^ on the 
ball, Jen 
races to 
be the 
first to 
the loose 

Have a 



^jg^Bmg^l^. ^ -jiim|MMmMM|MM»m|ia||L 

'•t * 

, -^^ 



The Senior Girls' get together for a group shot before a game. 



Gorms chases a 
girl running to net. 



Boys' Lacrosse 

Hittin' hard, and ninnin' fast 


After winning its second league title in 
a row, the Hingham High Lacrosse team 
coached by John Todd, is looking for its third 
league title in three years. Led by tri-captains 
Tim Brett, Adam Cole, and Wes Hutcheson, 
the team is looking to improve upon its 17-2 
record and advance to the Eastern Mass. 
Champoinship, and ultimately the state 
finals. With returning seniors Drew Colantonio, 
Gordon Barnes, Mike Salerno, Jay DeWaltoff, 
and Josh Prime, the team is looking forward to 
a great year. 

Top(l-r) Coach John Todd, Drew C, Adam C, Tim B., Rich S., Joe G. Marc M., Bryan G., Bill 
M., Dave S., Mike S., Middle(l-r) Matt F., Dave M., Mike S., Wes H., Ryan H., D.J. M., GordonB 
Bottom(l-r) JoeK., Brooks P., Justin A., John P., Chip B., Jason H., JT. F. 

G. Bames 

T. Brett 

A. Colantonio 

A. Cole 

J. Gratta 

W. Hutchenson 

M. Salerno 

T. Brett rushes to beat two opponents to the ball. 

Hingham getting ready to take the field. ^k 
4B Drew makes a cut toward the ball. 


Wes cradling 
the ball to the 

J. Gratta defending 
his net. 



Boys' Spring Track 



Throw, Jump, Run Hard 

After a strong spring season in 1994, the 
seniors look to dominate the Atlantic Coast League 
with team work and a deeply fielded squad. Tri- 
captain Jack Kovatch, who was among the top of 
the league last year in the discus, hopes to score big 
in the throwing events, high jump, and sprints. Tri- 
captain Pat Preston, also a highly ranked discus 
thrower, plans for some huge tosses in the javelin. 
Tri-captain Dave Rizzotto, the team's mid-distance 
specialist and relay member, predicts stellar 
performances from the whole team, namely the 
upperclass veterans. Andrew Leahy, an all-season 
runner, will once again provide much needed points 
in the distance events as well as Tim Wright in the 
triple jump and Pat Michaels in the shot put. Matty 
C, the Rocket, bataca wars, our freshman year, the 
longlasting friendships, and the tremendous spirit 
and positve attitudes on the team and about this 
highly disciplined sport will forever be remembered. 

The Captains of this year's 1995 Spring Track Team are: 
Jack Kovatch, Dave Rizzotto, and Pat Preston 

N. Golding, Coach Ryan, M. Bologna, J. Leary, J. Prime, D. Langal, S. Gean, D. Ross, A. Bailey, K. 
Robinson, T. Wright, J. Kovatch, P. Preston, Coach Herrmann, S. Gudmand, J. Campbell, G. Bliss, J. 
Blumberg, B.Nastow, M.Shea, K. Bowers, A. Pearle, A. Leahy, G. Hedrick, M. Thurston, D. Rhodes, 
D. Rizzotto, J. Colclaw, M. Perault, B. Shea, G. Bicoff. 



Hingham 72 

Randolph 64 

Hingham 65 

Marshfield 71 

Hingham 96 

Duxbury 35 

Hingham 24 

Whit.Hans. 112 

Hingham 54 

Sandwich 83 

Hingham 68 

Middleboro 68 

Hingham 91 

Rockland 40 

J. Kovatch 







^^^k Dave, 
^^1 wanning up 
before a meet. 

Andrew sets 

his eyes on 

the finish hne. 


Abasi, trying to 
beat his oppo- 
nents to the finish 

^V^ W^^^l 






6w 'L 1 



Senior Boys' Track Stars 

Joe, getting 
ready for the 
shot of the gun. 

^^ Pat, setting 
^^ his sights on 
the opponent's track 

Greg, running hard to 
beat the best time. 

Girls' Spring Track 

You can't beat 
what you can't catch 




.^^jy. ■ ^. J. ,-y.... ,kf):ih^. /.,>^a f^,^^'^ 


The 1995 Girls' Varsity Spring Track 
Team had another successful season led by senior 
captains Kelley DeRubeis, Christine Haggerty, 
and Jennifer Layden. Other seniors include Rori 
Sullivan in the sprints and long jump, Susan 
Layden in the 400, relay, and field events, Eliza 
Goodhue in the shotput, and Janice Martin in the 
long distance events. Special thanks to our 
dedicated coaches John Buckley and Trina Kirby. 
Mrs. Kirby we'll never forget your pearls of 
wisdom. And Buckley thanks for all the memo- 
ries that we have shared with you over the past 
four years. We will never forget the parachutes 
and all the tire workouts. Good luck to all the 
underclassmen! To Mr. Buckley and Mrs. 
Kirby thanks for having faith and never giving 
up on us. Thanks for all the time and effort ! 


Kelley, Jen, and Christine are the Captains for the 1995 season of Spring Track. 


Hingham 53 W.Hanson 83 
Hingham 64 Randolph 72 
Hingham 60 Marshfield 76 
Hingham 97 Duxbury 39 
Hingham 91 Sandwich 45 
Hingham 96 Mid-boro 40 
Hingham 45 D-Y 91 

Hingham 95 Rockland 41 



C. Haggerty 


S. Layden 




Rori grabs her baton and sprints off for anothei win. 


Janice, looks with determination 
as she approaches the finish Une. 

Kelley takes helpful advice from her coach. Jen uses all of her effort to lundge into the pit. 

J//^ Stacey leads the 
race as she leaps over 
endless hurdles. 

takes great 
strides to 
pass her op- 
ponent, with 
cheers from 
her friends. 




Girls' & Bovs' Tennis ^s^th"it"§ow^ 


The Girls Varsity Tennis Team completed the 
season with a 12-4 record. Included in the starting 
line-up were first singles player Katie Ryan, with Blair 
Lacy, Ellen Martinson, senior co-captain Alison 
McCabe and Kim Scroll taking place at second and 
third doubles. Leading the first doubles team was 
senior co-captain Daniele Flaherty and Lauren 
Gilooly. Completing the lineup were Gate Quirk and 
Tiffani Villani at second doubles. The team advanced 
to the first round of the state tournament, but was 
defeated by Nauset. Overall the team had a great 
season, with the help of coach Diane Sides. This year 
the team will be lead by senior co-captain Gate Quirk 
and junior co-captain Katie Ryan. 

The Captains of the tennis team are Gate Quirck and Kate Ryan. 



Hingham 5 


Hingham 3 

D.Y. 2 

Hingham 4 

Sandwich 1 

Hingham 2 

Marshfield 3 

Hingham 3 

Duxbury 2 

Hingham 5 

Whit. Hans. 

Hingham 5 


Hingham 5 


Hingham 4 

Notre Dame 1 

Hingham 2 

D.Y. 3 

Hingham 1 

Marshfield 4 

Hingham 3 

Sandwich 2 

Hingham 5 

Whit. Hans. 

Hingham 5 


Top (1-r) Juli Dobson, Kelly Ann Jefferies, Blair Lacy, Molly 

Kirkendall, Kim Stephan 

Bottom (1-r) Jenn Yeo, Cate Quirk, Katie Ryan, Beth Murphy 

Left: Beth&Jen take a brake from 

their vigorous workout for ajpicture. 
Below:Cate smashes the balL 

i^';,i^:.^ 4^4 

The Boy's Tennis Team advanced to the 
quarterfinals last year, before being defeated 
by our league rival, Duxbury. Coached by 
Ron Bartles, the team had a winning season. 
The team was lead by strong singles, Andy 
Powers and Pete Vanderwiel, and Ed 
Fleming. The powerful first doubles team of 
Charlie Sayer and Matt Goulding lost only 
one match the entire season. Bartles is 
hoping for a State Championship during the 
1995 campaign. The team will be lead by 
Senior Captains Andy Powers and Pete 
Vanderwiel while, Seniors Charlie Sayer and 
Todd Donovan will lead the doubles teams. 

(Top l-r) Wes Marks, Carlie Sayer, Todd Donovan, Ed Flemming, Andy Powers, 
Coach (Bottom l-r) Andrew Hurst, Matt Goulding, Corey Zaner, Pete Vanderweil 



On the green 

This year's golf team expects to have a 
strong season. Led by captain Max Petrie, 
senior Todd Merritt, and juniors Mike 
Hammod and Tom Auger. The team hopes 
to quaUfy for the team state tournament and 
have a winning season for the first time in 
several years. The entire team would like to 
express their gratitude to Mr. Curran whose 
support has been influential to our success. 



Hingham 3 

Duxbury 6 

Hingham 5 

Whit. Hans. 4 

Hingham 6.5 

Rockland 2.5 

Hingham 8 

iVlarshfield 1 

Hingham 2 

D.Y. 7 

Hingham 2.5 

Sandwich 6.5 

Hingham 1.5 

Duxbury 7.5 

Hingham 8.5 

Whit. Hans. .5 

Hingham 4 

Rockland 5 

Hingham 3.5 

D.Y. 5.5 

Hingham 3.5 

Marshfield 5.5 

Hingham 5 

Sandwich 4 

Back 1-r Greg Hanson, Mike Hammond, Ryan Jancaitis, Tom Augus 
Charlie Driggs. Front 1-r Andy Marshall, Todd Merritt, Max Petrre, Matt 
Decourcey, Kevin Porter, Russ Caruso 








Mg i fnniij[fti i , i i 


Safe at home 

The girls' softball team led by 
senior co-captains Trisha Costello and 
Sherillanne DeGuisto showed continuous 
effort throughout the season. The team 
showed great compatibility and kept their 
spirits up despite tough ACL competition. 
Other seniors Debby Elsden and Emily 
McMorrow excelled in keeping the defense 
together. The Spring 1995 co-captains 
Danielle White and Corey Mullen are 
looking forward to a great upcoming season. 
Strong pitching by sophomore Sue Mullen 
will lead the team to a winning record. 


Corey, a team Captain, gets ready to 
throw the ball to second base. 

Top(L-R): Jen Tulis, Beth Connolly, Leigh Hubeny, Nikki Travis, Sue Mullen, Emily McMorrow, 
and Coach Skip Mortimer. Bottom(L-R): Lora Marcella, Heather Ohman, Sherrill Anne DiGiusto, 
Corey Mullen, and Danielle White. 


Record | 


Hingham 6 

IVIiddleboro 14 

Hingham 5 

Scituate 8 

Hingham 7 

D. Y. 10 

Hingham 13 

Sandwich 18 


Randolph 1 

Hingham 3 

IVIarshfield 1 1 

Hingham 6 

Duxbury 21 

Hingham 9 

Weymouth 10 

Hingham 6 

Whit. Hans. 10 

Hingham 10 

Rockland 15 


Middleboro 15 

Hingham 2 

Notre Dame 16 

Hingham 8 

D.Y. 7 

Hingham 7 

Randolph 10 

Hingham 6 


Hingham 13 

Duxbury 7 

Hingham 9 

Sandwich 8 

Hingham 6 

Whit. Hans. 12 

Hingham 24 

Rockland 9 


^■r ^^A,^* 

lu^ ^^^Hfau... i4: :- 

Nicole looks ready as she 
waits for the ball to come 
to her. 

B aseball 

Who's on first ? 

The Hingham Harbormen baseball 
team returns again, coming off another 
successful campaign in which they reached 
the state tournement. Led by returning 
seniors T.J. Bonner, Alex Parillo, Kurt 
MuUer, and league all-stars Corey Farina 
and Matt Godfrey, the Hingham nine looks 
to build on last year's solid effort. The team, 
coached by John Garrigan, will also recieve 
support from an able group of juniors, 
namely Mitch Powers, Joe Mancuso, and 
Matt Devine. Working on an already im- 
pressive four straight tournement berths, the 
Harbormen hope to continue their success. 

J.Henley, M.Godrey, A.Parillo, K. 
Muller, T.Bonner, C.Fraina 

Top(l-r) Coach Garrigan, Joe Mancuso, T.J. Bonner, Mitch Powers, Alex Parillo, Jeff Henley, Corey 

Farina, Matt Devine, Steve Shore 

Bottom(l-r) Greg Porter, Steve Melia, Jamie Duff, Will Collins 


1 1 O 1 

1 1 
Hingham 3 

-o- 1 
Middleboro 4 

Hingham 2 

D.Y. 6 

Hingham 4 

Weymouth 10 

Hingham 11 

Marshfield 2 

Hingham 7 


Hingham 8 

Randolph 14 

Hingham 17 


Hingham 4 

Duxbury 1 

Hingham 19 

Whit.Hans. 6 

Hingham 12 

Middleboro 3 

Hingham 4 

Rockland 7 

Hingham 2 

D.Y. 14 

Hingham 12 

Randolph 12 

Hingham 3 

Marshfield 1 

Hingham 6 

Duxbury 3 


Sandwich 4 

Hingham 4 

Whit. Hans. 3 

Hingham 1 


Hingham 4 

Randolph 1 

Hingham 1 






K. Muller 



Football Rough em Up 

This year's 
football team 
captains were 
Russ Willis 
and Corey 



Hingham 29 

Randolph 6 

Hingham 6 

Plymouth N. 

Hinghanfi 36 

Hanover 28 

Hingham 30 

Duxbury 16 

Hingham 39 

Middleboro 6 

Hingham 39 

Marshfield 14 

Hingham 20 

D.Y. 18 

Hignahm 14 

Rockland 27 

Hingham 21 

Whit. Hans. 35 

Hingham 27 

Scituate 6 

TOP(L-R): P. Staunton, J. Henley, M. Amard, 
W. Marcks, K. Mancini, J. Mc Donough, M. Kutch, 
C. Bridges, S. Shore, D. Mortland, M. Agostino 

MID.(L-R): J. Blumberg, M. Piatt, J. Humphry, 
M. Godfrey, K. Lynch, M. Stebbins, T. Lofgren, 
G. Dillard, T. Desmond, Z. Wadleigh 

BOT.(L-R): M. Camilleri, D. Langill, S. Foley, 

F. Salameh, R. Wills, C. Farine, J. Kovatch, 

S. Leonard, M. Messina, B. Kiernan, D. Colantonio 


If you think you are beaten you are; 
If you think you dare not you won't; 
If you like to win, but you think you can't, 
It's almost a cinch you won't 

If you think you'll lose you're lost; 
For out in the world you'll find 
Sucess begins with a fellows will; 
It's all in the state of mind. 

For many a game is lost, ere even 
A play is run, and many a coward 
Fails ere even his work is begun. 

Think big and your deeds will grow. 
Think small and you'll fall behind. 
Think that you can and you will; 
It's all in the state of mind. 

Life's battles don't always go 
To the stranger or faster man. 
But sooner or later, the man 
Who wins is the man who thinks 
He can. 

Walter D. Wintle 

A. Colantonio 

G. Dillard 

C. Farina 

M. Godfrey 

B. Kiernan 

J. Kovatch 

S. Leonard 

t III 

M. Messina 

P. Michaels 

F. Saiameh 

T. Stepan 

J. Welsh 

R. Willis 

Football Cheerleading 

Spirit spirit lets 
hear it 

▲ CAPTAINS: Jen Shea and Tara Smith, Jen 
went to England to participate in a competition 
and a parade. 

Dawn performs one of the 
cheerleaders newest stunts: "ouch". I 


The New Football Cheerleading Season began with a brand new 
squad often girls. Co-Captains Tara Smith and Jennifer Shea, Kelly, 
Liz, Tania, Cheryl, Brenda, Jenn, Nicole, and Dawn. We attended 
camp at U.C.K., which was four days and three nights. At camp we 
earned the chance to cheer at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida. Our 
goal: to raise $10,000. WE DID IT! ! ! ! Always remember Nick and 
Derek. Pep rallies, the Citrus Bowl, 1 hr to 2 hr waits in line. Space 
Mountain, Tower of Terror, Pumps n' Bumps, Summer Mix. It's all 
good and of course Tootsie Roll. Thanks to Mrs. Devito for all of your 
help. Thanks to the squad for a great season. Thanks Marlene and 
Stacey for your help too. Good Luck to the squad next year. Keep 

up the SPIRIT! 
lives on! 


consentrates as 
her partners lift 
her up above^^^ 
their heads, ^r 



Jen is so committed to cheerleading 
she even cheers in the hallways. 

up above(L-R): Tara Smith, Nicole Baglione, Liz Kilborn. Bottom(L-R) Dawn Dupass, Brenda 
Calamari, Kelly Donahue, Cheryl Sarafian, Jen Shea. Behind kelly: Jen Seremetis. 

Kelly smiles for the camera as 
she cheers in the Homecoming 



Tara goes to new heights to 
please the Hingham fans at a| 
Marshfeild-Hingham football game. 
1 The cheerleaders help out the 
I little Pop Warner squad who 
had the privledge to carry the cheer- 
leaders' sign and cheer at the Home- 
coming game. 


Field Hockey 

Chicks with sticks 





The Girl's Field Hockey Team had a great season 
thanks to the coaching of Ms. Gordon and the 
leadership of co-captains Liz Dacey and Kelley 
DeRubeis as well as seniors Liz Wessen, Sue 
O'Hare, Andi Camilleri, Sarah Noblet and Jen 
Flatley. The Harborwomen had many strong 
performances, but probably one of their most 
memorable was their 4-0 win against Silverlake. 
This win gave the Harborwomen the points they 
needed to qualify for post season play. The girls 
made a great showing in the State Tournament, 
bowing out after losing 1-0 to Somersett. The 
team finished fourth in the Atlantic Coast League 
with a regular season record of 8-6-4. 

The team was led by captains: Liz D. and Kelley D. 



Hingham 2 

Scituate 2 

Hingham 2 

Marshfieid 1 




Sandwich 4 

Hingham 5 Middieboro | 

Hingham 4 

Ply. North 

Hingham 1 


Hingham 2 


Hingahm 2 

S.L. 2 

Hingham 1 

Sandwich 3 

Hingham 2 

Ply. North 

Hingham 1 

Scituate 2 


D.Y. 4 

Hingham 3 Middieboro | 


Duxbury 1 



Hingham 4 




Top (l-r)Ms. Gordon, Beth Daly, Melissa Reynolds, Erin Caqjenter, Emily McCourt, Audra Gomez, 
Kristy Handrahan, Debbie Costello, Beth Connolly, Beth Costello, Alyssa Porter Bottom (l-r)Liz 
Wessen, Sue O'Hare, Liz Dacey, Kelley DeRubeis, Andrea Camilleri, Jen Ratley, SarahNoblet 

A. Camilleri 

L. Dacey 

K. DeRubeis 

J. Flatley 

S. Noblet 

S. O'Hare 

L. Wessen 

Liz is intent on 
making a dodge 
around the defence. 

▲ Sarah Noblet and Andi 
Camilleri are all smiles 
during warm ups before a game. 

Liz Dacey, Andi Camillari, and 
Debbie Costello are pumped after 
Hingham scores. 


Boys' & Girls' X-Country Keep the pace 

^'^mm,^..,m>..>>i^-A&mX's- nti'iiria;4«^^M^>«a^«;;t;fe«A^ 

Boys' Cross Country 
Battling through a tough season of injuries 
the 1994 Boys' Varsity X-Country Team 
finished with a record of 3-6. During 
most of the duel meet season, 4 of the top 
5 runners were sidelined yet, through a 
stronger showing in the post season meets 
at Franklin Park outstanding contributions 
were made to the team by seniors Dave 
Rizzotto and Andrew Leahy. For almost 
all of his career Andy, a 4 year veteran, 
has been scoring crucial points for the 
boys' team. His commitment to running 
has made him an ideal role model. Dave, 
was a 2- time capt. and his amazing 
leadership, athletic ability, & dedication 
were an inspiration to everyone. 



Hingham 23 

Randolph 35 

Hingham 23 

Piy.North 32 

Hingham 43 

Duxbury 19 

Hingham 45 

D.Y. 17 

Hingham 50 

Whit Han. 15 

Hingham 18 

Sandwich 43 

Hingham 39 

Marshfieid 21 

Hingham 28 

Rockland 27 

Hingahm W 1 

Forfeit Middle. 

The Captains: Dave Rizzotto &Andy Leahy. 






The 1994 Girls' Varsity Cross Country Team 
was the strongest team Hingham ever fielded, 
finishing with an impressive 7-2 record. At 
the Division II State Class Championships 
the girls captured 8th place out of 39 teams, 
the best finish in the High School's history. 
Senior captain Janice Martin added much 
needed enthusiasm and support throughout 
her four years of competition. Her co-captain 
Christine Haggerty was a two time Atlantic 
Coast All Star and Hingham' s first runner. 
The depth of this year's girls' squad promises 
even greater success in the years to come. 

Janice Martin and Christine 
Haggerty are senior captains. 



Hingham 20 

Randolph 42 

Hingham 32 

Ply.North 23 

Hingham 24 

Duxbury 31 

Hingham 29 

D.Y 27 

Hingham 26 

Whit Han. 29 

Hingham 16 

Sandwich 47 

Hingham 23 

Marshfield 32 

Hingham 17 

Rockland 46 

Hingham W 

Forfeit Middle. 

Top(L-R): Jess Griffin, Katie Haggerty, Jenn Saleski, Maura Black, 
Katie Allen, Martha Clark. Bottom(L-R):Allyssa Thorvaldson, 
Megan Black, Janice Martin, Christine Haggerty, Jean Healy 

Megan B. is a Junior 
Captain. "I think I 
can, I think I can!" 



Girls' Soccer 





For the First time since '89, the Hingham High Girls 
Soccer made it to the State Tournament. The Team was led by 
coach Kristen Pamell and captians, Rori Sullivan and Meg 
Valas. The team's accomplished goal to qualify for the state 
tournament was not easy. We earned key points in the 
Whitman Hanson and Rockland games. Once we were in the 
tournament we advanced to the semi-finals and suffered a 
tough loss to Duxbury, the State Champs. Much of the teams 
success was due to the strength of the seniors. Corey Mullen, 
Meg Valas, Alyssa York, Jen Layden, Sue Layden, Anne 
Watson, Rori Sullivan, and Deva Amontea. This was defmately 
an unforgettable season placing fifth in the Atlantic Coast 
League, defeating East Bridgwater in a shoot out and bringing 
Hingham girls soccer back into the spotlight. Consequently 
all our hard work and three-mile runs payed off. 



( .A 

Top(L-R): Coach Kristen Carolyn, P. Mahony, J. St. Pierre, C. Gigon, K. Sullivan, B. Lacy, S. 
Herboud, L. Klier, G. Rizzotto, M. Christino. Bottom(L-R): J. Layden, C. Mullen, A. Watson, R. 
Sullivan, M. Valas, S. Layden, A. York. 



Hingham 1 



Hingham 6 



Hingham 2 










Hingham 1 



Hingham 1 


Hingham 2 



Hingham 2 



Hingham 10 


Hingham 3 



Hingham 1 



Hingham 1 





Hingham 1 



Hingham 1 


Hingham 2 



Hingham 3 

E Bridge. 


Hingham 2 


Hingham 1 



D. Amontea 

J. Layden 

S. Layden 

C. Mullen 






K. Sullivan takes 
"T ,Ji^the ball from the 
other team. 


Annie W. stretching 
before a game ! 



Meg gets aggresive 
with her opponent. 
Mullen is going for^^ 
anohter shutout. ▼ 

Bovs' Soccer 

ICicking on to 



The 1 994 season brought much success for the Harbormen 

Soccer Team. This year they reached the South Sectional 

Finals for the first time in Hingham's history. This team 

was led by captains T.J. Bonner, Dave Delgallo, and Joel 

McBride ,who provided the leadership that was necessary 

for big games. The Harbormen ended the regular season 

with a 12-5-1 mark, and exceded all expectations in the 

tornament. In all 4 games, they were the underdog. In the 

first game versus Wellesley, seated seventh, both teams 

were scoreless until Mike Sheriden scored off a comer 

kick. The second game, against HoUiston, was a tough 

game were again the goal was scored with just a few 

minutes remaining. They then went on to beat Nauset 1- 

0, but fell to Duxbury in the finals. It was a year of many 

milestones, such as the First Sectional Finals and Coach 

Farell's 100th win. It was a season worth 

Top(l-r) Coach Farrell, J. Leary, P. Driscoll, M. Sheridan, R. Santoro, R. Hanrahan, P. Finn, M. 
Wohlgemuth, J. Germaine, B. Meara, M. Goulding, Coach Farrell. Bottom(l-r) K. Porter, W. 
Hutcheson, J. Prime, D. Delgallo, J. McBride, T. Bonner, M. Cataldo, J. Gratta, E. Taylor, S. Lentell 

Tri-Captains: Dave Delgallo, Joel McBride, and T.J. Bonner 


I 1 Plymouth 

I 2 Randolph 

I 2 Sandwich 1 

I Duxbury 2 

I 2 Whit-Hanson 

I 1 Marshfield 3 

I 3 Rockaind 

I 5 Middleboro 1 

I 5 D.Y. 2 

I Plymouth 

I 3 Randolph 

I 2 Sandwich 1 

I Duxbury 2 

I 1 Whit-Hanson 2 

I 1 Marshfield 2 

I 6 Rockland 

I 5 Middleboro 1 

I 3 D.Y. 

I 1 Wellesley 

I 1 Holliston 

I 1 Nauset 

I Duxbury 5 

Hingham 1 
Hingham 2 
Hingham 2 
Hingham 2 
Hingham 1 
Hingham 3 
Hingham 5 
Hingham 5 
Hingham 3 
Hingham 2 
Hingham 1 
Hingham 1 
Hingham 6 
Hingham 5 
Hingham 3 
Hingham 1 
Hingham 1 
Hingham 1 






S. Lentell 


E. Taylor shows great form 
during an aggresive game. 



D.Delgallo throws the ball into play. 

S. Lentell leaps over his 
opponent to get to the ball. 


p. Driscoll gets ready to settle the ball. 


Gratta over extends himself for the ball. 

M. Cataldo struts off the field at half time. 






9 AlB '^-'i 


F i^^V .y^T 

^^^^^ ^ ^^^ 




" 1 

I' i- 

1 -«- 1 T 











Powder Puff seniors ! 




Top(L-R):"Bubba" Gormley, Kelly "the Killer" D., "Big Mama" Markowicz, "Grave Digger" Gallagher, 
Jen "the Lunatic" Layden. Mid(L-R):Danielle "the Destroyer" W., Tatiana "the terrorist" G., Liz "the rifle" 
K., Krazy Kath Kieman, Sarah "the Sniper" N., Neon Deon Dacey, Bottom(L-R): "Missile" Mullen, Anne 
"the animal" W., Jill "the undertaker" S., Meg "Ironhead" V., Sue "the psycho" L., Rori "the rocket" S. 

This year's Powder Puff 
game was the most intense 
game ever. During the 
Homecoming Pep Rally, the 
Senior girls were dressed in 
full uniform as they escorted 
the football team into the 
gym. Coaches Corey F., 
Geoff D., Steve L., and Russ 
W. worked the girls hard and 
sacrificed a light practice for 
the use of the Varsity football 
equipment. The rigorous 
training and the spaghetti 
dinner the night before gave 
the Seniors the incentive 
to demolish the Juniors. 

Powder Puff 
^Cheerleaders did 
their half time show for 
the Seniors. 


Even though! 
Steve and Russ I 
led the defense, they 
were always on the 
field for offense. 


▲ Corey led all of 
the offensive 
huddles and the plays 
were drawn by Geoff. 
^^^ Meg "Ironhead" 
^^^ Valas gains major 
yardage because the 
Juniors couldn't stop her! 
The Ref Langel thinks he's 
a "cool guy" with his 
shades on. 

Gymnastic S balance and Grace 

Top (L-R) Janice Murray (coach), Kim Tompkins, Kate Martin, Allison Mclver 
Bottom(L-R) Katie Whalen, Britt Lindquist, Robin Wigmore, Lisa St. Don 


Hingham 93 Marshfield 1 1 6.5 
Hingham 92 Notre Dame 98.9 
Hingham 94.9 Randolph 132.7 
Hingham 98.6Bridgewater 116.8 
Hingham 95.5 Weymouth 124.1 
Hingham 98.3 Plym. N.111.6 
Hingham 98.3 Plym. S.I 00.2 
Hingham 100.8 Notre Dame 97.2 
Hingham 95.1 Barnstable 115.4 

Working well together in this 
rebuilding year, the team focused on 
bettering themselves. Each athlete 
shared commitment and determination 
throughout the season. Led by captain 
Robin Wigmore, the only senior, the 
Harborwomen looked to a handful of 
underclassmen to play key roles. 
Thank you Janice Murray and all those 
who contributed to the team this year. 
Congratulations to everyone for a great 
season and good luck next year. 


Robin qualified for all-states and all- 
stars for two consecutive years. 

J[ M, 

H» r f>j 

Allison concentrates all of her energy 
on staying on the high beam. 


R. Wigmore 


W'W'''?'""^ ■' ■' ■ '■^■i:-:: 

Boys' Basketball Nothing But Net 





The 1994-1995 season proved to 
be a turn around year for the Hingham 
Harbormen Basketball Team. Improving 
on last year's record, the Harbormen went 
(7-11) in the league and achieved their 
best overall record in four years. Led by 
first year Coach Ged Phelan, and a solid 
corp of Seniors, the team put together an 
impressive four game winning streak to 
finish off the season. Seniors: Geoff 
Dillard, Adam Cole, Matt Godrey, and 
Corey Farina all contributed in leading 
this year's successful program. The team 
played their hardest every single game, 
without a thought of ever backing down. 
They are to be commended for their great 

Captains: Adam Cole, Corey Farina, and Geoff Dillard. 



Hingham 59 

Randolph 76 

Hingham 60 

Plymouth N. 72 

Hingham 42 

Duxbury 66 

Hingham 56 

D.Y. 41 

Hingham 46 

Middleboro 57 

Hingham 71 Whit. Hanson 89 | 

Hingham 48 

Sandwhich 53 

Hingham 73 

Marshfield 70 

Hingham 49 

Rockland 65 

Hingham 46 

Duxbury 55 

Hingham 83 

Plymouth N. 71 

Hingham 47 

D.Y. 59 

Hingham 63 Whit. Hanson 57 | 

Hingham 62 

Sandwich 73 

Hingham 69 

Middleboro 67 

Hingham 53 

Marshfield 51 

Hingham 70 

Rockland 75 







BOT(L-R): Adam Cole, 
Geoff Dillard, Corey Farina-, 
Matt Godfrey, and Pat 
Driscoll.TOP(L-R): Jeb 
Phalen, Mike Ameral, Ryan 
Jancaites, Mike Muldoon, 
Mitch Powers, Steve Shore, 
and Jimmy Humphrey. 

A. Cole 

G. Dillard 

C. Farina 

M. Godfrey 

Matt fights 
for the 

possesion of the 


Jeff wins 

the tip-off. 

A.C. lines up his 


Corey concentrates on his 
foul shot. 

The new coach gets into the game. 




Girls' Basketball piayHard 

The Hingham High School Girls' 
Varsity Basketball season had a slow start. 
With three key players quiting, including the 
captain of the team, the girls played their 
hardest. A young team, and two new captains 
consisting of five Freshmen, three Juniors and 
one Senior led by Senior Co-Captain Nikki 
Travis and Junior Co-Captain Cristi Gigon, 
the team pulled off an incredible six game 
winning streak, beating teams such as Sandwich 
who was in first place. The team ended the 
season with a winning overall record often and 
ten and gained entrance into the State 
Tournament. The team would like to wish all 
returning and upcoming players good luck 
next season, and to thank Coach Mortimer for 
a great year. 

Captains of this year's team are Nikki 
Travis and Christi Gigon. 

Top(l-r) Melissa Christino, Kendra Juhola, Jan St.Pierre, Stacey Sagesse, Katie Ryan, 
Kristina Sullivan, Megan Aucoin, Coach. Bottom(l-r) Nikki Travis and Christi Gigon 

Nikki shows her 
team how it's done. 



Hingham 47 

Randolph 32 

Hingham 59 

Plymouth N. 67 

Hingham 27 

Duxbury 53 

Hingham 43 

D.Y. 6.1 

Hingham 47 

Scituate 40 

Hingham 56 

Cohasset 20 

Hingham 51 

Middleboro 41 

Hingham 53 Whit. Hanson it 

Hingham 54 

Sandwhich 37 

Hingham 65 

Marshfield 30 

Hingham 52 

Rockland 45 

Hingham 74 

Randolph 17 

Hingham 43 

Duxbury 63 

Hingham 51 

Plymouth N. 71 

Hingham 45 

D.Y. 47 

Hingham 64 Whit. Hanson 65 

Hingham 44 

Sandwich 59 

Hingham 57 

Middleboro 24 

Hingham 46 

Marshfield 52 

Hingham 48 

Rockland 36 



Mortimer and 
Christi circle up 
with their team 
during the half. 


Practice began at 2:15 and 
that was where all our work began. 
Between stunting, cheering, and 
dancing we had a tight schedule. We 
worked hard every day to work up 
our school spirit. We enjoyed the 
season with the basketball team, 
especially since they gave us 
something to cheer for. Like the ten 
little indians; first there were ten then 
there were four. Memories: twinkle 
on wall; London, England trip; 
Citrus Bowl Florida trip; knees, Izz 
great. To all the seniors leaving 
Good Luck! *143* 

TOP(L-R): Jenn Seremetis, Marley Jallah, ChikiaBaskerville, Whilena Harrington, BrendaCalamari, 
Cristina Barbuto, Sarah Gatty. BOT(L-R): Stacey Seremetis, Jen Shea, Amy Barbuto -also a captin. 



\X7ra c f 1 1 n rr Ifyoucanf wrestle with 

get off the Mat! 

The 1994-95 H.H.S. Wrestling Team 
is having its most successful season 
ever. The team is led by Captains Joe 
Gratta(22-3) and Dan Buckley20-5). 
The third captain Pat Preston,has been 
sidelined this season due to an injury. 
The team has also received strong per- 
formances from juniors Taylor 
Lofgren, Matt Barra, Dana Mortland, 
Ben Nastou, Conor Fahey, Max 
Belushko, Greg Youseff and freshman 
David Swanson. This year's the team 
ended with a very impressive finish of 
15-1 and was the South Sectional Fi- 
nalists. This was an incredible im- 
provement over last year's 8-5 finish. 


H H ^ 


This year's Whestling Team 
Captains are Dan Buckley and Joe 
Gratta. Pat Preston was unable to 
i play due to stress fractures. 



Hingham 58 


Hingham 60 

Braintree 12 

Hingham 47 

IVIiddleboro 30 


IVIilton forfeit 

Hingham 43 

Randolph 23 

Hingham 42 

Canton 28 

Hingham 52 

Somerset 18 

Hingham 42 

IVIarshfeild 29 

Hingham 71 

Nauset 6 

Hingham 46 

Plym South 27 

Hingham 21 Whit. Hanson 54 

Hingham 55 

Cohasset 15 

Hingham 46 

Rockland 25 

Hingham 47 

Hanover 18 


Duxbury forfeit 

Hingham 63 

Plym North 12 

TOP(L-R): D. Dimarino, G. Bycoff, J. Winslow, 
T. Lofgren, B. Nastou, C. Bridges, A. Bailey, D. 
Mortland, M. Barra, and Coach Bill Barges. 
BOT(L-R):G. Youssef, C Fahey, D. Buckley, J. 
Gratta, D. Swanson, and M. Beluschko. 

D. Buckley 

J. Gratta 

P. Preston 


Dan uses all his might to pin his partner. 
He also placed 3rd in the sectionals. 

Ben Nastou, by the look of 
him it's no wonder he won. 

▲Taylor, gets the best of 
his opponent. 

▼Max: "Uhh, give 
me hug." 


Slick as ice 

This year's Hingham 
High Hockey Team had a 
successful season. The team 
was led by Captains Matt 
Cataldo and Dave Delgallo and 
Seniors Jeff Henley, Max 
Petrie, Mike Sliney,and John 
Welsh. The team won their 
fourth straight Atlantic Coast 
League Title and reached the 
State Tournament for yet 
another time. The team would 
like to thank Coach Reagan for 
the amount of work he has done 
to keep Hingham Hockey on 
its winning ways. 

The Captains: Matt Cataldo and Dave DelGallo 








IVIarshfield 4 



Whit. Hanson 2 



Whit. Hanson 2 

Hingham 11 




D-Y 1 






Duxbury 1 



Rockland 3 









Ply-North 2 



Randolph 2 






Sandwich 2 



Sandwich 1 



Weymouth 1 



Medford 1 



Falmouth 3 



Barnstable 1 

Top(l-r) T.Messina, M.Meehan, M.Byrne, M.Melanson, C.Petrie, B.Gautreau, R.Hanrahan, D.J.McBain, E.Melanson, J.Mancuso, T.Byrne, 
K.Mullen, B.Ayers, D.Murphy, J.Maguire, A.Marcella, F.Messina, R.Bokavich, G.Reagan. Bottom(l-r)R.Murry, M.Petrie, M. Cataldo, 
D.DelGallo, M.Sliney, J.Welsh, J.Henley, C.Zahner, M.Carlson 








Welsh makes a cut, around the 
net for a pass from his teammate 


Mike shields the puck from 
his on coming opponent. 

Matt waits for a pass to 
shot on net. 

Above: Max looks good in 
his hockey stance. 

Below: Dave is ready to take 
control of the puck with his feet. 

Jeff keeps his eye on the 
puck as he guards the net. 

Boys' Winter Track 

Always a step ahead 



Hingham 45 

Scituate 41 

Hingham 34 

Norwell 52 

Hingham 15 

Whit. Hans. 71 

Hingham 42 

New Bedford 43 


New Bedford 69 

Hingham 37 

Randolph 49 

TOP lst(L-R):Dave Sternburg, Tim 
Murphy, and Nick Lamb. 2nd:Ryan 
Lamb, Joe Campbell, Dan Edson, 
Andrew Hurst, Greg Bliss, and Lou 
loanilli. 3rd:Nick Skrine, Ben Spruill, 
D. J. Ross, Mike Shea, and Coach 
Steve Herman. BOT(L-R):Grant 
McCarey, Andrew Leahy, Josh 
Prime, Dave Rizzotto, Shaun Gean, 
Pat Michaels, and Nick Golden. 

This year's team held many prospects for 
success, but competition with power house teams 
such as New Bedford left them with a 1 and 5 record. 
Tri-captains Josh Prime, Dave Rizzotto, and Shaun 
Gean lead the team to an emotionally successful 
season, with the help of Andrew Leahy, Pat Michaels, 
and Grant McCarey. Six Harbormen qualified for the 
State meet, improving from last season's two athletes. 
Memories of the doublehills, devastating track 
workouts, and the deep conversations on LSD runs 
will always be treasured as well as the mile relay squad 
and the infamous bus ride game. Working well 
together in suprisingly mild weather, the team focused 
on the common goal of winning while showing great 
conmiitment and determination. 

The Winter Track Captains : Josh Prime, 
Dave Rizzotto, and Shaun Gean. 




J. Prime 


Dave, the speed demon, is participating 
in the State Meet, for the 1000 and relay. 

Winter Trac 

Run On The Gun 

Captains: Janice Martin, Jen Layden, Rori Sullivan, and Christine Haggerty. 

TOP(L-R):C Brouse, K. Quirk, S. Markowicz, M. Black, D. Weber, A. Gomez. MID(L-R):S. 
Olsen, K. Allen, J. Healy, M. Black, M. Clark, J. Thorp, Coach Peter Manganello. BOT(L-R):S. 
O'Hare, J. Martin, C. Haggerty, J. Layden, R. Sullivan, S. Gormley. 


Hingham 21 Scituate 65 
Hingham 31 Norwell 55 
Hingham 60 W. Hanson 26 
Hingham 39 Brokton 47 
Hingham 21 N. Bedford 65 
Hingham 39 Randolph 47 

This year's Winter Track season was 
challenging, but fun. We had nine 
Seniors, some veterans and some 
beginners. Our strongest long dis- 
tance runner was Capt. Christine H. 
who's best race was the one mile. 
Rori, another Captain, was our best 
short distance runner. Stacey O. 
was the number one high jumper, 
who has the capability to jump at 
least 5' 2". Capt. Janice M. gave her 
best in the 1000 and shot put. Capt. 
Jen Layden was an awesome 600 
runner. Sarah G. and Sarah M's 
inspiration, always had the "who 
cares" attitude and it put everyone 
running the 300 at ease. Gormley 
also threw the shot put and did well 
as a beginner. Marks did her best in 
the 300, also as a new comer. Sue 
ran the 2-mile and always had to 
wait until the end of the meet for her 
race. Although we lost most of our 
meets we were in good spirits and 
the bus ride with tunes from the '80's 
made up for it 



J. Layden 

S. Markowicz 





Janice shows good effort in 
the 1000 and shot put. 


Christine goes nuts in the one 
mile relay against Randolf. 
Sarah take big strides to 
finish the 300 w/ a new P.R. 

Sue runs the 2-mile 

withaP.R. of 13.12 

Jen makes good 

time in the 600. 


sports Candids 


StddCHt S<MM^M 

The HHS Student Council is led by Deirdre Keely - President, Mike Sheridan - Vice President, Alyssa Blowers 
- Secretary, Wes Hutcheson - Treasurer, and Mr. Low - Advisor. The entire student council consists of ten reps, 
from each of the four grades. Every rep. is a member of a committee which meets once a week. The committees 
include: Publicity, Activities, Fund-raising and Concerns. 

The Student Council is involved throughout the year in many diverse activities designed to promote school 
unity and spirit. The Council also recognizes outstanding student and faculty contributions. 

Student Council Officers 

President-Deirdre Keely, Vice-Pres-Mike 
Sheridan, Sec. -Alyssa Blowers, Tres.— Wes 
1 08 Hutcheson 



K ^1 


^4^^ i 

■ ^1 

H. ' M 



mm ^ 




^V '^^ ^^^^^^^^^^1 

^ ^Mii^H 



(f''>«U' ^''^ '* *^^v 




W \ 


m .^ 

^ ^ 

^P" "" 


\ - 

1 f 


Class of 95's Officers 

Vice Pres. —Lauren Arbeene, Pres. —Nicole 
Savini, Treas.-Sarah Hardy, Secs.-Nicole 
Kimborowicz and Todd Donovan. 

Class of 95's Reps. 

Class of 1995's Student Council 

The class of 1995 Student Council has worked 
hard for four years to make the class of 95's stay at 
HHS unforgettable. "Sophomore Day" was an 
event that took months to create and plan, and 
because the Class of 95's Reps, are always successful, 
Sophomore Day was a blast! 

The Junior Prom was one of the most memorable 
events. Who could forget "Club HHS"? 

The Senior Class won the wall and float 
competitions this year. "The Game of Life" was the 
theme for the wall and "Right Now-Its Our 
Tommorrow" was the theme for the float. 

The Senior Reps have been very successful for 4 
years because they are responsible, dedicated and 
hardworking. Mr. Holley and Mr. Worden, the class 
advisors, were very supportive and helpful to the 
class.— Thanks you guys! 

Our class advisors helping out as usual 

Left-over Senior Memories. 

;4w^Mccu(. ^ieid Scnjuicc^i 

1994-1995 AFS Officers: (Top, L-R) Cindy Gargano, 
Meghan Balunas, Ryan Stevens (Bottom, L-R) Nicole 
Kimborowicz, Co-Presidents Chrissy Hickey and Ane 
Coughlin, and Aidan O'Hara. 

The Hingham High School 
Chapter of the AFS Club, is the 
largest club at Hingham High. AFS 
stands for American Field Service, it 
was set up by ambulance drivers 
after W.W.I as an International 
exchange program for students. The 
Hingham Chapter is responsible for 
supporting the foreign students who 
stay in Hingham and encouraging 
Hingham students to study abroad. 
This past year, the AFS Club raised 
$500 for charity, had a rake at the 
Hingham Friends Home, and went 
on an exchange to Lenoir, North 
Carolina. The club this year was 
headed by co-presidents Ane 
Coughlin and Chrissy Hickey, vice- 
president Aidan O'Hara, treasurer 
Nicole Kimborowicz, secretary 
Cindy Gargano, and teacher advisor 
Iris Gillard. 


1994-1995 Foreign Exchange students: (Top, L-R) Philip Kobbe 
and Nina Krueger from Germany, (Bottom, L-R)Amandine 
Merlin from France and Soraya Cruz from Brazil. 

Andrea and Philip Kobbe from Germany 
dancing the night away at the Dance-A-Thon. 

What, Michelle, tired? Only 1 1 more hours to 
go for the Dance-A-Thon! 

Kamir Pabon and Julia Swanson cuttin' a rug at 
the 1994 Dance-A-Thon. 

Amy J. Kaye, Anne Harris, and Emily 
Bartholomew working the late kitchen shift. 

S. A. T>. V. 


Lynn DiBiasi and 

Sarah Hardy 


A(H4€C<lt^ ^ ^U^nAi^UlOKCiC 

Amnesty International 
Officers 1994-95: Myriah 
Manley, President; Eric 
Juhola, Random Officer; 
Katie Meigs, V. President; 
Bot. (L-R) Juliet Friedman, 
Secretary; Cindy Gargano, 
Treasurer; and Jennifer Lynn 
Arend, Fundraising Girl 

Nikki concentrates on ^^ 
her letter to help some- ^^ 

Myriah, Liz, and Allison 
enjoy themselves together 
while saving people's lives 
through their writing. 

This year Amnesty has had a rockin' 
good time! ! Each week we have been 
dihgently writing letters to really cool 
places hke Afghanistan to help wrong- 
fully imprisoned and persecuted people 
around the world. 


Katie, the vice president, has fun while 
writing letters to help save people who 
need help. 

(l-r) Bob Wessen, Sarah Daubenspeck, Ann Waters, Andy 
Schomer, Brian Smallwood, Ann David, Emily Bartholomew, 
Stephanie Davis, Caitlyn Harvey 

The Drama Club of the Class of 95' was outstanding 
Our musicals; "Fiddler on the Roof, "42nd Street" 
"Fame", and "The Music Man", were fantastic shows undei 
the direction of our glorious leader Mr. Higgins. Festiva 
successes included "Midsummer's Night Dream", "Fortress" 
"Competition Piece", which we took all the way to the Ne^^ 
England Drama festival, and our currently unnamed sho^^ 
that we wrote ourselves(guinea pigs). Our annual trip tc 
New York was one of the highlights of the year. Thret 
broadway shows and the politically incorrect comedy clut 
were just a few of the amazing things we saw each year. The 
club was the closest group. The friendships and the grea 
times we had together, we will never forget. 
THE THESPIANS-b elow. are a select group of Dramc 
club members that have been active for more than two years 
and have been in many performances as an actor/actress oi 
crew member. 


Bryan, Andrea, 
Eric— the quartet- 
-sing with Andy 
the mayor in 

and Nikki Travis 
dance away in the 
Ubrary scene of 
"The MusicMan" 

▲Amy Kaye, 
Whitner, Shannon 
Hedrick, Anne 
Harris, and Nicole 
Bartolotti discuss 
musical matters with 
"Music Man" Todd 

^^^ The cast 
^^^ watches while 
the lead dancers 
dance away the 
night in Madison 


TKCxed C^x^nu^ 


Chorus Officers 

From 1991 to 1995 The Hingham High 
School's Chorus sang eveiything from "Hai-Wa-Bc 
Bowe", the ever-popular African tune, to Mozart's 
Coranation Mass. Along the way popular favoritej 
like "Lord of the Dance", "Ride on King Jesus" and 
"Ave Maria" helped The Hingham High School 
Chorus achieve state recognition as they performed 
as a whole choir, at the 1995 All-State Festival. 

In 1992 the class of '95 explored the man> 
wonders of Italy , taking home memories of an 
inviting fountain and "Riding the Maeshro". Ir 
1993 it was off toNorthport, New York to perform 
and then sit back and rest through the "Magic 
Flute". The year of 1994 brought the HHS Chorus 
to Western Conn. , where they met "Big Red" , one 
of Conn.'s finest singers. Senior year marked the 
trip to Germany and Austria. Many memories were 
made in Germany and during the past four years, 
The unity and beautiful sounds of The Hingham 
High School Chorus' Class of 1995 will always be 


&^icnajt SfiectniuPt^ 

The class of 1995 brought many things to Choral Spectrum. One 
is being talented, not only in singing but in dancing as well. Through the 
shouting voices of Emily, Carey, andBiy an.. ."step.. .step... step... hop,hop 
,hop, jump, step, step....," who could forget the amazing performances 
they put on year after year? Popular songs like"Sound of Silence", 
"Seven Bridges Road", and "Lonesome Road", topped their favorites, 
but songs like "I'm a Train" and all the William Byrd selections showed 
the true talent that this group held. The incredible harmony and pitch that 
this group created in the last four years will echo in the halls of HHS for 
many years to come. 



Ten years ago we lined up in the school 
gymnasium and struggled to play "Mary Had a 
Little Lamb" to an audience of proud Moms and 
Dads. Five weeks ago we joined the HHS Chorus 
in performing the entire Mozart Coronation Mass 
to parents, students, teachers, and citizens of 
Hingham; an achievement that most High School 
Orchestras only dream of. Under the amazing 
direction of Jane Hallet, the seniors Christine 
Haggerty, Katie Herzig, Robin Wigmore, Steph 
Clark, Aaron Pearl, Courtney Brown, and Andy 
Shomer will spend their last competition in 
Williamsburg, Virginia. For the past three years 
the orchestra has won medals in Canada, 
Washington D.C., and New York City. We have 
been well represented in District,, Semba( South 
Eastern Mass Sting and Band Association), and 
even All State! The Orchestra has taught us what 
it means to work closely with others in reaching 
common goals. What began in third grade with a 
simple childhood song, grew into ten years of 
making beautiful music. 

Officers:Elisabeth Sullivan, Megan Black, Blair Lacy, Nicole Bartolotti, Jeremy 
Blumberg, Stephanie Clark, Colleen Dalton, Christine Haggerty, and Robin 


&^i<uujicn^ 0%cAc<i^icL> 

TOP(L-R):K. Martin, N. Bartolotti, K. Herzig, N. Delpidio, and I. Brandt. MID(L-R):M. 
Black, B. Lacy, S. Clark, E. Olson, and C. Dolton. BOT(L-R):E. Hawke, A. Broker, C. 
Haggerty, and R. Wigmore. 

Hingham High School is 
one of the only High 
Schools in the country 
with a Chamber 
Orchestra. It was formed 
when the seniors were in 
seventh grade, by 
director Jane Hallet. The 
goal of the Chamber 
Orchestra is to perform 
advanced music written 
especially for small 
groups. Violinists 
Christine Haggerty, 
Robin Wigmore, and 
Steph Clark have been 
members of the group 
since it was formed. 

'PcM 0%cAe^Un4X> 

The Full Orchestra is a combination of the Hingham High 
School Orchestra and a select group of Band members, that 
play wind instruments. They have been rated number one 

at two different music festivals. Under the direction of Jane 
Hallet, they have played a variety of pieces including the 
music from Jurassic Park and The Phantom of the Opera. 



Top(L-R):J. Kovatch, L. Davenport, C. Sayer. Mid(L-R):K. Muller, G. 
McCarey, M. Muldoon. Bot(L-R): T. Wright, A. Lemoff, M. Messina. 

The Hingham High School Concert Band, under 
the direction of Mr. A. Douglas Wauchope, had 
an excellent year. Under the leadership of Luke 
Davenport (President), Grant McCarey (Vice- 
Pres), Kurt Muller(Treasurer) and Patty 
Mahoney(Secretary), the band prospered. Other 
seniors include Tim Wright, Mike Messina, 
Charlie Sayer, Jack Kovatch, Eric Hewitt, Stacey 
Seremetis, and Andrea Catalano. Highlights 
included a special all-band concert featuring quest 
trumpeter Pat Stout in November, the spring and 
winter concerts, and performance of "Incantation 
and Dance" at the festival competition in 
Williamsburg Virginia. 

^5t^ ScUtd 

Toplst(L-R):D. Carpenter, C. Sayer, K. Muller, J. Kovatch, M. Muldoon. 2nd:C. Coletti, R. 
Dowd, R. Williamson, T. Wright, L. Davenport, W. Marcks. 3rd:0. Mehegan, B. Spurill, J. 
Harrison, M. DeCourcey, G. McCarey, M. Messina. 4th:A. Buccitelli, G. Goodstine E. Brandt, 
D. McCabe, A. Lemoff, Mr. Wauchope. Bottom(L-R):K. Whalen. 

The Hingham High School Jazz Band 
under the direction of Mr. A. Douglas 
Wauchope had an excellent year. 
Highlights included a special Band 
concert with guest trumpeter Pat Stout, a 
performance opening for the '50's rock 
band The Platters, an appearance in the 
Berklee Jazz Festival, a festival 
competition in Williamsburg, Virginia, 
and an appearance at the Hanover Mall. 
Senior powerhouses were Luke 
Davenport and Grant McCarey on alto 
sax, Tim Wright and Matt Decourcey on 
baritone sax, Mike Messina and Andy 
Lemoff on tenor sax. Jack Kovatch on 
trumpet, Charlie Sayer on drums, Jeff 
Goodstine on guitar, and Ryan Dowd on 
bass. The Jazz Band ripped it up on tunes 
like "Slam", "Power Play" and "Groovin" 

Sexy Sax 
Mess and 
McCarey are 
getting busy, 
while the boys in 
the back follow 
their lead. 

^H^UioKa^ f?Wd>r Society 

TOP(L-R): Amanda Smalley, Aiden O'Hara, Eric 
^Hewitt, Don Tower, Kevin Porter, Susan O'Hare, 
Cate Quirk. MID(L-R): Juliet Friedman, Christine 
Haggerty, Jen Arend, Yasmin Howes, Emily 
Bartholomew, Ane Coughlin, Melissa Brennan, Sarah 
Hardy. BOT(L-R): Sarah Markowicz, Deidre Keeley, 
Nicole Savini, Andy Lemoff, Dave Perkinson, Matt 
Sutton, Liz Wessen, Claire Whitner 

The National Honor Society is a group of students 
nominated by their teachers for their commitment 
to scholarship, leadership, character, and service. 
During the year the club was involved in various 
service projects such as tutoring, working at the 
Pine St. Inn, collecting food for the Hingham 
Food Pantry, and running a blood drive. The 
society's advisor was Mrs. Perelman. She and the 
officers set up and organized the Candlelight 
Induction Ceremony, which surprisingly only 
lasted about thirty five minutes. The members 
choose Mr. Dirk as the guest speaker and he filled 
the member with his wonderful words of wisdom. 
It was a memorable night. 


Officers: President-Dave Perkinson, Treasurer- Andy Lemoff, 

Secretary-Sarah Markowicz, Vice President-Liz Wessen. 



Wgy ^ *^m^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 





w m ^ 1 








/ CM 



,^_^ "■^. ^^ ■■9^m^ 







The crew for the WHHS T.V. gets together for a group picture. 

WHHSTV was created in 1992 our sophomore year. 
Since then, the shows have become much more than just 
announcements. Most of the senior anchors and crew has 
been working on WHHSTV since the beginning. The 
"Friday Shows" were the most fun for everone. Eric's 
smoking and drunkdriving with "Cool Nicole" with her 
wicked awesome boyfriend Dave and cool sidekicks Sarah 
and Amy cracked us all up in homerooms. Other favorite 
shows were "Fear" /'Candid Camera" "Christmas at the 
Mair'and other interview shows. Mr. Thaxter taught all the 
anchors and crew so much. He deserves a lot of credit for 
working behind the scenes. 


Although they're 

not seen, Seniors 

Andrea and Aaron 

work hard off camera 

to make the show a success. 

Bottom right: Nicole, Sarah 
Bryan, Deirdre, Nicole, and 
Lauren give us some helpful 
tips on the upcoming weather, 
while on the set of WHHS T.V. 

captures the 
moment on 
video tape at a 
Pep Rally. 

SpZKi<iA 6ic(^ 



kJ ^ 







J ^-V. 









■» i 


^^,1 ^ ^ 

Co-Pres.: Jen Yeo, Robin Wigmore. Vice Pres.: Eric Juhola 
Secretary: Amanda Smally. Treasurer: Nicole Savini 
Public Relations: Dave Rizzotto, Becka McLoud 

The Spanish Club at Hingham High is open 
to everyone, not just Spanish speakers. The focus 
of the Spanish Club is Spanish culture, not the 
language. The Spanish Club uses the money they 
raise from fundraisers like candy sales to go to 
Spanish plays such as Don Quiote de la Mancha, 
restaurants and to have get togethers. The Spanish 
Club also explores the Spanish culture by making 
Spanish food and watching Spanish movies about 
Spanish speaking countries and their customs and 
cultures. A new addition this year was meetings 
with other highschool's Spanish Clubs. Included in 
this was Braintree and North Quincy. They 
discussed both similar and contrasting ideas and 
activities of the groups. Other exciting events 
were Eric Juholua's aerobic fever. This workout 
party was a nice try just like Jen Yeo's deeply 
planned field trip to Spanish speaking television 
studio, Channel 19. Dave Rizzotto's spectatular 
visual posters combined with Amanda Smalley's 
heart wrenching announcements made hopeful 
prospects desire addmittance to the club. 


Aiititt. &uji 



Top(l-r): Treas. Dean Hutchison, Atten. John 
Maguine, Sec. Brian Smallwood Bottom(l-r) 
Presidents Ann Coppinger and Aiden O'Hara 

TOP(L-R):T. Q. Walace, K. Herzig, K. Meigs, L. Leek, K. Stepan, L. Dacey, A. White. MID(L-R):A. 
David, B. Shea, B. Lacey, A. Nassopoulos, K. Kieman, D. White, L. Kiernan, C. Ryan. BOT(L-R): E 
Carpenter, J. Tulis, J. PoHck, M. Brennan,K. Quirk, and L. Wessen. 

The French Club 
is a group of students who 
get together once a month 
to watch french flicks and 
eat pizza. Some students 
also have visited Quebec 
city, as well as Paris itself. 
There is no real 
commitment with the 
club, it is just a fun time 
for kids who want to learn 
a little more about French 
outside the classroom. 



The Harborlight was published six times 
this year by the staff during the three seasons. 
Subjects included updates on the various sports 
teams, the drama production, chorus, band, and 
orchestra concerts, and club activities. Public 
issues were examined and debated and 
interviews of the exchange students were 
conducted. Political views were stated as well as 
movie and book reviews. Creative works were 
also pubUshed in forms of stories and poems. 
The editors and the staff meet once a month to 
discuss a current theme and assignments and 
deadlines are given. 

EDITORS: Brendan Shea- Art, Dave Rizzotto-Sports, Emily 
Bartholomew-, Stephanie Davis-,Greg Devine-Editor in 
Chief, Jen Tulis-Assistiant Editor, Mark Landers 


^olcMUccn. CCccii 

This year the Volunteer Club was 
extremely dedicated and was in- 
volved in numerous activities to help 
the community. In addition to the 
club's weekly visit to the Cohasset 
Knoll, the donations to the Pine 
Street Inn swelled to $400. Volun- 
teers, games, and stories brightened 
the lives of children at risk at a local 
motel. Many thanks to all the mem- 
bers for their dedication which made 
a difference in other's lives. 
B-4 "How about after?" 
B-12 "That's a vitamin!" 
N-39 "That's Jack Benny's 
1-18 "I wish I was!" 

Co-Presidents:Jen Tulis and Ellen Martinsen 
and Secretary Anne David. 



StddcKt^ ^o^ SwAcnjc^KiHCKt^ ;4ctlc^ 

Students for Enviromental Action, 
the enviromental club at the High Scool, 
meets every Friday afternoon. We crush 
the aluminum cans thrown out at lunch 
and we also collect all the white paper 
thrown in the green recycle boxes. This 
year, SEA has grown considerably. Led 
by Amy Kaye, Aidan O'Hara, and Eric 
Juhola, the club has raised more than 
$ 100. Along with the work, SEA has a lot 
of fun. Last summer, we went camping. 
This year, hikes and canoe trips are 
planned. Most seniors in the club have 
been with SEA since freshman year and 
are extremely dedicated. Thanks 
everyone for a great four years! 

Executive Board: Juliet Freidman, Dave 
Perkinson,Ryan Stevens,Meg Balunas, 
Aidan O'Hara, Amy Kaye, Eric Juhola 

Above: Dave collects white paper. 
To the rt. :Carey&Crissy crush cans. 
Below: Amy&Jeff transport cans. 

'Dw^endltci^ ddc^ 

This year, the Diversity Club has 
worked hard to earn the respect of both our 
peers and the faculty. Together, we have 
attended awareness rallies and hearings and 
issued surveys to find out what our school 
thinks. We meet every Wednesday afternoon 
to discuss different tolerance issues affecting 
our school. We are planning an assembly at 
which students will be able to discuss 
differences they have with eachother. Led by 
Eric Juhola, we are a club dedicated to 
understanding and respecting everyone's 
differences. We also want to spread the word 
about our goals. We hope the club will continue 
helping students feel safe and comfortable in 
our school. Thanks Mrs. Flaherty and HHS. 

TKcU^ le^upt^ 

The Math Team had a groundbreaking year 
this year. We won a meet for the first time in 
ten years and our participation on the team is at 
an all-time high. We also had some tasty 
donuts and other assorted pastries. Advisor 
Baisden and Advisor Olson led the troops into 
battle against teams from all over, but we 
showed them who was boss. Seniors Andy 
Lemoff, Kevin Porter, Greg Devine, Pat 
Preston, Jack Kovatch, Sarah Markowicz, and 
Nicole Kimborowicz did some serious hard- 
core math, and brought the team to the highest 
echelon possible in Math-Teamdom. Good 
luck to next year's seniors, don't forget THE 

Officers: Vice President-Ben Nastou, President-Andy Lemoff, Secretary- 
Alex Nassopoulos, Treasurer-Matt Devine. 


Occ^ut<^^na.fiA<f. CCuA 

The Oceanography Club is a volunteer club based on the 
HHS oceanography program. Club members act as 
ocean resource specialists and teacher aides in EQngham's 
elementary schools. Club members set up salt water 
aquariums, create games, stories, and projects for the 
students. The club also takes trips to local aquariums 
and other oceanography institutions.Club members 
include: Lauren Gallagher (Skipper), Wes Hutcheson 
(Vice President/Burser), Todd Donovan (Mary Ann), 
Mike Salerno (GilUgan), Karina Line, Beth Murphy, 
Jack Manchester, John Welch, Nicole Peterson, and 
Michelle Tardinico. The club is advised by Mr. Crowley. 


High St haol 



Officers: Vice President- Wes Hutcheson, President-Lauren Gallagher. 


^e<tt^^kw^ SiJ^i^ 

Co-Editor in Chief: Mary Kelleher, Business Editor: Rich Herman, Co-Editor in Chief: Sarah Markowicz 

Production Designers 

Cmdy Gargano and 

Jen Arend 

No one told us it would be this 
hard. No one told us it would be this time 
consuming. No one told us it would be 
this much work. But, we honestly have 
to say, now that it's over, we'd do it again. 

We started out with over 50 
kids on the Yearbook Staff and it 
dwindled down to a few dedicated 
people. With the help we received we 
raised money during the summer for an 
extra sixteen pages of color. Our goal 
was to make our yearbook diverse and 
we are hoping it is Hingham High's best 
yearbook ever. 

We would like to thank Mr. 
Boddie for listening to all of our 
complaining! To the Senior Class, for 
giving us $1500. To the Janitors, for 
letting us in the building on all those 
Saturdays and Sundays to work on the 
book. To every single person who helped 
write stories and brought in pictures, 
you made our yearbook what it is. Thank 
you and enjoy these memories that we 
all will never forget! 

A special thanx to the class of 
1 995 for their generous contributions of 
pizza, subs, and Chinese food, it was 
much appreciated. 

Hey, have you ordered your yearbook yet?! ! 

Workin' hard, or hardly workin'? 
Herms raised just over $3500 in ads! 

Erica,Nicole,&Lisa sort cans at the fundraiser to keep the cost of the year 
book down. We raised $1200 .thanx to everyone who helped us out. 

Nate. Fix those mistakes! 

Cindy. Get to work! 

Sarah waits for that Kodak 
moment at a fall soccer game. 





&%c^Maac TViUIh^ 

Active members TOP(L-R):Cassy Brouse, Andy Marshall, Jay 
Springer, and Melissa Tremblay. BOT(Right):Rebekah Tsaku. 

Howling madmen penetrate the night with violent rage, 
It's the coming of a new age 

Oh dawn please shed your light 

For you must hide what is growing in the night. 

A new kind of solider. 
Waging war for freedom and fun 
They will not stop till the battle is won. 

Oh dawn hurry to enter the skies 
For I have seen fire in their eyes 

They are coming. Can't you see? 
My God what a mess this will be! 

Jay Springer 



The stranger knocks upon your door tonight 

He has been outside for months 

Cold cool rain dripping from his brow 

His only possession: a heavy woolen coat of solitude. 

He can't remember what it's like for his eyes to be dry 

Trying to forget the cold sholders of cabins past 

He knocks again, waiting for a reply 

Ask yourself, why wont you let him in? 

He is cold, becoming deathly sick of this falling pain 

Why are you scared? Why do you mourn for love lost? 

When a second chance to live is at your door. 

Don't raise the dead, forget what's in your head. 

Go to the window, pull back the shade, 

Look through his dark appearance, you see? 

He is just a shy man seeking shelter in your arms. 

She is the one! 

Opening the door with a timid hand 

Casting them into a sunny land , 

His coat of solitude falls, revealing his true naked self 

Arms wrapped around, he enters her. 

Forever engraving himself in the heart of stone 

Which now beats love. 

Jay Springer-wydfm? 

I ^ MkM0^<^<J^ unimc 

Grant and Janice wait for some more victims. 

Many dedicated people prepared for 
weeks to make sure that this year's 
Blood Drive was a success. Mrs. 
Duffy's two advanced Anatomy classes 
planned the big day, headed by Janice 
Martin and Grant McCarey. This 
Blood Drive was the biggest turn out in 
Hingham High History! More than 100 
people showed up, but only 74 gave 
blood due to time and space. More 
than a few people felt queasy, but they 
were all involved in a great cause, 
working together. 

Jl^ Pat gives a thumbs up after giving 

^ Jen gets prepared for the pinch. 

Drew gets nervous after seeing the needle 

This year's Homecoming events were the 
best yet. At the pep rally, football players got 
to dance with that "someone special". The next 
day, the crowd overflowed the field as more 
than 2,000 fans came out for the big day. The 
Homecoming court was escorted to the game 
along with floats that each class created to 
show their school spirit. The Seniors won the 
float contest (big surprise),and Wes Hutchinson 
and Yasmin Howes were crowned King and 
Queen during halftime. The exciting game 
against the D-Y Dolphins ended in a big 
victory for the Harbormen, with the final score 
being 20-18. 

▲1994 Homecoming Court: (L-R) Matt Cataldo, Deirdre Keeley, Wes Hutchinson, Nicole 
Savini, Corey Farina, Yasmin Howes, John Welsh, Rori Sullivan. 

Members of the Choral Spectrum sing Our National 
Anthem just before the game starts. 

"Right Here, Right Now": The winning Senior Float. 


"You! You in the freshman 
bleachers! Behave!" 


Wes Hutchinson and Yasmin 
Howes: The King and Queen 

Cheerleader Co-Captains Jen Shea 
and Tara Smith escorted to the 
game in style. 

The Junior Float: "Nice try, guys!" 

The Sophomore Float:What?!? 

The Freshman Float: "Nice slickers" 

Jen and Susan Layden— all smiles! 

Joanna Pini and Mike Sliney. How cute. 


Andy Powers and Todd Donovan 
.dancin' the night away... 

Kathleen and Alyssa: "Having fun yet???" 

"Nicole— what is so funny?" 

^Rich, Corey, Andrea, and Allison take a break from 
the dance. 

Mr. Donnell checkin' da BAC. 





Guess Who! 

1 . Pat Preston and Kate Herzig 
are both excited about their 
first date. 

2. Ryan Donnelly even had 
balance back then. 

3. Joel McBride, Kory Sparks Jill 
Sheehan, Nicole Travis, and 
Matt Cataldo are ready to 
attend their first day of school. 

4. Sarah Hardy is just beginning 
her talent on the violin in this 

5. Mary Kelleher tries on her new 
outfit that she received on 

6. Mrs. Liddell's third grade class. 

7. Herms strangling Big Bird. He 
was always the violent type. 

8. Paula Downey in church? I 
always thought she was evil? 

9. A few of Plymouth River's first 
grade classes. 

10. Courtney Brown smiles pretty 
for the camera. 



9- -V- : ''^'f 


''•' - • -TjM 

Mj^^^Hj^K^^'^^^ "^ 









Guess Who! 

1. Rori. Erin. Corey, and Jill gel 
ready for their firsl dates. 

2. Mike Lewis gives Mike Sweeney 
a little help to the swingset. 

3. Sarah M., Rehecka M., Susan L.. 
Laureen A. make a eute foursome. 

4. James M.. Mike M.. Brian A., and 
Steve L. get ready to see the whales 
on the whalewateh. 

5. Deirdre K. and Amy K. show of 
their bikinis. 

6. Amy B. and Alyssa B. jump lor joy 
on the last day t)rsehool. 

7. Lynda A. in the forest while 
at eamp. 

8. Matt D. and Mike S. getlin pumped 
for a fierce game of kiekhall. 

9. Jen Flatley modeling the new 
swimsuit line. 

10. Rebecca McCloud during her early 

1 1. Sarah Gormley during her inno 
cent years, 

12. Andrea C. Li/ T., and Erin B. 
were always winners. 

13. John Welsh and Jay DeWaltoff 
just got finished throwing the ball 
around in the classroom. 

14. KevinP.. RyanD.. EricJ.. 
Stephanie C. and Rebecca M. are 
all ready for a night of trick-or- 

15. Dave Delgalo gives a little wave to 
his lans. 

16. Mrs. Kardok's third grade class. 

17. Lauren C. Courtney B.. Mary K.. 
*^H?''Si^B Lauren C and Li/ L. all happy. 

18. Jason Springer back in the oldies. 

19. Stacey Toomey was always 
"Mommy's Darling". 

20. Greg Joubert styling in his vest. 




n^xut^ ^au^ 

Lauren Arbeene-Thanks Mom Dad Mark N the Grands I 
love you more than you know-To my friends-Thanks for the 
good times and for always being there! Good Luck Class of 
95! These are the days to remember. . . 

Jennifer Lynn Arend-Thanks to the Clique and all those 
NK TW NL CG AC JB CW DT and Big Guy I love you guys, 
Mommy, Daddy, Elizabeth, and of course little foo. 

Amy Barbuto-Thank you to my mom and dad I love you To 
my brother Joe you were right scholl is more important CB 
TB MS VP AP SP MP PD SD LG and the rest of my family 
and 2 my friends! 

Emily Bartholomew-Thank you everyone! Ane, Amy, 
Carey, Fay, Shannon, Anne, Chrissy, Anthony, Joey, 
Bryan, Aidan, Craig, Matt, Ryan, Brian, and my incredible 
family. Thanks Mom, Dad, and my perfect sister Karen: I 
love you. 

Joseph Berman-coffee, Mom, Dad, Mike, Buba, Andy, 
Dave, Di, Annie, Julie, The Turners, The Chamelions, Al, 
Rana, The Acadamy, Tom Robbins, Herman Hesse, The 
Back Booth, The Cure, Kevin & Kate, the school in it's 

Tim Brett-Thanks Mom, Dad, and all my friends and 
thanks Mr. and Mrs. Cole 

Courtney Brown- The Lord is my Light and my Salvation, 
from what shall I be afraid. Thank you Nan & Grandfather 
for being there when I needed you. To Michael thanks for 
giving me wisdom. Dad, Reg I love you both! 

Nina Krueger-Thank you to the Siegfried family Thanks to 
Cortney, Susan, Beth, Alison, Rori and Julia for helping in 
the begining. Thanks to the school and all my teachers for 
this year. Thanks to Ane and Chrissy 

Andrea Camilleri-Thanks Dad and Mom-did you ever 
know that you're my hero? Tanya, Shelly, Matt, thanks for 
putting up with me. To all my friends-thanks for the 
goodtimes. JM- thanks for the memories 

Andrea Catalano-Thanks: Mom, Dad, My sister, Mr. 
Humberd, Mrs. Matthews, My friends and anyone else. 

Andrew Taylor Colantonio- Thanks Mom and Dad, and 
everyone else. Thanks Coles & Lynchs, Alyssa, Buttercup, 
and all my other friends, and esp. Kristina. 

Ann Coppinger-Thanks Mom, Dad & Ellen for always 
being there & supporting me in everything. "Friendship is a 
very comforting sort of thing to have." Thanks for the 
memories! NDK, CM, NMT, KWM, CMG, JSF, KAH, JLA, 

Ane Coughlin-Thanks for everything: Mom, Dad, Kevin, 
Michelle, Chrissy, Amy, Shannon, Emily, Carey, Fay, Anne, 
Dave, Pat, Max, Bryan, Aidan, Jeff, Todd. Thanks every- 

Elizabeth Dacey-Mom & Dad- We've been through a lot, 
but one thing that will never change is how much I love you. 
I thank God for my family Ken-U R the best Peg & Jerry, 
Nana D, Nana L, Beeps, Pat & Bob, MK, BH, John 

Bich Ngoc Dang-Thank you for everything that you have 
done for me Mr. and Mrs. Nobles. I also want to thank my 
family for helping me through three beautiful years. Love 
Your Darling Daughter and Student. 

Luke Davenport-Thank you Mom, Dad, and Grace-I love 
you dearly. Thanx to: Jon, Ben, Elmo, Grant, Mike, Tully, 
Darryl, and Merle, ED and OMAR, Tony, SA, ET,KG,LK. 

Dave DelGallo-Thanx to the Cataldo family. To Dega and 
Dough, you Italian strutzes. Most of all to Mom and Dad for 
making me who I am, I love you! Thanx to all my friends for 
all the good times poundin. 

Kelly DeRubeis- Thanx for putting up with me Mom and 
Dad, it hasn't been easy. Thanx for always being there for 
me: Frank, Geoff, Emily, Paula, Beth, and everyone else. 

Jay Alexander DeWaltoff -Thanks for everything Mom, 
Dad, Grace, Peter, Signe, Will, Tyler. I'll miss you next 
year. Thanks again! 

Kelly Donahue-I would like to say "Thanks" to my Mom, 
Dad, Michelle, and my family. Also, the cheerleaders: JL SL 

Ryan Donnelly-I just want to thank all the people who over 
the years have supported me and my skating . . . Mom & 
Dad, Debbie- 1 couldn't do it without you. "TEAM 
DONNELLY", my whole family, friends, and teachers. Make 
it happen! 


Todd Donovan-Thank you Mom & Dad, for all your 
support over the last four years. Thanks Jen & Tyler, 
Thanks for all the good times, KM, CS, SB, GM, JS, SG, 
LG, JF, SM, CI, ML, JM, AW, RW, CQ &every 1 else. 

Ryan Dowd-Thanks to everyone who made this bearable- 
Damian, Gregg, Joe T, the Doolittle Bros., Dave D, Anth, 
Jason P, MAC, Poor People's Party, Craig F, the 4 
Ann(e)s, Matt, Emily, Dave P, Jeff, Todd, Amy, Ryan, and 
any forgotten. 

Paula Downey-Thank you to my family for all the support 
through my four years of school. Thank you to Charlie 
Hops and my friends, the memories made will always stay 
with me! 

Dawn Dupass-Mom & Ed thanx for everything I couldn't of 
done it without you. I luv you. Thanx to my family Liz thanx 
for everything you helped me get through*LyLas* Thanx for 

Melissa Edwards-A special thanks to my mother I know 
we've had bad times but I know you're doing all you can for 
me! I love you. My father-l hope you get better, sorry! And 
especially my grandparents & friends. 

Fay Ferency-Thanks to all who have cared for me and 
make me smile: my understanding parents, my brother, 
Reinmar, NEFTY, & all of my friends. I love you Emily, 
Abby, Dave, Melissa, Anna, & Sarah, my kindred spirits, 

Jen Flatley-Thanks Mom, Dad, John, Maura, and Trish- 1 
couldn't have done it w/out you. Special thanks to God, the 
guys and all my other friends-esp. Sarah & Stacy. It means 
so much & I'll never forget the memories. 

Lisa Foster-! would like to thank My Mom, Doug, Dad, 
TEE, & Jilly. I love you all! Thanx to Sue for always being 
there! Thanx to the BLC, Also ME AR TS SO JO KW KB 
TB I love ya. Thanx to the Rowe & Waldron family. 

Lauren Gallagher-Thank you Mom & Dad 4 everything! 
You've been great! Luv ya BIZ! Thanks Bill, V.Pat, Thys, 
Ante-its been fun! Thanx to all my friends esp. SG-for the 
good times! I'll miss U! Thanx Again! 

Cindy Gargano-Thanks Bren AMC JSF KAH NDK NL JLA 
EH KWLM SG NMT AC DT & ELC. "These are the times to 
remember cause they will not last forever. These are the 
days to hold onto cause we won't although we'll want to." 

Tatlana Glover-A very special thanks to a dependable 
source "Brian Charon"!!! 

Jeff Goodstine-Thanks to Aidan, Todd, Tim, Emily, Amy, 
Ryan D., Ryan S., Ane C, Anne H., Brian S., Matt 
S. .Shannon, Joel, Eric, The Dolittle Bros, Fay Mr. Garland, 
Mr. Dirk, Mr. Bates, Joe D., Mom, Dad .W. 

Sarah Gormley-Mom, Dad, Kate & Brat(JIK Liz) Thnx for 
putting up w/me all these yrs. I LV Guys! L G UR The best! 
The memories will keep coming. S.D. & A.T. I LVguys the 
bestest & the mostest! To HHS it's been fun! 

Christine Haggerty-Thanks everyone for helping me 
survive these incredible years. Mom, Dad, Grant, Katie, 
Robin, Dave, Kerri, Colleen, Manda, Fay, Pat, Megan, 
Steph, Jessica, the sophomores, and the trackies. 

Sarah E. Hardy-Than, Seth, Mom, Dad, Nicole, Lauren, 
Deirdre, Liz, Fay, Chrissy, Mr. & Mrs. A., The P Family- 
Thanks for all the love and support. Max-I'll keep a place in 
my heart, you'll see it shining through. 

Anne Harris-I'd like to thank speed metal, the state, 
sarcasm, Lebanon, bitterness, Mr. Higgins, people, my 
friends, chorus humor, fan letters to Emmanuel Lewis, The 
Drama Club, head-butts, and crack, tchau gente 

Jeff Henley-Thanks to my family and friends esp John D. 
Jay M. Jim M. Deva A. 

Rich Herman-Thanx to all of these people who made my 
time here more fun PL CW JC MS AC EH EB PD SM CM 
the front office. I'm leaving Mom and you're staying. 

Katie Herzig-Thanks to my mom & dad. Dr. Smith, Mrs. 
Duffy, everyone at "Straight Talk", JSF, CG, NMT, JLA, 
KWLM, DT, AC, AMC, LBC, KT, bmm, PG, EH, CM and 
everyone else I forgot. Thanks for making HHS fun!! 

Eric Hewitt-Thanx to all my friends and family for making 
my senior year great. Special thanks to my mother for 
doing everything for me, my father for bringing me on 
college trips and my sister wherever she is. 

Chrissy Hickey-Thank you to all of my friends and family. 
Sarah and Liz, I finally got to know you-Thanks. Thanks to 
Ms. Leone, Mr. Garland, MME. Flaherty, Chorus, Theatre, 
AFS, & Coffee Shoppe Joe. Hi Liz M. 

Yasmin Aisha Howes-I want to thank GOD who has been 
a constant friend and guide in my life, my family for their 
support Mommy Daddy Granny Blossom Andrae Adrean 
Alyssa. Thanx for your help Mrs. Luce, Mrs. Flaherty. 

Bryan Hurley-Mom Dad Jon Matt Kris, Steph, MattP, Jess, 
Q, Russ, Rob, John, James, Cweb, MrK, Brian, Fran, 
Shannon, Chris, Amy, Ane, Anne, Ryan, Liz, Deirdre, Nick, 
Sarah, Kim, Dacey, Leigh, Maura, Meghan, Jen, Gorms, 
Spectrum, Girls, Camps, &God. 

Eric Juhola-Thank you Mrs. Baily, Mrs. Spahn, Oprah, 
Mom, Life Goes On, Todd, Kendra, Dad, My So-Called 
Life, A., Three's Company, Becka, Mrs. Flaherty, Conny, all 
"you guys", Claire. Thank you Aidan. 


Amy Kaye-Special Thanks:Mom, Mike, Mr. Higgins, Mr. 
Garland, Mr. Edson, Mr. & Mrs. C, Mrs. Muldoon, Ane, 
Chris, Carey, Nin, Em, Anne, Fay, Dave, Max, Bry, Pete 
ANBW, Jeff, Aidan, Todd, Stef, Rizzo, Bee, Jan, Pat, Ryan, 
AD, Heather and Liz! 

Deirdre Keeley-I want to thank God for watching over nne 
& my buddies, Sarah, Nikki, Marcus, Lauren for always 
being there for me. Special thanks to Mom & Dad, my 
biggest supporters & friends. I love & appreciate you very 

Mary Kelleher-Thank you Mom & Dad for always loving 
me & for standing behind me. Kathy, you are the woman! 
Thanks for being such and important part in my life. Eric, 
thanks for all the wonderful memories, I'll never forget U! 

Elizabeth Kiernan-Thanks to Brian Charon for everything. 
Thanks to all my friends who have made these years so 
memorable. Kath & Brendan Thanks for being there-Good 
Luck! Thanks Mom & Dad for everything I love you!! 

Kathleen Kiernan-Thanks Brian Charon! To all my friends- 
Never forget the good timesl-l'll miss you guys! Mrs. F.- 
You'll never know how much you taught us! B, L, P, M- 
Good Luck always! M & D-You mean so much to me! ILY! 

Liz Kilborn-Thanks Mom, Dad, & Mike for the support GL 
for helping me through everything D for all our memories 
GB for your friendship and to everyone else for making 
these past 4years an experience I'll never forget 

Donald King-I would like to thank my parents for standing 
behind me. All of my teachers who made me work harder, 
Mrs. Roundtree, and especially Peace to the bus. Y'all be 
here someday. 

Jack Kovatch-I'd really like to thankMrs. Flaherty for the 
Quebec trip and the France trip. To Mr. Wachope for the 
band trips and instruction. To my friends who made high 
school fun and bearable. Thanx G K C M D. 

Susan Layden-Thank you to all my family and friends that 
have stuck with me through the years. Mom, Dad, Jen. 
Good luck Mark! We'll always have memories... Keep in 
touch seniors of 1995! Cosquillas me adobar 

Elizabeth Leek-Thanks 2 my Mom & Dad Ridid & Ollie. 
Thanks also to Nikki, Jimmy, Sarah, Mikey(Daddy), 
Kara(12 yrs & more 2 come) Laurie, Sarah, Jenn, Timmy, 
Sarah W., Rich, & Sean B. Good Luck Class of '95 and 
God Bless. 

Steve Leonard-Thank you so much for everything Mom, 
Dad, & Eric Thanx HHS Football for all the memories esp. 
Senior yr. Superbowl bound and Dave, Corey, Mike Matt 
Tim Adam Matt Russ Tim John TJ Thanks. And the 

Nathan Levine-Thanx to all my friends- JA, AC, AC, CG, 

EH, KH, AL, AL, KM, AP, DT, NT-for making school bear- 
able along with highly entertaining lunches. Love to my 
parents for getting me thru high school with my sanity. 

J. IVIichael Lewis-Thanks to Mom, Dad, Mark, Julie, Wes, 
CS, TD, JL, JY, LT, all my teachers and friends. Most of all 
thank you Hingham High for a great four years! Its over, its 
finally over!! SYIH 

James Marcella-Thanx to all my friends esp. JJM JDH JH 
& Andrea C. Thanx Mom & Dad for everything SEEYA 

Sarah Markowicz-Thanks to everyone who has been there 
when I've needed them: Mum, Jim, and Tanya. Special 
thanks to my Aunt Joanie. It was fun: Stace, Jen, Gorms, 
Galley, Shelly, Jackie, Doolie, Hez, Seen. I won't forget you 

Janice Martin-Thanks KP, CH, AT, KA, MB, KH, JG, JS, 

NC, MB, JH, SC, BM, CD, GM, DR, AK, AW, AO, EJ-Study 
has been fun! SC thanks 4 the support. R-Thanks 4 listen- 
ing I LUV YA! M & D Thanks 4 the support! P-Thanks. I 
love you all! 

Grant McCarey-Thank you family. Mom and Dad, I couldn't 
have made it w/o your constant encouragement and 
nagging. Thankyou Nanny & Granda Bow for believing in 
me, and thanks to all who have guided me. 

Becka McLoud-Thanks:Mom, Dad & the fam!! Jim & 
Jenny- 1 love you! I couldn't have made it without you!! Mr. 
Olson, Hingham SIG, Everyone at High Impact- I'll miss 


Katie Meigs-Thanks to my family, friends, teacliers, and 
everyone else who has influenced me during these impres- 
sionable years. Esp. NT JA AMC NK EH KH AW CW and 
the rest of the gang. Luv ya Mom, Dad, and J.B., and 

Todd Merritt-I want to say thanks to all the people who 
have made an impact on my life. Mom, Dad, Ginger, Jeff, 
Eric, Aidan, Joe, Liz, Barrie, Tim, Ryan(Stinks), other Ryan, 
Amy, Mr. Higgins, Mr. Garland and my hair. 

Patrick J. IVIiciiaels-Thank you Mom & Dad for everything. 
Jman you've been there at the right times. Jessica you 
have made this year the best one yet. Thanks to Max, 
Gate, & everyone from football. Chorus, Track & Drama. 

Corey IVIullen-Thanks Mom & Dad for all your love and 
support. To all my friends, you've made it the best, esp. JS, 
SN, AY, AW. Semifinals in Soccer-Seniors! (EAST B.) 
Good Luck Sue & Greg! 

J. Kurt IVIuller-Thanks Mom, Dad Rob, Margey, Skip, AJ, 
UB, Gram, Granddad, VC, TD, OS, AW, SM, SO, GD, SO, 
AP, CQ, LW, BM, TW, JF, OR, GM, SB, JS. 

Elizabeth Murphy-All of my love and thanks to Mum, Dad, 
Chris, and Corolyn and the rest of the family! Chris and 
Tim-you're almost done! Also to my friends and their 
families! You're the best! I love you! 

Taisha l\/lurray-Thank you God-without you and a lot of 
patience, I wouldn't be at this point. Thanks mommy, 
daddy, and Pat-I love you. You too Keisha sexy sistas 
4ever. Pumpkin stay sweet. Love ya Monica my killa! 

Sarah Noblet-A very special thank you to those who made 
it so worthwhile. The memories are endless. Thank you 
HHS faculty esp. Mr. Baisden and Mrs. Luce. Mom & Dad I 
couldn't have done it w/o you! Thanks Brian Charon. 

Aidan O'Hara-Thanks to Eric, Jeff, Todd, Claire, Emily, 
Shannon, Anne, Amy, Ane, Chrissy, Mr. Garland, Dr. C, 
Mr. Higgins, Mr. Ryan, Ms. Leone, Ms. Gillard, Mr. Ozug, 
Emily W, Amy S, esp-Mom, Dad, KC, Kris, S,M, L,J, R, W, 
Sam, AL & Homer 

Kamir Pabon-Thanx Mistah Baisden 4 believing in me. JS, 
AP, SW, AO & everyone in Wheaton. Luv you all. Nenitis, 
te quiero mucho. De todas las hermanas del mundo. Tu 
eras la mejor. P-t-M+L, Gracias. BORIN QUEN! 

Alex Matthew Parrillo-Thanks Mom & Dad for all your 
support. Good Luck Josh & Dave and the class of 1995! 

Aaron Pearl-Thanks to the B-Train Ska Gang. Butch, Mike, 
Josh, Cindy, Kellyann, and everybody else who ska'd with 
me. Thanks Dan, and Beeswax. Thanks John Tassy for 
getting me into concerts. Also Thanks Mom & Dad, Reb. 

Nicole Petersen-lt's been a long exciting road! Thanks to 
everyone who's been there when I needed them & to those 
who have kindly gone away. Thanks Mom, Ken, Ma, and 
Grampa. The fun has just tDegun! 

Robert M. Petrie Jr-Thanks Mom, Dad and Gramps you 
mean so much to me. Junior thanks for being there. Sarah I 
don't know what I'd do without you. Pat, Chrissy, Shannon, 
Fire, Mikey, Nikki thanks for everything. 

Joanna Pini-Thanks Mom for always being there for me to 
lean on. Thanks Dad for pointing me in the right direction. 
Thanks to my friends for all the good times! 

Patrick Preston-I would like to thank Dave, Jack, and all of 
my other friends. Thys and Lauren for swimming. And a 
special thanks to all my parents especially my mother. Also 
my brother Tom. And ail my family. 

Josh Prime-Thanks Peter & Kendra, John & Heather, 
Adam, Tanya, and Ben. Grazle a tutti mis amicos, a il 
Cape-va fun culo. Ma Rori cent ani. 

Gate Quirk-Thank You Mom, Dad, and Emily-Good luck, 
only 3 more years! Thank you also to the Murphy's, 
Wessen's, Ryan's, O'Hare's, White's and Dacey's. 

Dave Rizzotto-Thanks Mom & Dad. The Crew. Presto, 
Kovs, Christine, Robin, Yut. Cross Country and Track 
Teams, Fellow Captains, The Doobies. 

Susan Rowe-I would like to start out by saying Thank you 
to my family I would have never have made it without you! I 
love you Also Thanks to the MacLeod family Thanks L. F. 
T. F. K. W. B. M. T. S. D. D. L K. S. L J. L. S. S. M. G. I 
love you guys!! KIT 

Courtney Ryan-Thank you Mom, Dad, Pat, Jeff, and Brie. 
You helped me make it through! I love you! Thanks to all 
my friends and their families. Amy, Thank you for being the 
best friend I could ever have. 

Mike Salerno-Thanks friends for making High School such 
a fun time, Esp. A.B. Thanks Mom & Dad for being so 
supportive; Good Luck and thanks for you supportiveness. 
Good luck Future Graduates of HHS. 

Nicole Savini-Thanks so much to Mom N Dad, Cat N Jack! 
I love you! Gmary N Grampa-summer friends-Senior reps 
esp. MRH N MRW N MRL-Stiffie, My Pinky to U! Thank you 
Chard! Wish the class of 95 success & happiness. 

Andrew Schomer-Thank you Mom, Dad, Nathan, Mark, 
and Ashley for everything. Thank you Joe, Dave, and Matt 
for making High School enjoyable. Thank you Mr. Higgins 
and Dr. Finnegan for being the greatest teachers. 


Jay D.- "Yee" 

Kara W- "I'm so 
excited to be here." 

Brendon Shea-Ellen, Ames, Skeez, Joe, Jenn, Josh, 
Freak, Sue & Jen, the old school, the Rec Crew, my 
teachers. Mom, Dad, Mike & Sarah: Thank yu all! VT, the 
Doinker, No-OK, Jr. Prom, Quebec, France. . . HEY THBI! 

Jill Sheehan-To all my friends thanks for all the memories 
esp. CM, AW, EB, AF, AA, and PD. Mom, Dad, Hope, 
Mike, and Wardy-I love you guys-Tiggy-l love and miss 
you. Thanks! 

Tara Smith-Thanx 2 my family, the squad. Thanx Tee 4 
being there BFF! Gabe lluv U 4 time & eternity! Thanx 4 
trusting me. Thanx 2 BS SS JS DD LK KD SR the Hartnetts 
& MacLeods & the Seremetis family. & Class of '95! 

Lakesha Sorrell-I would like to thank God my Mom & Dad 
my girls Fefe Sbana April Kiki Theresa Keisha Lisa Kia #1 
my son I luv U all The Metco Seniors DJ LC DK NW TM YH 
Luv U all good luck 

Kory Sparks-Thank you Mom, Dad, Jared, and Ariane. 
Thanx to my friends for the memories I'll never forget ya. All 
my Luv to DJ. Derek I couldn't have done it without you. 
143 Always. 

Jason Springer-Mom, Dad, and all my family thanks for 
endless love & suppport. Steve, Grant, Ted, The next step 
holds many doors, I hope to see you on the other side. 
Until tommorow sleep in my memory. G-Luck Jackie-Jay 

Rori Sullivan-Thanks Mom for always trying so hard. 
Thanks Dad for being such a faithful fan. To everyone who 
made this soccer season the BEST! JP thanks for the 
memories. Good luck Krissy. 

Matt Sutton-Thanks to my parents, my teachers, and all 
my friends. Special thanks to Andy S., Dave P., Emily B., 
Jess R., Joe B., Kate G., Lisa F., Mark C, Ryan D., and 
Kris C. Thanks! 

Rich Thurston-Thanks Mom and Dad. Grey Matter-Mark, 
Adam, Eric, and Sean. Mr. Baisden-K. R., D.A., Y.H., T.M., 
R.H. Special thanks to Liz, Fred, and my girlfriend Caitlyn. 

Stacey Toomey-Thank you Mom, Dad, Jen, Eric, Sherb, 
Auntie Donna, Nana, Amy, Liz, Kory, Sue, Nycole and 

Don Tower-I want to thank: God. my mother, the Padre, 
Taz, Chip, Mr. & Mrs. Stebbins, Mr. K, Fr. Reardon, Jon, 
Kim, Luke, Adam, my classmates. 

Nikki Travis-Thanks to Mom, Dad, Rob and Rusty. To 
Don, Ann, Jen, Katie(2x), and the boys(you know who you 
are). And to all my friends thanks for a great 4 years. 

Elizabeth Tronni-Thanx to my family Jay Good luck Dad, 
Mom, Jared, Auntie Mare, Chrissy, & everyone 2 my 
CH RT LD Baisden Mrs. Berlucci Fitzgeralds Mrs. A Mrs. T 
Pop IMY 

Meg Valas-Soccer Semi's GL-Dings Meliss. Thanks to all 
my friends, I'll miss you guys No you owe me "buddy" 
Mom, Dad, and fam I love you. XOXO 

Kara Waldron-Thanks Dad&Mom: I may never say that I 
love you so just remember that I'm sayin I do Thanx Kevin, 
Chris, Princess, Liz, Lisa, Stacy, Sue2, Brian, Damz, Fred 
& BAC Locker groupies-l love U all-l love Jesus. 

Nycole Walker-First I want to thank God and my parents 
for getting me through this. So thanks for everything. If it 
was not for them I would not have done it. I also want to 
say whatz up to Sall-E and Man. Word Up! 

Annemarie Watson-Thank you Mom & Dad. You've taught 
me more than you think. & Heidi, Jay, Mike, Jen, & Jon. ILY 
all. Girls' soccer '94. Manny, Cutes, Hack, Sweet Pea & 
esp Brian C. Many thanks to my friends, you guys are the 


Jack K.: "Hewitt 
wanna fight!" 


Anne Watters-Thanks to all my family & friends, esp Mikey 
SFB, Doug (who?), Claire, Caitlyn, Ms. Ganz, Amy, NBK, 
Holly-0, Amanda FC, Mr. Higgins, Madame, & all the 'rinas. 

John Welsh-Thank you Mom, Dad, Tammy, Terio, Tracy, 
Tara for always being there. Also my friends you know who 
you are. Hingham Football & the coaches. Hingham 
Hockey. Good luck Class of 95 

Liz Wessen-Mom and Dad, thanks for always being there 
for me, I love you! Bobby, Chris, and Scott-you drive me 
crazy but I still love you! Thanks to the Dacey's White's 
Quirk's Murphy's Ryan's and O'Hare's 

Allison White-Thanks Mom, Dad, Jason, Emily, Jeremy, 
Megan, Rich, & Becky, and all my friends. You all helped 
me make it through and grow to be what I am today. 

Danielle White-Thanks again to all my friends-there's no 
way to mention all the good times-l'll miss you! Special 
thanks to Brian Charon-you made it all worth while!!! 

Thys Wind-Thanks Mom, Dad, & Ante-I'll miss you!- 
Thanks Lauren, Pat, & Bill!! We had a blast!! Thanks HHS 
faculty esp Flaherty! Thanks to my friends!! esp SC, GD, 
LM, and all the rest!! Good luck next year y'alN! 

Jenn Yeo-Thanks Mom Dad Tom Mimi Nan Grumps & all 
my aunts uncles & cousins. I love you! Thanks M-for all the 
support & advice & JC for the inspiration. Thanks to all my 
good friends for always being there. 

Alyssa York-Soccer Semi's '94 Thanks to all my family and 
friends Good Luck Hil! I'll miss you. 

Damian Zofchak-My list of thank yous go out to Mr. Ryan, 
Mr. Johnson, Mr. Penny, Dave Dean, Erica, Lisa, Anthony, 
Ryan, Gregg, Joe T, (our band). Poor Peoples Party, 
Hammerboy, My mom. My dad, Kara, Paul, Crossroads, 
My car, and U. 

Karina Line-In a world of neverending change and uncer- 
tainty, there have been two people who have and always 
will be by my side-Thanks Mom and Dad for your love and 
support, I love you. 

Deva Amontea-Mom, Dad, Nana, Nana, and Aunt Teresa- 
Thanks 4 Everything! Papa- 1 miss you (#19)! Thanks to 
all my friends especially-J.H.-l'll miss you guys! ET-93! 
Thanks to the Soccer Team 4 the best season ever! 

Keep in Touch 

Agganis, Nicholas 
Ahlstedt, Adam 
Amontea, Deva 
Amoroso, Alison 
Arbeene, Lauren 
Arend, Jennifer 
Arnold, Lynda 
Aucoin, Brian 
Banks, Kelly 
Banks, Tracy 
Barbuto, Amy 
Barnes, Gordon 
Barry, Kimberly 
Bartholomew, Emily 
Berman, Joseph 
Beszterczey, Stephen 
Blowers, Alyssa 
Bogush, Elizabeth 
Bonenberger, Michael 
Bonner, Thoma$ 
Bradley, Janine 
Brandenburg, Carey 
Brett, Erin 
Brett, Timothy 
Brown, Courtney 
Buckley, Daniel 
Camilleri, Andrea 
Carroll, Jesse 
Catalano, Andrea 
Cataldo, Matthew 
Cavallo, Matthew 
Chavis, Larry 

Civitarese, Mark 
Clark, Stephanie 
Colantonio, Andrew 

20 Harvest Lane 

206 Hersey Street 

3002 Hockley Drive 

6 Deerfield Road 

88 High Street 

233 Ward Street 

2 Monument Circle 

33 Tower Road 

23 Hemlock Road 

23 Hemlock Road 

9 Cherry Street 

15 Popes Lane 

24 Gilford Road 

35 Arnold Road 

26 Tower Roll* 

47 Pioneer Road 

174 North Street 

6 Ringbolt Road 

8 Franklin Rogers Rd 

14 Malcolm Street 

15 Park Circle 
232 High Street 

16 Forest Lane 
16 Forest Lane 

227 Gardner S.treeL 

14 Stagecoach Road 

48 Lazell Street 

31 Hobart Street 

17 WoodbridgeRoad 

8 MarkLane 

149 Prospect Street 

100 Northampton St. 

Boston, MA 021 18 

,18 Hull Street 

221 North Street 

223 North Street 

Cole, Adam 
Coletti, Ellen 
Comoletti, Laura 
Coppinger, Ann 
Coughlan, Ryan 
Coughlin, Ane 
Craine, Sean 
Crawford, Joel 
Cruz, Soraya 
Dacey, Elizabeth 
Dang, Bich 
Darling, Megan 
Davenport, Luke , 
DeCoiircey, M§||liew 
DelGallo, Odiff' 
Derubeis, Kelley 
Devine, Gregory 
Dewaltoff, Jay 
Dillard, Geoffrey 
Dolan, Ma^gan 
Donnelly, Ryan 
Donovan, Todd 
. Down^ Paula 
Dupass; Dawn 
Edwards, Mesa 
Farina, Corey 
Ferency, Fay 
Flatley, Jennifer 
Foster, Lisa 
Friedman, Juliet 
Gallagher, Lauren 
Gargano, Cynthia 
Gildea, Sean 
Gillen, John 

20 Merrymount 

17 Pond Street 

25 Myers Farm Road 

121 Whiting Street 

39 Pioneer Road 

3 1 Myers Farm Road 

19 Charles Street 
18 Partridge Drive 

7 Ritter Road 

,j:,:ji:;|ls*{)ver Road 

183 East Street 

40 Arnold Road 

63 Burdett Avenue 

14 Harbor View Drive 

1 1 Greea Street Court 

4 Cf^$sswell Lane 

38 Middle Street 

340 Main Street 

8 Black Horse Lane 
74 Pleasant Street 

a Alice Walk 

5 Holly Street 

5 Sentinel Road 

62 Bel Air Road 

18 New Bridge Street 

20 Rhodes Circle 
4 1 Foley Beach Road 

9 Wompatuck Road 

64 Central Street 

240 Otis Street 

1 White Horse Road 

445 Gushing Street 

12 West Street 

39 Broadgrove Road 

55 Fottler Road 

70 Manatee Road 


Glover, Tatiana 
Godfrey, Matthew 
Goodhue, Eliza 
Gormley, Sarah 
Grady, Victoria 
Gratta, Joseph 
Haggerty, Christine 
Hardy, Sarah 
Harris, Anne 
Hedrick, Shannon 
Henley, Jeffrey 
Herman, Richard 

Herzig, Kathleen 
Hewitt, Eric 
Hickey, Christine 
Holleran, Daniel 
Howes, Yasmin 
Howlett, Bret 
Howlett, Matthew 
Hurley, Bryan 
Hutcheson, Michael 
Izraelson, Mariana 
Jefferson, Darry 

Joubert, Gregory 
Juhola, Eric 
Kaye, Amy 
Keeley, Deirdre 
Kelleher, Mary 
Kiernan, Brendan 
Kiernan, Elizabeth 
Kiernan, Kathleen 
Kilborn, Elizabeth 
Kimborowicz, Nicole 
King, Donald 

Kobbe, Philipp 

5 Heritage Road 

40 Elm Street 

8 Chestnut Place 

184 Lazell Street 

42 High Street 

59 Cross Street 

32 Hancock Road 

32 Park View Drive 

154 Union Street 

5 Miles Road 

10 Queen Anne Lane 

1 1 Camelot Drive 

42 Ledgebrook Road 

Weymouth, MAx 

21 Andrews 

25 Harbor Vkw Drive 

69 East Street 

2 Woodbridge Road 

35 Wachusett Street 

47 Wanders Drive 

47 Wanders Drive 

20 Brewer l|ach Rd. 

40 Gov. Andrew Rd. 

10 French Street 

19 Menton Street 


5 Catha Eane 

143 South Street 

21 Hancock Street 

12 Stagecoach Road 

3 Partridge Drive 

3 1 Leavitt Street 

3 1 Leavitt Street 

31 Leavitt Steet 

54 Elm Street 

99 Gardner Road 

14 Parkview Street 

Dorchester, MA 

/•Diverstr. 15 

30916 Isernhagen 


Kovatch, John 
Ki'uger, Nina 

Kuipers, Esther 
Layden, Jennifer 
Layden, Susan 
Leahy, Andrew 
Leek, EU^iabeth 
Lehane, Peter 
Lentell, Sean 
Leonard, Steven 
Leviiie, Nathan 
Lewis, Michael 
Liae, Karina 
|fanchester, John 
Manley, Myriah 
Marcella, James 
Markowicz, Sarah 
Martin, Janice 
Martin^ Jeremy 
McBride, Joel 
McCarey, Grant 
McCarthy, Brian 
McLoud, Rebecca 
McMillan, Jeffrey 
Meig«, Katherine 
Mendes, Derek 
Merlin, Amandine 
Merritt, Todd 
Messina, Michael 
Michaels, Patrick 
Mullen, Corey 
Muller, Kurt 
Murphy, Elizabeth 
Murphy, Thomas 
Murray, Taisha 
Nagle, Wendy 

3 Sawmill Pond Road 

Schrammsweg 10 

20249 Hamburg 


63 Hobart Street 

184 Side Hill Road 

184 Side Hill Road 

27 Sherwood Road 

104 Summer Street 

8 Park Circle 
1^ Park Circle 

1 Country Lane 
35 School Sreet 

17 Del Prete Drive 

191 North Street 

135 Martin's Lane 

27 Liberty Pole Road 

33 Turkey Hill Lane 

63 New BridgeStreet 

96 Wompatuck Road 

3 1 Elmore Road 

16 Lewis Court 

13 Mark Lane 

2 pilgrim Road 

9 Park Circle 
37 Central Street 

75 Fort Hill Street 

3 Harvest Lane 
57 Ward Street 

154 Main Street 

9 Squirrel Hill Lane 

173 Abington Street 

501 Tuckers Lane 

1 8 Autumn Circle 

83 Summer Street 

651 Main Street 

34 Colonial Road 

44 Devon Street 

35 Popes Lane 


Noblet, Sarah 
O'Hara, Aidan 
O'Hare, Susan 
Olsen, Stacey 
Pabon, Kamir 
Parrillo, Alex 
Pearl, Aaron 
Perkinson, David 
Petersen, Nicole 
Petrie, Robert 
Pini, Joanna 
Porter, Kevin 
Powers, Andrew 
Preston, Patrick 
Prime, Joshua 
Quirk, Catherine 
Reddington, Heather 
Rhodes, Donald 
Ringquist, Amanda 
Rizzotto, Dave 
Rowe, Susan 
Rowell, Kerri-Ann 
Ryan, Courtney 
Salameh, Fareed 
Salerno, Michad 
Savini, Nicole 

Sayer, Charlie 
Schomer, Andrew 
Seremetis, Stacey 
Shannon, Colin 
Shea, Brendan 
Shea, Jennifer 
Sheehan, Jill 
SUney, Michael 
Smalley, Amanda 
Smith, Tara 
Sorrell, Lakesha 

12 Pine Crest Road 

50 Liberty Pole Road 

53 Whitcomb Ave 

16 Hayes Road 

2 Accord Pond Drive 

757 Main Street 

8 Fulling Mill Lane 

2 Home Meadows Lane 

172 North Street 

6 Liberty Road 

13 Stoddard Road 

9 Summit Drive 

5 Bel Air Drive 

55 Pleasant Street 

703 Main Street 

598 Main Streeti 

32 Turkey Hill Lane 

30 Woodlock Road 

|||7 Deborah Road 

lll^Leavitt Street 


227 Wonripatuck Rd 

26 Stanford Drive 

130 Fort Hill Street 

1 59 Cross Street 

P O. Box 871 

Marshfield, MA 

30 Leavitt Street 

10 Park Circle 

30 Bradley Hill Road 

18 Isaac Sprague Dr. 

10 Fields Avenue 

7 Maik Lane 

9 Delprete Drive 

70 Hersey Street 

4 Wilder Road 

4;2 Wheatland Ave. 

Sparks, Korlynne 
Springer, Jason 
Stepan, Timothy 
Sullivan Rori 
Sutton, Matthew 
Swanson, Julia 
Sweeney, Michael 
Tardanico, Michelle 
■'Thurston, Richard 
Tompkins, Amy 
Toomey, Stacey 
Towef> Donald 
Travis, Nicole 
Tronni, Elizabeth 
Vande Wall, Erica 
Vanderweil, Peter 
Waldron, Kara 
Walker, Mycole 

W#sbn, Annemarie 

Watters, Anne 

WatfsT Christopher 


Wessen Elizabeth 

White, Danielle 
Whitner, Claire 
Wigmore, Robin 
Willis, Russell 
Wind, Thys 
Wright, Timothy 
Yeo, Jennifer 
York, Alyssa 
Zofchak, Damian 

Dorchester, MA 
6 Mark Lane 
41 Old County Road 
10 Colby Street 
22 Partridge Drive 
60 Scotland Street 
87 Kimball Beach Rd. 
147 Hersey Street 
1 1 Harvard Drive 
187 Union Street 
253 Main Street 
!g 506 Tucker's Lane 
42 Park View Drive 
12 Planters Lane 
43 Hobart Street 
9 Mark Lane 
5 Del Prete Lane 
383 Main Street 
1 8 Amber Road 
161 Main Street 
6 Golf View Drive 
145 A Grew Ave. 
Ro$lindale, MA 
4 Cranberry Lane 
347 Main Street 
13 Thompson Avenue 
37 Kimball Beach Rd. 
22 Scotland Street 
99 L^Salle Street 
23 Talbot Road 
82 Leavitt Street 
6 Knoll Road 

25 Winthrop Road 

4 Monument Circle 
40 Scotland Street 

5 Playground Road 

26 Aberdeen Road 
499 Main Street 


Hingham High School 
class of 1995 

Hingham Federal Credit Union 

Located in Hingham High School 

19 Fort Hill Street, Hingham 

788 Country Way, North Scituate 





rhe greatest pleasure in life is doing! 
what peop le say you cannot do. 


we couia ever nave! 
Court and Al. 




Friends laugh at your silliest jokes,] 
I put up with your worst moods, 
' go along with your craziest ideas 

and always see the best in you. 






«f *., 




Dont lead me, I may not follow, 
I Dont walk behind me, I may not lead.] 
Walk beside me and be my friend. 


I Wishing you BIG DREAMS 

^ and the courage to follow them.| 



%■«' » 



Should other friends fail you 
Should their smiles turn to frown. 
Dear heart, I will be near you. 
Should burdens bear you down. 


While laughter lights your pathway] 
other friends share your smile 
There's no room now beside you 
And I will bide the while. 


If dark clouds some day gather 

Please share your cares with me 

'^ Ipi In the meantime I shall pray 

That need will never be 




A • Z* 


I Dont be dismayed at good-byes 

fa farewell is necessary before 

meeting again, and meeting agai 

after moments or lifetimes is 

certain for those who are friends 





i'S'i-i'?? S':SiS??S':' 




53 1 Pleasant Street 

Brockton. MA 02401 

(508) 588-768 1 

"Your Official School Photographef 

r^'' y^ 


You've got a friend. 

You've got a friend Ain't it good— to know you've got a 


4 fk 





V J 







."■, -.V 



# ■ 



m. %. 




r 1 


L M 

ipl A^^^^n 



















Ui L" 


i U/j l^ t. ■ i 

L, / f< • 



1 t/tN-i 


v^ ALi 

4/\' v/,v4v 





./ •v 










.K * 


m V 










Alicia Congratulations ! ! ! ! 

Much happiness and Luck in your 
years ahead. 

Mum, Dad, Melyssa 

Now follow your dreams 


Love, Your Family 


Mom, Dad and Katie 


Keep looking for the good 

things in life. 

Dad, Mom, Sil, Kara & Brendon 

SINCE 1882 






21 POND ST. mrJGHAM 749-0340 



^ J&8 1^ 

IflRlfl BROS. INC. & SONS 





FAX 617-749-6173 

From Broadway To River City 

And Back!! 

Thank you— Mr. Higgins, Mr. Lacatell and Drama Depart. 

big guy .-queer. prom committee. llnda. the wind beneath my wings . "what ' ■ his face" . auperman. 
stairway to heaven, zippy, f riaky , apanky .blimp lea & the adventure motel. little measages. band 
is gay.maine forever. J aunta. homecoming "94. enough with don already. i am not a man. mcf ly . you ' re 
JuBt mad because you're not gettin' any from peter. ketchup . heathera . why not if you luve me? 
papa's laugh fest.he just doesn't feel that "attraction", nicole. . . shhh . grape wara. Chinese 
food. i got roses . andrea ' s a bit too rambunctious .party favors. bathing beach. jolly 
pops. pup ten ting "94. flashlight tag. bathroom towel rack. baseball head . whipped cream fights . 
lincoln log poker .is your bl rthday the 23rd?mllord.Jello popcorn. pencll/potholder. dinner 
parties. men suck; i ' m sorry . come on. .. light nlkki ' s f ire.whahhh7the new kevin . Chinese 
pretzel . peanut brittle. fun with the slow motion button. the lovah. thoinas the tank engine. i 
uh ... hit a telephone pole . eran las cortlnas?Junior prom car accldent-you didn' t see 
anything. the muppet "adventure" .bill me.nlkkl's brothel . huller. the local sex room.micky 
d's.hell freezes over. mike is accessible, fight me.aerosroith-thls la my dad's 370 shirt . chicken , 
anyone7bamey. soap. Italy rules for bullsh*t.afs ski accident. if he really loved you. he'd come 
down.l love you. psycho. a toaster... or how about a blender?thc crow. poker chip fights. what ' k 
your favorite color7i ' m pregnant, dream machine .the car won 't start. ol' beasy.i was at the 
beach, 1 swear. you 're all invited to the wedding. I'll miss you (no) . k-mart parking lot . 
Shi poop i . don ■ t drop me. lots o' lipstick everywhere . buf f y 1 6th grade sleepovers. nate knows parades . hallmark mini ornaments . v-bus .wonderful tonight . love the tights. string 
game . ho race .keep It to yourself .spirals and shoot the ducks. unchained melody .stalking jen, 
nlkkl . and ann. b- train @ homecoming ' 94 . lunches . phallic bananas . Spanish discussions . driving 
Insane . little sister-meaghan b . mothers who type papers -we lova then.brof . cheap and 
sneaky . fireworks. roadklll . stop the nate . nickels . the naked one. that dying osco woman, 
chlckenhead .Jelly bean fell in the slush. lunch table sneezes. peanut butter song. enough with 
the amish.hlB and her parking spaces . hey nata. where ' s ann? Christmas In the square . "excess 
space". name mixups. of fenslve fouls . operation fw.well. what If 1 came to your door with a nice 
bloody 8 teak?riversi de-romp In ' In the rain. love the bra. katle. black widow- one more time ! da 
fuzz .wmac-f lorence! don ' t touch me. Joe bob. eric is driving. nantasket .what ' s the fastest way 
to braintree?8kipplng to bos ton- mike stop sweating on me. there ' s something about the t . that 
makes Jen want to fight. comedy connection . peter looks old enough, stokesy's. blckfords-no you 
can't have It. starland. skatetown , usa.what smells, katie.shut up, she's desdii am her lawyer, 
statutory. b*tch thinks she's in desert storm. shoop .1 think 1 wanna have your baby. what would 
you do if you got 10 million bucks and aliens were going to destroy the earth in 3 days?i'd 
get wasted. well, there are only 6 . . . no 5 . . . no 6 left, playground runs. what is that on your 
face . mike? golden cums In her halr.i want the waiter. extra help. van 3-brlnging up the 
rear.honeybuns and riddles. muscle bound frank. vol les . wacky haircolors. nikki and a 
gun. spontaneously exploding windows, huh? nikkl's pool table, lazell . duck pond. ha ha ha-you were 
in pain. eric can find a good doctor for that, rlght7eric shortcuts . chucky dlrk-deuce. barking 
on main, pan tload. lipstick painting, don ' t make me file your nails. It must be under 
gagllotta.krissy could have killed us all. dancing @ park street . don' t go nikki ! bring on the 
pink eggs, eric is hot sh*t. Juliet the electron. the plot flew away.aan francisco trolly- 
hello . grasspeople . hi timl : no, you call katie . do we have to bring him? bowling . clamdigging . 
carhopping. who me-flirt7we failed to nail the slut. chick magnets . katle ' s dad staples, negative , 
negative, negative! food land. history day '94. harvard square . damn weeds. how funky is your 
chicken?Jungle boogie! where ' s da band7alr freshener . ziggy the clown. san francisco trolley- 
hello. where the hell are the singing cats7beating andrea. da harem, would you like some cheese 
with your whine?eric's lack of dexterity . here-let me unbutton that. freaky 8h*t. horsey stickboy 
390. pickles. the best places on the south shore (and malne).just have to make sure you're ok, 
ma'am. the two of us?:shut up and take off your pants. pokei' twister . basic instinct-turn it 
down. . .no quick, turn It up. airplane . cock the rasbah. packln* the gear, tiro broke my 
plant . chatam. Cecilia. guy smiley wants you. big Johnsons. who * s feeling my butt?bananas & 
lipstick, eric-love nikki & Jen.i came expecting to meet a boy... and i met a man . you go have 
nuts. why don't you take your top off?Bneaky sleepovers . rhythm is gonna get you at five in the 
morning. penfu*k . Juliet can fit in small places .mari lyn lips, triplet-blts&pieces. bitterness . the 
other dj . the Jewish casanova. bopping. we " re both next to greg. ballet bunnies. the sweetest guy 
in the world. homemade cognac. helsinki to Stockholm. sleeping in the hallway. dj's wearing only 
a towel ! as this tango singer found out , a tango singer. come In your color. skeletons in the 
closet. glints. outdoor girl.alex is evil. knock over st eve. have your own sit-in . don ' t throw 
sandwiches at your mother. shaf ted : gerg and nayrb. do the "bryan" .katle has katie ' s shoes . 
theological discussions. nate songs . afternoons on the rotary . nikki * s hiding in the bush, "no, 
I was tying my shoe" . bmw. reformed and detarded. atipdlck. bronze the couch, do you want to hold 
the clicker? don't, that's not right . smokin '. 1 can't breathel mighty ducks. you're 
crazy?yo slick. feet ; editing room lock in. natieboy . roller coaster ride through llfe.spandex: 
Just two straight (or Is that aesexual) girls. chick chick chick boom, dynamite. Juliet ' s butt's 
shaped like. . .do you have a toomah?and so it goes 

Andrea, this was the beginning 
of your life ! It ' s been fantastic to 
watch you develop into a fine 
young man that we are very 
proud of. Now that you are 
about to begin a very important 
new phase of your life, we are 
behind you all the way and wish 
only the best for you. We love 
you very much, son! 

Mom and Dad 


A message from 2 continents 

across the world for 

Andrea Catalano 

We Love you 

your families 


From Thailand 

From Italy 



^.- -. 


» o» 


K \ 


/ /. 









Congratulations ! 
Congratulations ! 

Congratulations ! 






CL66 of 1 995 

S^uccedd ancL^J^CLppine66 



Congratulations Luke ! 

Much love from Mom, 
Dad, Grace (and LL & BB) 

Once upon a time there was a mama tree and a papa tree. . . - Aidanny, 
Toddany, Jeffany,B.F.-I hate hills-King of Dabeele-W-Dadexter Spenz 
Head Gang Show-Chip Burrrrger-84, 84-Damn those magic beans- 
Doo doo doo doo doo!-Do what ya did to Todd to Jeff te Todd-No 
Rusty say Wheva-Electric mirror-look at me I'm stoppin'-slippery 
spart?-Wnat's a hand over serve?-Whoa just gettin' tnat for ya-Jerf 
ois yung yung yung ski yie vie yie yie burrrr (It's Italian) sveden- 
heugen mon mate-taco bell-The butterfly incidentP-I'm not getting a 
chaperone!-It's a bee-Don't worry guys, I'm not throwing up-perfect 
uh-What's the plan Stan, Jeff-Brigham's-The deck of cards vs. the 
single card-Mr. Italy-Smorangy sm...poofoo-L.A.-Paperball action, its 
Fantastic! -Guys are getting all the right notes mmm But they're not in 
line- What am I gorma do when Aidanny retires eh heh hen heh Aw 
aw aw aw-Chortles with Joel aw aw aw mm mm mm-Meatsoup-What 
are you do ewi ewi ewi ing Louis- What are looking at. The window- 
spits,drools and snots-Vaaderdome- Ancient Gobstopper-Holy pine 
cone-Chills.It's old-Cheap thrills-Urinary experiences-My hands are 
sticky from the pepsi. . .thats it-What is it?-Ha ha ha ha ha EAT IT- 
Kool- Aid-He's got eyes all around his head ewwww-pt-You made the 
motions-Pepe, _ypu want some peas-Punmaster S-orists-Christ ya 
know-rewind OO-leafness, racoonness, p. ..-Good grip-Andy Moog- 
Gretsky scores-"farmer Joe" Dentention!-Holy Roman Empire 
Batman- The Joe family and Frank-Mit Dott Ffej Nadia-Stolen 
pagoda- Pff uhhhh-I'll have a slice. A slice? A slice of the day.- 
Thumbs up on Tim's tummy- An open faced tuna melt-glass in my face, 
kiss myself- Actually-Hey Moe-What can you put in an oven at 700° 
for five hours? Nothingl-Lithium crystals-Yellow butane lighter- 
Here's a candy cane, give it to Amy. Doe!-The illusive Pipsquack bird- 
I pulled a Bugs Bunny-Big dog little head, little dog big head-Its not 
like I don't have ingrown toenails guys-little step little step big step 
big step...-Orgees-Punch Bugie, UH-Now is not now now, now is now 
now.. -Shibugie stew -you don't need no pickles, 'cause we got all 
the... kinds-Nate Nate Nate- Awesome oppossum-Mpossible-Bill- 
Yuontduit-Springs-Apostrophe Stupid-kiss my ass, don't follow- 
Elbabone, Pilgrim-Stamp collection enh heh-Patapco-Get 'em Rusty- 
Oxygen and a little bit of Argon-Its balmy-its.. .up there-You no good 
volleyball-Oxy 2 pts-You'll see it and you'll like it-Nyork and Onyo- 
tm-Red the thirteenth Apostlie-fly parts-purple vision-squirellie buck 
board-Grandpa Jeff young Todd-Moto-I m tne denominator, I'll give 
your leg a cornpound fruegen-We can do the many fonts-Melk,Fvizzy 
shirt and it COLLECTED! 

ScU kec^ die <sU. 

'If (MX "PiUHiUc^ 


lb The 
Class of 1995! 

St Pai^l'& tfoiAik Mini/Jhiif 

SINCE 1957 






128 DERBY ST. HINGHAM 61 7-749-1 950 

Arjiacent 10 Shopptnp Plaza So Hifjgham • (at Exit 15 Rte 3 Souih) 



XN /^ 

9 ^ R ^ V> 

n^EK THe L£38|[|^^ 

t /. 

< L E 




M ^ O 

R O 



\ ^sv^ 









f .. A JfflSU 

-^jff^ ^^H^ ^^ y^C 

^^^K^ ^^^^r I^^^V^ ^ >:^B ' 4K- ^^Bdrl^ 



•I^V^^^BJiiR'**' ^B ' 

^' ^ JH^ltfJ*" 


li<' '^«F i 





.\ N V 






v_ ir 


1 "^^ ^^1^ ^^^^^^^ 

^ *^# 

* STi^^ 


rV Wn 

Congratulations Meg 
You're the best!! 


Mom, Dad, Kristin 
and Jeff 


Sun., 12-5 • Tue., Wed.. Thur., Sat., 10-6 • Fri., 10-9 

Middle V^ iEartlj 


Crystals, Jewelry, Native American and Egyptian Statues 

Sandye 201 Whiting Street 

Hingham, MA 02043 

(617) 740-1810 




31-35 MAIN ST. 
HINGHAM, MA 02043 

Mohawk Rubber Sales of N.E. Inc. S?!n^ 


Patrick McGeoghegan 



FAX 617-982-9556 

1 04 Longwater Drive 
Norwell, MA 02061 


39 Main Street, Hingham, MA 02043 







si:uvia; sincp. 1912. 1 (lun OF.NrRAnoNS 

Septic systems - Installed • Repaired • Pumped 

Real Property Transfer Inspection 

Electronic locating 

High Pressure Water jetting 

Underground oil tank removal and replacement 

Denier for CCLS - Bacteria/Enzyme treatment for 

Septic systems 

$1.00 from every qunit of CCI.S sold will be donated to 
ihc D.A.R.n l*rograni oflUngliani 



Gexrr^e/H. JLaring' 



HINGHAM, MA 02043 

HOURS: Tuesday thru Saturday 10-5 




Angels, Cherubs, Fairies, Jewelry and Blue Mountain Cards 


(617) 331-3090 

"Next to the Post Office" 

1373 Commercial Street 

Jackson Square 
E. Weymouth, MA 02189 

Way To Go Paul! 

Love, Mom, Dad + Mark 




Cotigratulatiotis ! 

ilove ^Ifuays, 
Cram fords 



"Tihis Is your moment 
^our shilling star. , . 
^Whcn you look back 
)Jouil recall, 
^his Is the moment 
The greatest moment 

them all. " 

^We're very proud of mho you are, 
J^ll our love, 
tMom, Carl, cMlke + GMana 

Dear Jlmanda, 

Our Hove ^Ituays, 

^our family 


Handcraried Housewares, liutcher Block & Hardwood Furnilu 

*culting hoards 
*w()()d salad howls 
*winc racks 


*spicc racks 
*llingham pollcry 
*kilchcn utensils 
*j;lass & more 


400 Lincoln St/Lincoln Pla 

Best Wishes To The 
Class of '95 ! ! 

..."Remember Friends Don't 
Let Friends Drive Drunk." 

H.H.S. - S.A.D.D.